If you own an Android smartphone and were wondering how to connect Android to Mac, then we’ve got all the answers for you. Connecting an Android smartphone to Mac is quite simple.

Once connected, you will be able to browse all the files on your Android device, as well as transfer them to your Mac. Sometimes, people like to own a Mac computer and an Android smartphone. In such a situation, it would be quite useful to be able to connect Android to Mac so as to easily transfer data or make a backup.

As mentioned in the beginning, it is very simple to connect Android to Mac, and we will show you how to do this with a simple tool. This tool is known as Android File Transfer and it is available from Android. It is an official tool that’s used to connect and Android smartphone or device to the Mac and you can trust it. Follow the steps below to download this tool.

1. Head to the following link on your Mac computer.

2. Here, you should see a Download Now button.

3. Click on the button to download Android File Transfer.

4. Launch the downloaded file.

5. Move the Android File Transfer app to the Applications Folder when asked.

6. Now, launch the app from the Finder or the LaunchPad.

You have now installed the Android File Transfer app on your Mac device. Here’s how to use it to connect your Android device so you can view the contents, backup, or transfer files.

1. Launch Android File Transfer.

2. Connect your Android smartphone to the Mac using the provided cable.

3. On your Android phone, a message will appear saying USB Preferences.

File Transfer

4. Over here, make sure that you select MTP or File Transfer.

5. If you don’t select this option, then your phone will not be detected on the Mac.

6. You also need to unlock your Android phone so that the contents are read on the Mac computer.

Once this is done, the Android File Transfer should show you all the contents of your Android phone. You can now browse through all the files, photos, videos, etc, and copy them your Mac. You can copy by simply selecting and dragging the files to the Desktop or a new folder on your Mac computer.

android connected to mac

As you can see from the above screenshot, you will have access to all the files on your Android phone. This is the easiest method to connect Android to Mac. It works with pretty much all Android phones and devices. The tool requires macOS 10.7 or later to work properly.

If you’re on an older device, then you can use other services such as AirDroid to connect your Android to Mac. AirDroid is an app that connects your Android phone with the Mac using a Wi-Fi network. Install the app on the phone and then visit AirDroid.com on your Mac to access the contents on your Android smartphone. You will need to create an account on AirDroid.com though.