Cash App Instant Deposit Not Showing Up? Try These 9 Fixes

Cash App Instant Deposit Not Showing Up

1. Your Account is Set To Opt For Standard Deposits

Now, while these cash apps and their features are extremely useful & used by many; naturally, they can also have issues with said features.

One of these is the Instant Deposit not Showing up, while many of these cash apps have certain limitations, set for differing reasons; like PayPal with their “holding” period for first time sales.

When you receive your very first payment for a service you have provided for a “customer” on Paypal Business, they will have this payment in your “pending balance”.

Since with new sellers on the app, the customer might want to return, place a claim or even chargeback. Now, in order for PayPal to protect both the seller and customer, they place an at least twenty-one day delay on you receiving the payment.

With these features in mind, when your direct deposit is not showing it may boil down to a certain feature option not being set to what you would prefer.

One of these features that may not be set to what you need is the option to “opt for standard deposits”, so let’s dive in and discuss how to ensure you are utilizing these tools to make sure your direct deposit is set to what you want.

Fix – Opt For Instant Deposits

With these cash apps, especially when it’s the first time use it can be tricky to be sure all of your settings for payments are set to how you want them; one of these settings is opting for Instant Deposits.

With apps such as PayPal this will take certain information to be provided in order for the direct deposit to follow through, you will need to link your account with your bank account or a debit/credit card.

Do note that when setting up these payment options you will have to provide sensitive information, such as your Identification card/Driver’s license and your SSN (Social Security Number).

While this can trigger some alarm bells in your head, also trust that these cash apps focus on their security of your personal information so that it is secure and safe from any possible threats.

Sometimes you can spot a featured option to do direct deposit on your app, however if you do not see that you can go to your account settings and you should see an option to add a card or link a bank account, if you haven’t already, you’ll need to this in order to have direct deposit enabled.

If you have your payment options set to Standard Deposit, the payments you receive will be pending for up to a couple days and then eventually approved and moved to your account balance on the app.

So go to your account settings, go to either where it says “set up direct deposit” or where it states “standard deposit” and there you’ll be able to switch it over to direct deposit and then provide the according information (if needed). This could resolve the issue of not having your direct deposit showing up in your account.

2. Unsupported Debit Cards

Sometimes in these cases of direct deposit issues it could be that you are trying to link a debit card that the app does not support. This can be very troublesome as the app uses a Transaction Network that does not support the debit card you are attempting to use for Instant Deposits.

Now, while you cannot change the Transaction Network that the app uses nor the Network that the cards use, you however can change the card you are using for the Instant Direct Deposits. So, follow these steps and hopefully it will help you correct this issue.

Fix – Use A Debit Card That Supports The Transaction Network That Cash App Uses For Instant Deposits

When performing a transaction on Cash App it uses a network, a network consists of two or more computers that are indeed linked in order to share resources.

In this case the resources being your money; your money simply being just numbers to the computers that distribute it to one another.

So, when you are using the instant deposit, your money will go from its originating origin, to your bank account or Cash App account. Sadly, Cash App does not support any ATM cards, PayPal cards or Business Debit Cards.

While it may support all Visa, MasterCards, American Express and Discover cards; however it does not support depositing into these cards (at this time).

Now also if you are looking to add a different card it can be quite simple, as all you have to do is open the Cash App, at the top your screen on the right side should be your account icon, then you are going to engage that option; this will bring up a option menu for your account, there a section titled “Link bank” select this option and it will take you to a separate menu with a option to “Link Debit Card”.

Select the “Link Debit Card” option and then provide all of the necessary information for the card, then you have successfully linked a different card & hopefully offering up a chance.

So this is surely something to keep in mind when you are trying to set up an Instant Direct Deposit to your Cash App account. Hopefully this may have sparked a helpful insight to the subject and issue.

3. The Bummer of Them All….Cash App is Down

When working with apps it is important to remember that they are susceptible to bugs, issues and going down sometimes. You must also remember that when servers go down there is nothing you can really do to restore your app.

It can be frustrating but with some patience it could pay off with the servers coming back up and getting you back on track with your Cash App so while it may seem fruitless, here is a possible fix to this issue.

Fix – Wait For Cash App Servers to Correct Itself

Now when we say an app is down it does not necessarily mean that it is a problem to be restored on your end, see all applications (apps) require a server to store data and basically run all functions for the app.

