When someone has your phone, they could potentially see things they weren’t meant to see. In the case of an Instagram profile, perhaps they get too nosey and want to see who or what it is you’re searching for on your Instagram account. You couldn’t ask for a more perfect example of a breach of privacy.

Yes, a PIN or password would work great, but when it’s already unlocked, say, you hand them your phone for a moment to see something, there’s always a small chance that person won’t do what it is you asked them to do. You’re never expecting that kind of trust to be broken. So, to add to the layer of security, one should practice clearing their search history on Instagram. Not only will it give you peace of mind, but also make a nosey individual’s hunt for information come up empty.

Clearing Your Entire Search History on Mobile

1. Locate and launch the Instagram app.

2. Log into Instagram with your account and password, if you aren’t already logged in.

3. Select the Profile tab, in the bottom right corner of the screen, represented by a “head and shoulders” icon. Doing so will redirect you to your profile page where you’ll find the option to change your settings.


4. On your profile page, select the “hamburger” menu in the top right corner of the screen, the icon with three hotizontal lines or, alternatively, you could swipe to the left. A panel on the right hand side will appear with menu options.

5. At the bottom of the menu, select Settings. Doing so will redirect you to the Settings menu.

6. In the Settings menu, tap Security, located near the top of the menu, which will redirect you again.

select Clear Search History

7. In the Security menu, select Clear Search History at the very bottom of the menu. When prompted, confirm the deletion by tapping Clear Search History again and, one last time, confirm by selecting ‘Yes, I’m sure.’ Afterwards, you search history will be cleared after a few moments.

Clearing Entire Search History via Computer

You’ll find several articles stating you can’t delete your search history on Instagram’s website, that it can only be done on the mobile app. Well, in fact, you can clear your search history on Instagram’s website, but it’s well hidden behind several menu options.

Here’s where you find it:

1. With your preferred web browser, head on over to Instagram’s homepage and log into Instagram, if you aren’t already.

2. Go to your Profile Page by clicking the “head and shoulders” icon in the upper right corner of the page.

click Privacy and Security

3. Now, find your name. To the right of your name you’ll see “Edit Profile.” To the right of that you’ll see a small gear. Click it and it will open a menu. In the menu, click Privacy and Security.

click View Account Data

4. In Privacy and Security, head down to the section “Account Data.” Underneath, click View Account Data.

find Search history and click View All

5. On the right hand column, locate the section “Account Activity.” Underneath that, find Search history and click View All.

Clear Search History

6. Finally, click Clear Search History. Confirm the deletion by clicking Yes, I’m sure.

Delete Specific Instagram Searches

1. Locate and launch the Instagram app.

2. Log into Instagram with your account and password, if you aren’t already logged in.

3. At the bottom of the screen, tap the Search tab, represented by a magnifying glass. This serves as your page for searching for Instagram users and viewing posts suggested by Instagram.

4. At the top of the Search page, select the search bar.

5. Your search results are broken down into four categories which you can thumb through by selection each tab. They are as such:

  • Recent: Self explanatory. Searches you’ve used often and search often show up in this tab, including people, tags and places. Represented by the “harmburger” icon (three horizontal lines) on the far left.
  • People: When you search for users, and you want to view the users you’ve searched, use the People tab. Represented by the “head and shoulders” icon.
  • Tags: When you search via hashtags, any and all hashtags will show up in the Tags tab. Represented by a hashtag.
  • Places: Instagram searches that are based on locations. However, you won’t see anything here if you have Location disabled for Instagram.

6. Find a search result you want to delete. To the right of it, you’ll see a very small “X.” Go ahead and select that “X.”