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City building apps are great, they’re fun to play with and you can spend hours and hours making the perfect city.

All it takes is an app and the creativity to make the city just the way you want it to be. You can recreate great cities like London and New York or easily make your own from scratch.

These games are really suitable for kids and adults too because you get to flex your brain and think about whether the airport can go right next to the pet store or if the shopping mall would fit next to city hall.

I had the chance to try some of these city building games and here’s my best ten.

1. Sim City BuildIt

Sim City BuildIt

Sim City is one of the oldest titles in city building games. If you lived in the time of Pentium 3 and Windows 95, you’re definitely feeling the nostalgia.

I sure grew up with this title. So with the release of Sim City BuildIt for iOS and Android, you’re sure that it has the experience to come up with great gameplay with interesting missions.

The game also incorporates some social elements like joining mayor clubs and PvP battles where you can go on the offense and send disasters to other cities.

Android | iOS

2. Megapolis


One unique feature of city building games is that they follow certain rules such as economies and processes. Megapolis is rich in detail when it comes to these real-life rules like taxes are needed to keep the city’s income on the right level.

In addition to this, you can also place popular monuments like the Eiffel Tower. This app is free for download and offers in-app purchases.

Android | iOS

3. Designer City: Building Game

Designer City: Building Game

Another great city building game is Designer City: Building Game. In this building simulator, the map is really big and the things that you do help you attract more citizens to your city. More population means more workers which leads to more income.

The flow and concept really feels life-like. The only thing different is there’s a reset button so you can build your city differently every time.

Android | iOS

4. Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter

Awarded “Google Play Best of 2015,” and “Mobile Game of the Year – 2016 DICE Awards,” Fallout Shelter is not going to disappoint.

It’s unique and different from all the city simulation games since it takes place in a futuristic setting where the world is a wasteland and you need to build the perfect vault underground.

The missions are fun and interesting and there’s so much to do in and out of the vault. This is definitely worth checking out.

Android | iOS

5. City Mania: Town Building Game

City Mania: Town Building Game

City Mania is a great release by Gameloft and adds to the roster of great simulation games that are available in today’s market.

The game uses a cartoon interface and combines popular and unique landmarks to allow a mix of creativity and reality.

One unique aspect to look forward to is the futuristic elements added to the city building simulation.

Android | iOS

6. City Island 5: Offline Tycoon Building Sim Game

City Island 5 Offline Tycoon Building Sim Game

The game starts you off with a small town and the goal is to make it bigger and more progressive.

This fifth release of the City Island series is now available in offline mode so you don’t need an internet connection to have loads of fun with the game.

The game promises hundreds of buildings and several goals like unlock islands to expand territory.

Android | iOS

7. TheoTown City Simulation

TheoTown City Simulation

One thing that sets TheoTown from other games is the realistic details of the simulation and the gameplay.

The graphics details are set to look like the real thing so feeling like the mayor of London or Paris is not far off.

The zoning elements in the gameplay simulate real zoning rules set by real city halls. The game is a very close representation of city management.


8. Township


If you’re looking for farming and a city simulator in one, Township is the title for you. The combination of planting, harvesting, and building is seamless in this game. There’s so much to do and you can end up spending hours and hours playing this simulator.

Android | iOS

9. Townsmen


The roster of simulator games isn’t complete if you don’t have one that’s set in the medieval times.

Townsmen is a unique city-building simulation that allows you to build your village into a strong empire. You can mine, harvest, and collect taxes to fund your campaign against bandits.

The game also allows you to set up defenses like towers and castles which is unique to this era in the medieval simulation.

Android | iOS

10. Virtual City Playground: Building Tycoon

Virtual City Playground Building Tycoon

Virtual City Playground is a lovable game. The interface is simple and the game progresses pretty quickly. There are several quests and missions to do so you can also expect to spend hours playing this game.

The game is free to download and offer in-app purchases to unlock special buildings, decorations, and enhancements.

Although there is a bit of a wait in the loading screen, this is a good game to have whenever you feel like you’re in the mood to run a city.

Android | iOS

Bottom Line

There are a lot of simulation and building games available for iOS and Android and they’re all really fun in their own unique and special way.

Game developers are working hard to come out with titles that are creative and immersive which is all for the benefit of the players.

With that said, each title is worth a shot because you never know you’re going to get hooked to a game until you try it.


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