Does the salty sea call out to you? Do you fancy a case of scurvy? Maybe a black eyepatch and a pegleg? Then lead life as a pirate. Or you could just change Facebook’s language to pirate. At least changing the language won’t cause any trouble.

If you were hoping to emulate a pirate, at least in the way of language, Facebook has a fun way of switching the words you see on screen to “pirate” language. For example, something like “Edit” will get changed to “Mend th’ sails.” It’s super easy to change and, once it is, you’ll catch yourself speaking pirate so much that your friends and family might question your sanity.

Change Language to Pirate with a PC

1. Locate and open your preferred web browser and head over to Facebook’s homepage.

2. Log into Facebook with a valid account and correct password, if you aren’t already logged in.

3. At the top, to the right of your notification bell, is a small arrow. Click it. It will open a drop down menu.

4. In the drop down menu, click Settings. You can find it towards the bottom. It will redirect you to an extensive overview of many different account settings.

select Language in settings

5. On the left hand side, you’ll see a list of options to choose from. Locate and click Language. It towards the upper portion of the menu. It will open Language Settings.

Edit Facebooks language

6. Locate Facebook language and click Edit. In the example above, “English (US)” is being used at the moment. You want to change that.

select English (Pirate)

7. Click the drop down menu. Choose English (Pirate). Afterwards, click Save Changes.

English (Pirate) Wasn’t Listed

Don’t panic. Your dream of speaking like a pirate isn’t lost. If it isn’t in the list of languages, then it’s hidden. Here’s what you do:

1. Head to your News Feed. Click the Facebook icon in the top left corner of the homepage.

tap + in the language section

2. Look to the right side of your News Feed, where all the ads are placed. Now, scroll down until the ads stop. You’ll see a very small box with a handful of languages listed. Click the “+” sign.

tap Translate Facebook

3. Pirate language won’t be listed. What you need to do is click Translate Facebook. You’ll get redirected.

4. Now you can change your language to English (Pirate). From now on, when you change your language through your Settings, English (Pirate) will show up among your list of languages.

Mobile Device

Unfortunately, the Facebook app doesn’t support the language of pirates, but Facebook’s mobile website does.

1. Open your preferred web browser on your mobile device and head over to Facebook’s mobile homepage.

2. At the top right corner of the screen, open the menu. Its icon is three horizontal lines.

tap Language in Help and Settings

3. Head down to HELP & SETTINGS. Under it, choose Language.

4. Choose English (Pirate) among the list of languages and then select a second language.

English (Pirate) Wasn’t Listed – Mobile

Just like with a computer, the language of pirates may be hidden under translations. It’s an easy fix.

1. Head back to your News Feed and, again, open the menu in the top right corner of the screen.

under Apps, tap Translate Facebook

2. This time, head down to Apps. And underneath, choose Translate Facebook.

3. Now you can choose English (Pirate) as your language on Facebook. From here on out, anytime you change your language on Facebook, the language of pirates will be an option.

How does it feel to speak like a salty dog? The only logical thing to do next would be buying a ship, right? Leave a comment below and tell Techzillo all about how your pirate days are coming along.