Coinbase Notification Won’t Go Away? Try These Fixes

Coinbase Notification Won't Go Away

There are a few different reasons why your Coinbase notifications won’t go away. Many of them have some easy fixes. This guide will detail the causes of these issues and offer some troubleshooting methods to consider.

Why Won’t Coinbase Notification Go Away?

1. There’s an Uncheck Notification in Coinbase.

This can be annoying if you don’t want to have a bunch of notifications coming up. You might just want to check it on your own every so often instead of dealing with notifications. If this is the case, then you can do a few things to fix the issue.

They are not only easy to do but also can keep it from happening a second time. The notifications can mess with the app more than you think and make it hard to run the app if it’s running.

This will depend on the device and how much free space you have on it. If there isn’t enough space, then the device won’t work properly, and you won’t be able to use most of the apps on it.

You can take a minute and check the space to see if this is an issue before you get too far into problem-solving why the notifications are causing the issues they are.

Fix 1 – Click the Bell and Check the Notifications

This is going to be the easiest way to get rid of the notification. It will allow you to see what is going on first and how you can turn the notifications off not just this time but for the rest of the time you are using the service.

If the button is turned on, you can turn it off from your mobile device or app. This way, you won’t have to worry about it going off again. But you will not be able to get any alerts about what is happening on it and with your account.

This can be a problem if something happens that is dramatic within the app or the service. That said, you can also check the app from more than one device, especially if you are constantly having issues with the main one.

If you have a device that works better than your main one, you can use that in order to check your account or turn off the notifications. You can also just keep using that after you’ve cleared the issue and be able to get back in on the original device.

This is going to be up to you and what you want to do, but it’s always an option that can work, especially if you are having a lot of issues.

Fix 2 – If That Doesn’t Work, log in on Your PC, Click the Bell Icon, and Check the Notifications from There

This might be a better option if you are still getting notifications on your device. It might be an issue with the app, and the only way actually to get it to stick is on a PC or computer of some kind.

If this works, it should keep it from coming up everywhere. Again, you won’t get any notifications that could pop up regarding the service that you may need to know. This includes a drop in what your coins are worth and even if they grow in value.

If you are going to keep the notifications off, then you might also want to check in on your service from time to time.

That way, you know what is going on with your coins. When you are on the service with your PC, take a minute and see what is also going on with the service.

Sometimes the computer works better than the app simply because of the amount of information that is going through the app.

If you find you are having a ton of trouble with the app, then you can keep checking it through the computer. This way, you will always know what the amount is and what is going on with your account.

2. You’ve Already Opened the Notification, but Coinbase is Taking Too Long to Adjust

This is a simple issue that you might run into. Sometimes it happens because the internet isn’t strong enough or the app is just not catching up. There are a few things that you can do to attempt to correct the issue and get back to using the app.

This can be a huge problem with the app, and there are only a few things that might work for it. The simple things are to refresh and restart the app.

This way, you can just start over and hopefully get the app running so you can see your account and work with it again.

If this doesn’t work right, then you might want to start looking at your phone and see if that is causing an issue you don’t know about. Check the device storage first and make sure you have plenty of room on the device.

Then also, check the operating system. If it needs an update, then you can do that and see if that helps with it. Sometimes that’s all it takes, and your app will be back up and running.

Fix 1 – Refresh the App

The simplest thing you can do is to restart the app. This is pretty easy on a device. You will simply close the app.

Just make sure it’s really closed and isn’t just minimized on your device. That is going to be the simplest way to fix the app and make it work properly, hopefully. Once that is done, you can restart the app and try again.

If it’s not working, consider looking at your account through the PC and see if there is another reason why it’s not working.

It might work on there if it doesn’t on the device. It can also help you to know what you have in your account while you are waiting to get your app back up and running. It also might help to refresh the app more than once.

This can help it get through any glitches it might be having within the servers. Sometimes things just get stuck, and you don’t have any choice but to keep reloading the app a few times and get it back up and running.

Fix 2 – Turn Off Notifications

Sometimes Notifications can cause an issue with the device and make it not work properly. If this happens, you can simply turn off the notifications altogether. This way, your app will not have so much going on at the same time.

It might be able to run right within the app instead of not working properly. If the notifications are not working the way they should, then you can check it out from the computer and be able to turn off notifications that way.

This will help you to see what is going on and also to have more control over the application. If it doesn’t allow you to turn them off, then you might have to do other options in order to get your app working properly.

You can do the other options and come back to it. Trying from a second device might also work for this one.

If you can get into your app from a different device, then you can turn off the notifications in order to help with the load that the app gives to the other devices. If you can reload the app, it should get the changes if you can do it on the other device.

Fix 3 – Log Out and Login

You sometimes only have to log in and out for your account to get back to normal. There might be a glitch that causes the app to close or just not work the way you would want it to. If you can’t even get into your account, this is going to be hard to do.

Try first from the computer and see if that will allow you to get into your account from your device. This can be a bit harder than just doing it on the app, but if you can’t even get the app to work right, this will be your only option.

If you can’t get into the app, you might just want to delete the app from the device and reinstall it. Sometimes that will do the same thing as logging out and back in. If you don’t have any other option, you may need to consider getting a new device.

This can be a hard thing to do if you’re device is newer, but sometimes they are just too old to use with certain apps. You also may need to update your phone. This is an easier fix than just getting a new phone.

You will be able to use the best device better because your phone will be up to date and working properly. If your phone can’t support the update, then you don’t have much of choice. You will have to get a new device.

Fix 4 – Clear the Cache

This is sometimes the only thing you can do if you have tried all the others, but it’s still not working. Clearing the cache is easier than you might think. It can also take all the old information that is on the device in order to make it run better.

Sometimes devices can just have too many things going on with them. If there isn’t that much space, then the device will run worse than if there is more than a third of the device storage used.

This is because the device needs extra space for updates and changes in the way it runs over time. If there is no space, then it won’t work correctly. If you are finding the device just won’t update anymore, then you might want to consider getting something new.

This can solve a lot of problems with apps running on the devices. It also might make the Coinbase app work better in the long run.

Another option is to try a different mobile device. This is great if you have a tablet or a second device that you can download the app onto. Then you can try it and see if that works any better than the first one.

3. The Bummer of Them All…Coinbase is Down

Sometimes the servers are just down, and there is no way to do anything that is going to make it work. First, you’ll want to check the service on your PC and see if it’s not working there as well as the app.

If you aren’t having any luck there, you can check their social media to see if there are any announcements about the service. A lot of times, they will report their first if the service is down.

Then you will know for sure what to do next. It might be something that you can’t do anything about and will just have to wait for them to come back up. In the meantime, you can figure out your balance, so you have that when it comes back up.

Fix 1 – Wait for Coinbase Servers to Correct Itself

The only thing you can do is if you’ve tried the other things then you don’t have a lot of options. You will probably just have to wait and see what happens.

This can be externally frustrating because you don’t have any control over it, but if you have been active with your Coinbase, then you will have all the information when it comes back up.

It’s important to keep track of the amounts in the account as much as you can in order to make sure you aren’t having any issues with the account, even when they go down for any period of time.

There are a lot of ways you can use your Coinbase account, and a lot of times when you might be frustrated if it’s not working properly. The good news is that there are options and ways you can see the account. You simply need to find them.

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