What if you could be in Milan while sitting on your couch in New Jersey? What if you could see the Colosseum while lying in bed on your rollaway bed in Connecticut? If you’re an avid Snapchat user, you no doubt have explored the many filters Snapchat provides you based on your location.

This includes pictures of well-known tourist’s sites, phrases related to your location, national colors, and more. Due to the GPS on your phone, Snapchat knows when and which filters, stickers, and badges to send your way. Snapchat works by using the Location Services features your smartphone provides. Please note that if you disable Location Services, Snapchat won’t be able to provide you with filters based on your location.

While enabling your location adds a nice touch to your photos, it also leaves you wondering if you can possibly tailor your location in order to gain access to any filter you want. While this isn’t as easy as pressing a button, it certainly is possible.

Snapchat Maps

Snapchat saves your location using a feature called SnapMap, which came out in 2017. As long as you keep Snapchat open, SnapMap will continue to update your location, and your friend’s location, as long as they too have enabled this option. If you close Snapchat, your last known location will be shown.

While you have the option to display or hide your location from within Snapchat, you can’t change your location at will within the application, without physically moving to your desired location. In order to trick Snapchat into believing you’re somewhere you’re not, you have to alter the location on your phone.

This is because Snapchat tracks your location based on your phone’s location. Back in the day, users used to jailbreak their iPhone in order to alter their location, however, nowadays such isn’t possible due to Apple’s recent software updates. Changing your location is now costlier, with the most popular method being a commercial program called iTools.

While this program does offer a free trial, once the trial has completed you’ll have to pay $30.95 in order to keep using the program. But hey, if you get to have a Colosseum filter, it’s worth it, right? This software will likely be very useful to those with travel blogs or travel agencies, which need to appeal to the broader public using marketing skills within their social media platforms. In order to change your location using iTools, follow the instructions below,

1. Connect your iPhone to your laptop via a USB cable. This is the same cable you use to charge your device. Note: Your phone will have to remain connected to your computer.

2. Install iTools for Windows or Mac, depending on which device you own.

3. On the top menu bar, click Toolbox.

Virtual location

4. You will be redirected to a panel showing Device Toolkits. Click Virtual Location on the panel.

5. A map with a text box will appear. Enter your desired location in the text field and click Move Here.

Stop Simulation in iTools

6. You have now changed your location in your iPhone. If you wish to end the simulation, click Stop Simulation in iTools in the upper left corner.

While the process may be a bit tedious if you’re an iPhone user, Android users needs not despair. The process is not only simpler, but also free. Follow the instructions below to change your location on your Android device,

1. Install the Fake GPS Location application on your phone from the Play Store. Note: There are many fake location applications you can use for this step. However, this one is both free and easy to use.

2. Open Settings.

3. Tap on System.

4. Tap on About Phone.

5. Tap on Software Info.

6. Tap on Build number 7 times rapidly.

7. You will then be asked to enter your phone’s password. Please do so accordingly. After entering your password, you will have gained control of the Developer Mode settings in your phone.

8. Go back to System, as per step #3.

9. Click Developer Options. There will be a toggle On/Off button at the top of the screen. Toggle the option On.

10. Scroll down and click Select mock location app.

11. You will be shown a list of applications. Select whichever application you have installed to fake your location.

Depending on what location you chose in the fake location application, that will now also be your location in Snapchat. Now go to Snapchat and enjoy all the new filters. Android users are able to carry out this task fairly easily, due to the fact that Android allows much more tinkering in terms of the operating system.

This is quite beneficial to users who wish to customize their device and settings. However, don’t feel completely left out if you’re an iPhone user. What you lose in customization, you gain in security. Apple software is known to be secure and less prone to being hacked by malicious users.

Nonetheless, if you find that changing your location on Snapchat is a deal breaker, you may want to start playing for the other team, and buy yourself an Android device. You’ll be able to enjoy any and all of Snapchat’s filters from the comfort of your home, with no cost whatsoever. However, be sure none of your friends or family spot you around the neighborhood when you’ve just sent them a snap of you in Rome.