The main reason one buys an Android tablet, or any tablet, is the ability to access the internet through the use of a Wi-Fi connection. And, fortunately for you, the steps it takes to connect to a Wi-Fi are rather simple. With just a few taps of your finger, you’ll be surfing the web in no time.

Connecting to Wi-Fi with Settings

If you recently obtained an Android tablet, you’ll first need to establish a Wi-Fi network connection. Afterwards, any Wi-Fi network connections you connect will be saved, in which, you can then connect to any time you’re within range.

1. Locate and launch the Settings app. Its icon is a gear. You’ll find the Settings app somewhere on one of your home screens. If you don’t find it there, you’ll definitely find it in your App Drawer. All currently installed apps are located in your App Drawer.

2. At the very top of Settings, you’ll see Wi-Fi. Go ahead and select it with your finger.

turn on wifi

3. At the top, make sure Wi-Fi is turned ON. On the same line, move the slider to the right to turn your Wi-Fi on. Your Android tablet will immediately search for any active Wi-Fi network connections within range.

select a network

4. Select a Wi-Fi network connection you want to connect to. For Wi-Fi network connections that are password protected, you’ll see a small lock next to the signal. You won’t see a lock if the Wi-Fi network connection doesn’t have a password.

  • Chances are any Wi-Fi network connection will have a password.

type in a password

5. Type in the password to access the Wi-Fi network connection. Afterwards, select CONNECT. If the network password used is correct, your Android tablet will immediately establish a connection with the Wi-Fi network.

If you’re having trouble typing in the password, and you know you’re typing in the correct one, place a checkmark in the box next to Show password. This will make it way easier to input the network password. Just make sure no one is hovering over your shoulder when you do, if you don’t want them knowing the password.

Connecting to Wi-Fi with Quick Settings Menu

Now that you’ve established a Wi-Fi network connection, you’ll be able to automatically connect to any saved Wi-Fi network connections, whenever you’re within range, with the simple tap of a button. You’ll never have to go through the Settings app unless you need to establish an additional Wi-Fi network connection you’ve never connected to.

The aptly named Quick Settings Menu will give you quick access to key features of your Android device like Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode, Bluetooth, Location, Sync, and other key settings that you would need to access without going through dozens of menus.

1. Locate your taskbar. It’s always at the top, where you time, battery life, notifications, and signal are located.

notification shade

2. By tapping your taskbar, or tapping and swiping down, you’ll reveal your Notification Shade. You’ll notice the list of notifications, hence, the name.

quick settings menu

3. Take your finger, while you’re in the Notification Shade, and swipe down. By doing so, you’ll reveal your Quick Settings Menu.

4. In the Quick Settings Menu, like mentioned before, you’ll notice a handful of icons that you’ll need to access quickly without heading into your settings. Get familiar with this menu because you’ll use it a lot. But, more importantly, you’ll see the Wi-Fi icon. Once you’ve saved a network connection, whenever you’re near it, you can tap the Wi-Fi icon and immediately connect. This eliminates the need to use your settings until you need to add a new network connection.

Practicing Safe Browsing

It may seem tempting to want to connect to a public Wi-Fi network connection every chance you get. However, this is the best way to have your personal information stolen, not by the company themselves (Starbucks isn’t interested in that), but by others connecting to the same public hotspot. They can take advantage of the connection and, if you aren’t careful with your personal information, pull it right out from under you.

What you want to do is practice safe browsing. For starters, never ever use any of your personal information when you’re using a public Wi-Fi hotspot, not even for Facebook. And don’t even think of using your bank account with a public Wi-Fi hotspot. Do that at home or through your mobile data.