Your Android browser stores a cache so each time you load up the browser, it loads quicker because there’s already information stored about the app.

Clearing your internet browser cache will speed up your Android phone if the cache overloaded, however, each time you visit a website, websites will load slowly because your device hasn’t got any information stored about the website to load it quickly.

Clear Stock Browser Cache

  1. Open the stock Internet Browser app and click the menu

  1. Click Settings in the menu

Browser Privacy and security Android

  1. Click Privacy & security in the settings menu

Clear cache browser

  1. Click Clear cache at the top of the menu

Clear Google Chrome Cache

  1. Open Google Chrome and tap the menu icon

Settings in menu Chrome

  1. Click Settings in the menu

Chrome privacy

  1. Under Advanced, click Privacy

Clear browsing data Chrome Android

  1. Click Clear Browsing Data at this bottom of the privacy menu

Clear cache chrome Android

  1. Check Cache and Cookies site data then Clear
  2. Clicking Clear will delete your cache for Google Chrome

Clear Samsung Browser Cache

  1. Open Samsung Browser and click the menu

Samsung Browser settings menu

  1. Click Settings in the menu

Delete personal data Samsung browser

  1. In Settings, click Privacy and security
  2. Click Delete personal data under form data

Clear Mozilla Firefox Cache

  1. Open Firefox and click the Menu button
  2. Click Settings in the menu
  3. Click Privacy in the open menu

Clear cache Firefox

  1. Click clear now under Clear private data
  2. Make sure Cache is checked and click Clear Data

Clear Opera Mini Cache

  1. Open Opera Mini and click the O in the menu

Opera mini settings

  1. Click Settings in the menu

Clear browsing data Opera mini

  1. Click Clear browsing data

Clear Opera mini cache

  1. Make sure Clear cookies and data is checked and click OK

Clear Cache any Browser

  1. Open the Settings app

Settings apps Android

  1. Click Apps under Device

Internet browser storage

  1. Choose the browser > click Storage 

Clear browser cache Android

  1. Click Clear cache