So when a server goes down, it could be for a number of reasons; it could be a glitch in the system or as stated before a “bug” in the system.

When one of these occurs the server goes into what is known as server downtime; hence the saying it is “down”, when it is in this downtime the site and or app is completely unavailable.

So, knowing this there is sadly nothing you can do on your end to help this issue, you can just wait for the problem to be resolved and the server to be restored.

This can last seconds, minutes, hours or in very rare cases; days so while this definitely sucks, it can offer you some time to go do something else; such as watering those houseplants that desperately need some water.

In the cases that you need that money deposited right away, unfortunately there isn’t much you can do in the situation of waiting for the server to resolve other than waiting, so it may be a left overs night for the family.

Keep in mind that this problem is only a matter of time, with that said it should not be a long time, so hang in there, keep yourself entertained and occupied & the time will fly by.

4. Is it Possible You’ve Got A Bug?

Now while this term can certainly be confused with catching a “bug” as in an illness or sickness it is also very similar to the meaning of having a bug (technology wise). When you have a “bug” this usually means there is a problem as a result of external interference with the program’s performance that was not anticipated.

This can occur with the software or hardware. So be sure that this is not the issue before assuming that it is a problem with the app. In order to troubleshoot this issue, luckily there is ways to combat this issue, so let’s see if we can get that fixed.

Fix 1 – Log Out and Log In

When dealing with a “bug” in your system, it can certainly help to try logging out and logging back into your Cash App; as this can help the servers to restore and reassess your device that is trying to process the transaction process.

While it can be tedious; logging out and into your account will also help all of the processes going through your account henceforth the “Instant Direct Deposit” feature that you are attempting to utilize.

If you do not know, if you are on a smartphone or Android you will go to your account icon which you will find at the top right of your screen, then scroll down and you will find the “sign out” option at the bottom.

Go ahead and sign out and then log back in, this may help the app reprocess your account therefore also your ongoing transactions should be as well. With any luck, this will restore your Cash App’s Instant Deposit.

Fix 2 – Clear The Cache

Another viable option to attempt to get your Cash App’s Instant Deposit to show up is to perform a “clear cache”. This can help clear up the system in order to process proficiently and properly, as the cache could be storing up otherwise not so useful information.

Note, that does not rid the app of any of your data or information, it just cleans out what is not needed. Think of it as a clogged sink pipe, how do you fix a clogged pipe? You simply clear it out.

You may ask “well, how do I do this?” And luckily it is quite simple; go into your phone’s settings, then proceed to “storage” and go to “other apps” and this will bring up a list of your apps.

Go to “Cash App” and tap on it, then it will have an option to “clear cache” option, go ahead and tap that & this will clear it up. This should serve as a good tool to get that information pipe cleared out and this is also a good habit to form with your phone and its apps.

Just like that faucet drain pipe, you can’t leave it to build up and eventually in turn cause a problem down the line, so be sure you always try to clear the cache with your apps as it is quite the crutch to keeping your app’s processes flowing fluently and efficiently.

This will hopefully help you with the Cash App’s Instant Direct Deposit, so you can get back to living life.

Fix 3 – Update the App

There can be simple fixes and complex fixes to these technical issues but you are in luck as this is an easy fix, so let’s get started. Now, do remember that Cash App is a “POS” app and what that means is that it is a place where the actual business transaction takes place.

So being a POS app, what you will need to do is go and open your Amazon app store or Google Play Store; go to “my app updates” tab at the bottom, be sure to refresh the apps listed and then tap “update” beside the Square Point of Sale (POS).

This will update the app and hopefully restore the Instant Deposit feature along with it, it can never hurt to keep up on your app updates; especially with POS (Point Of Sale) apps.

So do be sure that you have updated not just this app but also all of your apps as it is essential for the apps to continue working properly and efficiently, it is a good technology habit to form and keep up on.

Stay up to date with your app’s updates, as you should know if you treat your phone and apps right, they will treat you right. Keep this in mind in the future when you are presented with problems with your apps and their functions as it can really make all the difference to the efficiency of the POS Cash App and it’s processes.

Fix 4 – Reinstall Cash App

One good practice to apply when encountering problems with an app is to reinstall it, this gives a helpful refreshment of the app’s services to your device.

