Many features can be customized on your iPhone. You can change wallpapers, themes, views, and even fonts. Customizing these features regularly means giving your iPhone a fresh outlook and honestly, who wouldn’t want that. All these customizations are easy to change/adjust barring one; Fonts.

As of today, you simply cannot change Fonts for your iPhone. There is no setting option or a third-party app that can be helpful in this case. The only way to do it is to opt for jailbreaking your iPhone. However, the Jailbreak is highly unrecommended and besides, who would opt for a Jailbreak just because they don’t like the fonts of iPhone?

Well, on a brighter side, there are a few apps such as iMessage, Mail App, and App Font that can be customized for fonts too. Additionally, there are two major settings such as Enlarging and Bolding Text and Accessibility Settings that are not exactly changing the fonts, but they are similar in delivering the purpose. Have a look at how you can adjust them for better viewing.

Enlarging and Bolding Text:

1. Tap on the Settings to open them.

2. Locate the option Display and Brightness and tap on it.

3. Next, tap on the option Text Size.
drag slider is set in the middle

4. You will now see a drag slider on your screen. By default, this drag slider is set in the middle. It means that the text size on your screen would be not too large nor too small.

5. Drag it to the far left and the text size will change into small. Drag it to far-right and the text will appear large on the screen. you can set it as per your preference.

6. Once the size is set, tap on the option Back located at the top-left of the screen to go back on the Display and Brightness screen.

7. Locate the option Bold Text and toggle it on. Doing this will display the text on the iPhone in Bold font. Switch it off to enable standard font.

Accessibility Settings:

1. Launch Settings on your iPhone and tap on the option General.

2. Next, tap on the option Accessibility.

3. Now tap on the option Larger Text.
Toggle the option Larger Accessibility Sizes to on

4. Toggle the option Larger Accessibility Sizes to on.

5. Now drag the slider to the right to see how large of a text can be supported. This will only apply to apps that enable Dynamic Type as well as allow the larger Accessibility sizes.

6. You can also enable Bold Text on the Accessibility screen too.


As said earlier, Jailbreaking is not recommended as it can have an adverse effect on the iPhone’ functionality. Also, most iOS devices do not allow jailbreaking at all, and trying different techniques to jailbreak can make the device dead. However, if by any chance, your phone is already jailbroken then you can change the fonts too. Here is how you can do that:

1. Launch Cydia on your iPhone. It is an app that suggests that your iPhone has been jailbroken. Remember, if you launch the Cydia for the first time on your iPhone then your phone will restart and perhaps, update too.

2. In Cydia, search for the app called BytaFont. You will be able to find it in the ModMyi section.

3. Now install this app on your iPhone. Your iPhone will restart once again when the download and installation process is complete.

4. Now launch the app on your iPhone.

5. Once the app is opened, tap on the option BytaFont tab.

6. Next, tap the option Browse Fonts.

7. Choose the fonts as per your liking and tap them to download them.

8. Use Cydia to finish installing the fonts.

Once the fonts have been installed, you can easily switch between the fonts on your iPhone. You can do that by:

1. Select Swap Mode tab in BytaFont.

2. Tap on the option Basic.

3. Tap the font you want to use.

4. Tap Yes to confirm and apply the font.

5. Your iPhone will restart and the font will be applied.

Conclusively, as easy as this third method looks, Jailbreaking is deemed illegal in many areas of the world. You shouldn’t go for jailbreaking until or unless it is absolutely mandatory. Moreover, an app called Better Fonts, allow you to type in different fonts while messaging people. You can also change fonts in Apple features such as Notes or Pages too.

The next iOS update can change how fonts will work, but until then, it would be better to stick with the originals instead of going for options that can inflict damage to your iPhone.