What to Comment on Your Girlfriends Post

What to Comment on Your Girlfriends Post

Suppose you are on Instagram and you see that your girlfriend has posted a photo; however, you cannot quite find the words to convey how you feel.

Such a situation is more common than you may think, especially when the relationship has just begun. While you know how you feel about her and want to be able to express it clearly, the words may escape you at that moment.

Liking or even loving someone is nothing new, as such a feeling goes back to when humans first started walking the earth. Lucky for you, we have some sweet, kind, and even funny things you can comment on her post.

100 Best Comments for Your Girlfriends Post

It can be difficult to comment on a girl’s Instagram post while maintaining the desired impression. 

You likely want to be able to flatter her and catch her attention, and if you two are in a relationship she will likely take notice that her significant other has commented on her post. However, you still want to be able to stand out from any other comments and make her feel good.

It can be tricky to come up with something to say that is creative, genuine, and appropriate. Luckily, this is not the first time that someone’s feeling for another has snatched their tongue or fingers for that matter.

Below, you will find more than plenty of ideas for comments that you could submit to her post. Most of these comments will be short and sweet since when you want to give your girlfriend some attention on Instagram, you do not want to drag it out too much. It can be tempting to type out a full poem but you are likely better off keeping it short.

  1. You captivate me with your beauty.
  2. Perfect beauty at its best.
  3. Your new look is fire.
  4. You are the quintessence of beauty.
  5. Stunning views.
  6. You have an alluring body.
  7. You have such a pretty smile
  8. Perfection has nothing on you; simply beautiful.
  9. Superb ambiance and beauty.
  10. Beautiful in your most natural way.
  11. Nothing can take your place in my heart.
  12. Such a beautiful soul.
  13. Your beauty is natural. It radiates life.
  14. Your look is simply refreshing.
  15. From end to end, your beauty hints at endless possibilities.
  16. What an extraordinary woman you are.
  17. Simply desirable.
  18. My love, I adore you.
  19. You are all magic.
  20. You slay, baby girl.
  21. The thought of you drives me crazy.
  22. Your eyes are incredible.
  23. You are simply adorable.
  24. Your hair is lovely.
  25. Your eyes radiate power.
  26. Aren’t you awesome?
  27. Your eyes are inspiring like the stars.
  28. Baby, you are looking gorgeous.
  29. You are everything.
  30. Your face is mesmerizing.
  31. Very impressive.
  32. Your face screams cuteness.
  33. Truly beautiful and passionate.
  34. Breath-taking beauty.
  35. What a treasure you are.
  36. The epitome of beauty.
  37. You have an impressively looking jawbone.
  38. Your smile radiates charisma.
  39. What an endearing trait from you.
  40. Such an amazing figure.
  41. Your beauty is a fresh breath.
  42. You are a rainbow.
  43. What a natural beauty.
  44. Beautiful is an understatement.
  45. You are a rare gem.
  46. You deserve unending praise for that figure.
  47. You are stunning, even without makeup.
  48. Such a stunner.
  49. Most amazing girl on earth.
  50. I’m addicted to you.
  51. Jaw-dropping beauty from my girl.
  52. More like a flower.
  53. Indescribable beauty.
  54. Such a riveting beauty.
  55. Never losing focus on you.
  56. Nature needs your beauty.
  57. You restore hope with your beauty.
  58. Each day is your way to shine.
  59. Beauty without borders.
  60. I’m always proud of you baby.
  61. Such an impeccable view.
  62. Beauty at its best.
  63. Such beautiful eyes you got.
  64. What an inspirational view.
  65. Forever a beauty icon.
  66. The way you smile radiates joy.
  67. Wow! You are such a beauty.
  68. You have lovely, animated eyes.
  69. Such a beauty inside and out.
  70. Beauty is part of your true colors.
  71. Elegance at its best in a mesmerizing pretty girl.
  72. Definitely an angel on the planet.
  73. You are the hotspot of beauty and sexy curves.
  74. Your beauty flows with a flawless sensation.
  75. Beauty is meaningless without that bright smile.
  76. How possibly can one get this beautiful?
  77. I am running out of words to describe your beauty.
  78. Your pic is a beauty that speaks louder than words.
  79. How can I define the word beauty without you?
  80. Your face lights up my world.
  81. I love your lips.
  82. Such a pretty body figure.
  83. That figure is worth dying for.
  84. Your eyes are so enchanting.
  85. Such a charming face.
  86. Your teeth are whiter than snow.
  87. Your body is a whole sweet story.
  88. Your skin is flawless.
  89. Your figure is so impressive.
  90. What a golden halo of hair.
  91. Such pretty-looking eyes.
  92. Your hair is so pretty.
  93. Amazing figure you have.
  94. Such a gorgeous smile.
  95. My day is brighter, thanks to you.
  96. Such a charming pose.
  97. Your killer looks are my favorite.
  98. Your vibe gets me all the time.
  99. I am not in a hurry to scroll anymore.
  100. Such a gorgeous smile.

