The social media giant, Instagram, like any social media platform, gives you the power to choose a username that is entirely unique to you; no two usernames on Instagram are the same. However, Instagram takes it a step further and gives you the opportunity to change your username whenever you feel like it.

While it’s true that names are unique, that aren’t always as unique as one would like them to be. In some cases, you may have two users with the same username, except both have a different set of numbers. In that case, maybe you want to change your username and for something that hasn’t been copied by someone else.

Regardless of your reasons, you have the power to change your Instagram username. Use it wisely.

Changing Your Instagram Username Via App

1. Locate and launch the Instagram app. Its icon is a camera against a backdrop with an ombre effect. If the Instagram was recently installed, you’ll find it on your Home screen. If not, then check inside your App Drawer, where all your currently installed apps make their home.

2. Log into Instagram if you aren’t already logged in.

select your profile

3. Head into your profile via the small icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. I looks like a person.

Edit profile

4. At the top, in the open, tap Edit Profile. It will redirect you to a new screen.

5. Tap the name underneath ‘Username.’ Type in the new name you desire.

Remember: This has to be a unique username. If it’s been taken by someone else, Instagram will tell you immediately the username has been used already.

If you so choose, you can also change the name listed under ‘Name.’

6. Select the checkmark at the top right corner.

Changing Your Instagram Username Via Computer

1. Locate and launch your preferred browser.

2. Head over to Instagram’s Homepage.

3. Log into Instagram if you aren’t already logged in.

select the profile

4. At the top right corner of Instagram’s page, you’ll see a very basic form of a person. Click it. It will send you to your profile page.

select Edit profile

5. Find your username. It’s to the right of your profile picture. And to the right of your username is Edit Profile. Go ahead and click it.

6. On the left hand panel, click Edit Profile.

change the username

7. By clicking inside the box to the right of ‘Username,’ you’ll have the opportunity of choosing a username that is unique by Instagram’s standard–in other words, there can’t be two usernames that are the same.

Instagram will let you know if a username is available for use. It will flash red if it’s unavailable.

If you’d like to take it a step further, you can edit your ‘Name.’

Select Submit

8. When you’re satisfied with the username, and it’s unique to Instagram, click Submit. Your username has now been changed.