How to Compress Videos on iPhone

compress videos for email

This can be useful if you have a file that’s too big to send in an email and you want to save a smaller version on your device in order to save some storage.

Apple recently allowed you to take videos in 4K quality which meant that the videos are very large in size and they’re also of a large quality. On your iPhone, you can also take videos in 1080p and 720p resolution. You can choose which resolution you want to record videos in before they’re recorded. This means that you can make some videos of a high quality and you can make some videos of a lower quality.

Sometimes videos can take up a lot of space on your device, therefore, you have to compress them in order to reduce the size. Videos of 4K are going to take up a much larger storage space than a video with 720p quality. You may have a video that you’ve already filmed on your iPhone or iPad and you want to compress it.

Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t allow you to compress videos on the camera or photos app after you’ve filmed it, However, you can make the size of a video much smaller before it’s filmed.

A minute of video will be approximately:

  • 60MB with 720p HD at 30 fps
  • 130MB with 1080p HD at 30 fps
  • 330MB with 1080p HD at 30 fps

This shows how compressing videos really reduces the size of the files and how much storage space it takes up.

How to Compress Video Resolution Before Taking Video

This is going to help you because it means that you won’t have to compress the video after the video is taken. This is because the resolution it’s at will already be low enough.

To reduce video resolution:

  1. Go to the settings app
  2. Tap on Camera at the bottom
  3. Click on Record Video
  4. Click on 720p HD at 30 fps

From here on, you’ll be able to record in 720p meaning that the size of the video you record it in is going to be a lot lower than if you recorded in 720p. If you already have an existing video, I’m going to show you how to compress that video with an app in the App Store.

How to Compress a Video on iPhone (For Email Aswell)

Apple hasn’t developed an app for this nor have they made a function in the Photos app that allows you to edit and compress videos.

  1. Go to the App Store and download Video Compressor
  2. Open Video Compressor once it’s downloaded
  3. Under camera roll, click on the video you want to compress
  4. Select Choose to open the Video in Video Compress
  5. From here, you’ll see a slider at the bottom that allows you to choose the compression size of the video. On the right, you’ll be told how much the video is going to be compressed by depending on how far you slide it. The farther to the right you slide it, the further the video is going to be compressed.
  6. Click on Save when you’ve chosen how much you want the video to be compressed by.

The video will now start to compress. Depending on how much you made the video smaller by, the longer it’s going to take the video to compress. If you’ve only compressed the video slightly, it shouldn’t take long to compress. With the Video Compressor app, you can scale down the video to how much you want.

The closer to 100% you dragged the cursor by, the higher the quality of the video. For example, if you chose to compress it by 99%, this means that the video is going to remain at a very high quality. If you choose to compress the video by 50%, the video is going to lose half of its quality.

If the original video was 120MB and it was compressed by 50%, the size of the video when the compression is done is now going to be at 60%. If you compressed the 120MB video to 5%, the new quality of the video is going to be at 6MB.

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