So when you encounter a problem with your Cash App’s Instant Deposit feature you can give this fix a go. What you are going to want to do is go to your Cash App (don’t open it), go ahead and hold your finger on the app icon and this will trigger the edit mode on your phone, and above you should see a “uninstall” option.

Drag the Cash App to this option and your phone will display a question “are you sure you want to uninstall?” And you will confirm it with the “yes” option. This will uninstall Cash App from your device.

Now keep in mind your data and information are stored in the Cash App’s servers, so all of your data & information will still be saved when you reinstall the Cash App. Now, enter your Amazon Appstore or Google Play Store; find the Cash App, tap on it, and hit the “install” option.

This will reinstall the app and should restore your ability to utilize the Instant Deposit feature. Keep this fix in mind in the future as this can be very useful for issues brought on with POS (Point Of Sale) apps and really, all apps in general. So don’t underestimate the power of a good reinstall and give it a go, there is nothing to lose; there are only possible fixes to gain.

Fix 5 – Contact Cash App

When dealing with issues on apps and especially on POS (Point Of Sale) apps it is always good to contact the people running this app. Now, luckily this fix is simple as well and also hopefully helpful.

What are going to do is open your Cash App, then in the top right corner will be your account icon, go ahead and tap that this will bring the account options menu, and below you will an option reading “Support” love to that one and tap it.

This will open a separate menu with a search bar that you can utilize to see if there have been any similar reports of Instant Deposit not showing up.

However, you can also select the “Report a Payment Issue” this will take you to where you can pick which transaction this problem pertains to.

You should be provided the option to text a helpful bot that will assist you with the issue. If you do not want to go this route, you can easily get Cash App’s support number off Google by searching “Cash App’s support number”.

Hopefully, the good folks and automated system can be of assistance to your Instant Deposit issue. Also in this frustrating time do keep in mind that are indeed people working to make sure your Cash App works correctly so do try to practice some patience and kindness to those who try and help with these problems.

They sometimes can be the difference between trying to utilize the Cash App’s Instant Deposit feature and actually using the Cash App’s Instant Deposit feature.

5. How’s Your Internet Connection

Sometimes these app issues can be as simple as a internet connection problem, also at times it can be easy to count out your internet connection as a problem; being that in this technology-driven world, we can forget that the internet connection is in fact a factor when trying to complete an internet-powered app feature.

There is a number of ways your internet connection can encounter problems, it could be your modem or router is not working properly or a pesky animal has chewed away at a much-needed Ethernet cable; any way you

look at it, it is absolutely essential that your internet connection is not just connected properly but also that it is properly utilized.

Fix – Fix Your Internet Connection

As stated before it can be easy to count out an issue with your internet connection, however, it is absolutely essential in order to proceed with any online actions such as your Cash App’s Instant Deposit feature.

So when trying to complete this action be sure that your connection is indeed connected, this is easy as you can check if your phone is connected by going to your phone’s settings and then go to “Network & Internet” this is where you can switch your WiFi connection; if you are using a WiFi connection be sure that this switch is engaged in order to use.

If you are using your phone’s mobile Network, be sure that your data is in fact activated as this is also essential in order to do any online activities (if you are not connected to WiFi).

Also if you are using WiFi, it is good to check that router is indeed working properly also be sure that the internet cable (Ethernet cable) is connected to the appropriate plugs. If you have checked all of these possible problems it is possible that your internet provider could either be experiencing issues or you haven’t gotten around to paying that internet bill.

If you believe the issue lies in your router or modem, it is always good to try restarting your modem or router; you can do this by unplugging the power cable for ten seconds, then after plug it back in. The equipment will take a few minutes to reboot, however, this could be the answer to your connection issues.


In conclusion to this problem with Cash App’s Instant Deposit feature not working properly, remember that even though the app and the technology that runs it is certainly, almost definitely; not perfect also neither are you.

Be sure to review certain details such as making sure your card’s numbers are all correct, and be sure that all of the information provided to Cash App is indeed accurate and correct.

It truly can be easy to overlook these details as it is also easy to assume that the app and its servers are the root of the problem, so keep in mind that it could be something as small as an incorrect card number or incorrect billing information.

Also within this capacity, make sure that all of your connections check out such as internet connection. As stated before make sure that your Cash App is updated, that your Cash App cache is cleared and that if you are experiencing issues with the app it can be a viable option to contact Cash App support as they can prove to be most helpful with issues on their app’s features.

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