Once you’ve created your account and set everything up, you’ll get other users sent to you. And this is where the popular “swiping” comes in. View the user, decide if they’d be a potential match and swipe right to accept. If they don’t fit into your expectations, then you swipe left. Swiping right won’t immediately give you the opportunity to start a dialogue. That comes when the person on the other end also swiped right on your profile.

The best part of Tinder is it matches you to users in your area. When you install an app and use it for the first time, you might’ve noticed many of them ask for permission, like your location or your mic or access to another app.

For some, it’s required for the app to work right (they’ll still ask permission, anyways) but for other apps it isn’t necessary at all. Tinder needs your location. It’s the whole point of the app to match you with other people close to you. If it doesn’t know where you live, you can’t be accurately matched.

This presents a problem: what if I move or plan on moving or you’re curious about an area? The simplest solution is using Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold. The differences between the two subscriptions isn’t the concern. That’s for you to decide on (Tinder Plus is cheaper, though). What matters is the power both memberships offer: the ability to change your location Tinder Passport.

Tinder Passport

Tinder Passport is Tinder’s answer to those questions. With Tinder Passport, changing your location takes a few simple taps on your device and you’re done. Of course, the only downside is you’d have to pay for Tinder’s membership.

Luckily, if your only concern was a change in location because you moved, and you don’t want the other benefits, then just pay for a month. If you travel often, though, this could be great for hooking up while you’re in the area. Here’s how you get Tinder Passport started:

For iOS users:

1. Open Tinder.

2. Head into Tinder’s Settings.

settings location

3. Select Location.

4. Select Add a new location.

add new city

5. Find the city you’re interested in and select it.

6. When a blue banner appears, select it. Your location has now been changed.

For Android:

1. Open Tinder.

2. Go to Tinder’s Settings.

3. Select Swiping In.

4. Select Add a new location.

5. Type in the city you’re interested in and select it.

6. When a blue banner appears, select it. Your location has now been changed.

Using a VPN Service

This solution is hit or miss. VPNs, or virtual private network, can mask your location or give you an entirely different one. Its primary purpose is security and privacy, but with the right VPN you could potentially change your location.

There’s a few caveats to understand first. For starters, VPNs–reliable, good and honest VPNs–will cost you some cash. So, really, either way you could end up paying someone. Another problem is VPNs don’t always play nice with Tinder. Tinder is always updating, and what works now might not work later.

If you’re looking for a “free” way of changing your location, you won’t find it here. There’s hundreds of third-party apps out there advertising such a way, and sometimes they might work, but more than likely you’ll end up installing an unsavory app.

The best solution out of the two would be Tinder’s membership. For starters, you’ll know for sure that what you’re buying is what you’re getting. Not only does it come with the ability to change location anytime you want (while you still have the membership), but you also get boosts to your profile. The best part of the membership is certainly its removal of the caps on your “swipes.”

You see, Tinder only gives you a limited amount of “swipes” every 12 hours. Buy the membership, either one, and you can swipe all day. Even if you did manage to change your profile with a VPN, VPNs can’t give you more swipes.