What to Comment on Your Girlfriend’s IG Picture

In the previous segment, we played out 100 comments you could put under your girlfriend’s post. However, you may be wondering, “What can I comment on my girlfriend’s Instagram picture?” and you came to the right place since we have many more comments that you can put under your girlfriend’s post. Again, you do not want the comment to drag out too long, so keep it short and sweet, and you will have her smiling in no time.

  1. The pic is on another level of beauty.
  2. You lit my day with the best impression of you.
  3. Your priceless smile is making me blush.
  4. An impressive pic from the most beautiful girl I know.
  5. The sunshine in your eyes is worth a billion smiles.
  6. Now I can sleep in peace after seeing you.
  7. What a nice-looking jaw.
  8. That dress was made for you.
  9. Cutest smile ever, baby.
  10. You have such irresistible eyes.
  11. You are all I have been waiting to see.
  12. Such a stunning view. Lovely dress.
  13. You can light up a dark room.
  14. You have such silky and shiny hair.
  15. No artist can recreate any piece of you, simply stunning.
  16. That amazing posture suits you.
  17. Your freckles are like the autumn leaves.
  18. The twinkle in your eyes gets me breathless.
  19. You have sweet dimples.
  20. You have such weirdly cute eyes.
  21. Your curves are like the elegant and strong ocean.
  22. Every angle is your angle, baby.
  23. Your eyes are like a thousand suns.
  24. Your hair is the essence of beauty.
  25. Your beauty is absolutely intoxicating.

Now, you will not be getting tongue-tied when trying to drum up a decent comment for your girlfriend’s picture post. Maybe, by reviewing these comments it has inspired you to sum up something you like about her that before you could not quite find the words. It will serve you well to have a brilliant comment to show her that care about her and it could possibly leave her smiling the rest of her day.

Comments to Leave on Your Girlfriends Post that Will Make Her Laugh

It is said that laughter is the best medicine; however, someone does not have to be ill for you to want to bring them some joy. After all, when you leave a comment on your girlfriend’s post, your aim should be to make her happy, and smile, and to keep you on her mind. There are few better ways to achieve this other than making her laugh.

Not only does it make her happy at that moment but it can also carry out through her day when she thinks back to the comment. Here, we have some funny comments you can leave on your girlfriend’s post.

  1. Your body is a goal
  2. As pretty as a picture.
  3. Arresting in beauty.
  4. You make every outfit look gorgeous.
  5. I’ve got 1-ply, I’ve got 2-ply, but all I really want is your reply.
  6. I am not a photographer, but I can picture us together.
  7. Flawless and perfectly imperfect.
  8. You look like a colorful bird.
  9. Do you know what’s awesome? Chocolate cake, and your face.
  10. No one should have permission to look that good, okay?
  11. You are so booty-full.
  12. Where’s your crown, queen?
  13. Wow! What flavor of ice cream are you?
  14. I am so jelly, so unreal.
  15. You look like what John Legend sounds like.
  16. That brow game, though…
  17. Fantastically awesome.
  18. I’m good at algebra; I can replace your X, and you would not need to figure out Y.
  19. I have officially become your number-one fan.
  20. You rule every color.
  21. I can’t scroll…
  22. I just discovered the meaning of excellence.
  23. You must be a time traveler; because I can see you in my future.
  24. I wish I could like this twice.
  25. I can’t take my eyes off you. Unless you notice me, then I’ll quickly look away and act like it never happened.
  26. What can I do to make your day?
  27. Your eyes are pearls.
  28. You are so pretty. Do you sweat glitter?
  29. You are the better part of me.
  30. You are hot enough to beat the winter.
  31. You might be the primary reason for global warming.
  32. Damn, what are you made of?
  33. You are possibly the next Miss World.
  34. If I could rate you from 1 to 10, I’d give you a nine because I’m the one you’re missing.
  35. Hey there, Miss World.
  36. Damn, that’s a dangerous smile.
  37. Blessing my Instagram timeline once again.
  38. That’s a million-dollar smile.
  39. You are my next favorite thing after chocolate.
  40. Looking fantabulous.
  41. You are my birthday wish for this year and all of the others.
  42. Excuse me while I kiss the sky -Jimi Hendrix
  43. I have never come across one picture of yours that I didn’t like.
  44. You and strong WiFi are all I need in my life.
  45. If beauty could kill.
  46. Hey, remember me? Oh, that’s right, I’ve only met you in my dreams.
  47. Hey, you are blowing up the internet.
  48. The letters on my keypad are not enough to describe your beauty.
  49. Sending this picture to NASA because you are a star.
  50. I bet you were just born awesome, like a giraffe.

There you have 50 funny comments that you can leave on your girlfriend’s post. One of these is bound to make her smile and keep her thinking of you for the rest of the day.

Loving or liking someone can do some crazy things to us human beings, such as making us irrational or it can seize all of our desired words. However, with this list of sweet, kind, and funny comments, you should have no issue finding one that fits your girl. Also, remember that you don’t want to leave an impression by being unkind or negative to draw her attention. All you need to do is look at her picture and figure out what words come to mind.

It’s not always easy, to sum up how you exactly feel, especially not in a short word format, but by utilizing this feature you are sure to bring her joy. It can be intimidating, to be honest with a girl you like; however, don’t fear using humor to break the ice. We could all be better off taking ourselves a little less seriously.

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