Can’t Share Post to Story on Instagram? Try These 15 Fixes

Can't Share Post to Story on Instagram

Users have reported some issues while attempting to share a post or story on Instagram, with some finding that they are unable to share posts or stories from certain accounts. This can be frustrating when trying to share an Instagram post or story with all of your followers, but luckily there are some solutions if you find that you are having this issue.

This detailed guide will break down many of the common reasons that you would not be able to share someone’s Instagram story or post and also some proven troubleshooting methods that could help you solve your problem.

Why Can’t I Share Posts To My Instagram?

There are several reasons that you could be experiencing difficulties when trying to share another user’s Instagram story. Some of the range from simple errors to more technical issues.

This is slightly different from being unable to upload stories on Instagram although the fixes would be similar. All of these will be covered in detail in the guide below:

1. They Have Not Allowed Resharing of Their Post

The most straightforward reason that you might be experiencing problems with sharing someone’s story or post on Instagram, is that they simply do not have their post or story permissions set to allow it to be shared.

Instagram gives users the option to limit the ways that others can engage with their posts. This ensures that people who use the Instagram application can tailor the app to their privacy and security standards.

If you find that you are having issues when trying to share someone’s Instagram story with yours, such as the post not being completed or receiving error notifications, it could be because the account you are trying to share from does not allow that type of engagement with their account content.

2. Their Account Is Private

Much like the restrictions, users can place on individual posts or stories, they can also set their entire profile to private, which limits posts’ visibility and interaction to only those who currently follow them. To follow a private account you will have to send a request and wait to be accepted.

If you have somehow managed to view a private accounts story, most commonly made possible through a mutual friend who has shared it, you will find that you are unable to share the video, due to the profile being set to private.

Instagram users who have their profiles set to private will automatically have their posts and stories restricted from being shared by people who do not currently follow them. This is to ensure the safety and security of all Instagram users on the application.

3. They Have Not Mentioned You

If you have been mentioned in an Instagram post or story, you will find that you are allowed to share the content in which you have been mentioned.

Instagram will associate your account with that post due to the mention function, which acts as a sort of tagging system for Instagram stories and posts.

You will be notified of any mentions that your account has received. Even if you do not currently follow the person whose story you are trying to share, as long as you have been mentioned in the story you will be able to share it with no issues.

If you have not been mentioned in a post, then the previous restrictions still apply. You will not be able to share that Instagram post or story unless you are mentioned or use some of the troubleshooting methods below to try and bypass these restrictions.

4. They Have Deleted The Post As You Were Viewing It

If you happen to have been viewing a post while it was in the process of being deleted, you will find that you are still able to access the story, as well as any share options that it allows.

In reality, the post does not exist on the Instagram app any longer, so attempting to share the story will not be successful. This is due to the lag between the application on your device and the actual status of the post.

Even if you currently follow the account you are attempting to share the story from, or if you have been mentioned, you will not be able to share a story that has been deleted from the Instagram app. Instagram has no way of retrieving the necessary data to copy to your shared post since it has been deleted.

5. You Are Attempting To Share An Add

Instagram uses ads to drive revenue for the company and match users up with potentially relevant products and services that might interest them. Depending on the types of accounts that you follow, you could be attempting to share an ad that has been posted to your story feed.

You will find that most of the ads encountered while viewing your story feed will not be shareable. This is due likely due to the particular stories permissions setting keeping it from being shared by other users.

All ads on Instagram have disclaimers identifying them as such. Be sure to check for any ad notification before attempting to share a story to your post on Instagram. If it turns out to be an ad, that is most likely the cause of any issues that you are having sharing it.

6. You Have No Internet

If you do not have a valid internet connection, then Instagram will be unable to share any type of content to your feed till you have restored the connection.

Even if you are currently able to view the story, which is most likely still possible due to the Instagram cache storing the information and allowing you to view it offline temporarily, you will still be unable to share it without a stable internet connection.

Instagram depends on a valid internet connection to function properly. Without one, you will find that any attempts to post or share stories to your feed will be unsuccessful. This includes the posts of users who you currently follow or stories in which you have been mentioned.

Always check that you have a stable internet connection before attempting to share stories on the Instagram app. If you find that you are currently experiencing an outage, then that is most likely the cause of your posting issues.

7. You Have Encountered A Bug Or Glitch

While most of the reasons for not being able to share a story are pretty straightforward, usually revolving around some sort of restriction on the post, there are some instances where you will not be allowed to share a post erroneously.

These types of errors, more commonly known as bugs or glitches, can occur without warning and are generally hard to duplicate exactly. They occur due to some type of internal error with Instagram and usually do not require any action from the user to resolve.

Luckily, story-sharing issues on the Instagram app due to bugs or glitches do not happen often and you will be able to share the story after simply giving the app some time to fix itself.

8. You Are Using A VPN

Using a VPN is a great way to increase your overall internet safety and security. A VPN masks your online identity to keep your activity and location from being tracked. Unfortunately, using a VPN with the Instagram application has been known to cause issues, including not being allowed to share another user’s story with your post.

Instagram depends on accurate verification of your identity to help keep your account safe. If they believe that your account is exhibiting suspicious activity due to the VPN, it could put your account at risk of being limited or banned.

Using a VPN with Instagram can confuse the app and cause you to not be allowed to share stories that you might have typically been allowed to otherwise. If you have recently started using a VPN with Instagram and started experiencing problems, it could be due to the VPN.

Cant Share Posts to Instagram Stories? Try These Fixes

Now that you know a little more about the common causes of Instagram stories not sharing correctly in your post, you can begin to examine some of the troubleshooting methods that have been proven to help work past this issue.

There are several different methods that you can attempt. The guide below will break down these troubleshooting methods so you can find the right one for your particular issue.

1. Tell Them To Allow Sharing of Story In Their Instagram Settings

If you know the person fairly well, you could simply ask them to edit their story permissions settings to allow the story to be shared. This is a simple solution that could save you some effort trying to get access to the story.

Users can access their stories’ permission settings by navigating to the Settings menu in the Instagram app. From there, tap into the Privacy tab. There, users can access their stories settings, including whether or not they can be posted or not.

This is a great troubleshooting method to consider if you are close enough to the poster of the original story that they would not mind changing their settings for you. It might be harder to get people you are less acquainted with to grant your request.

2. Download The Post And Upload It to Your Story

Another simple solution to not being able to share a story directly through Instagram is to download the story and upload it yourself. Doing so will bypass any permissions needed to directly share a story and simply attribute it to your account as original content.

Keep in mind that some stories and posts on Instagram can be set to have their download permissions restricted to certain accounts. If you are not able to download the story to your phone, this is most likely the case.

You should consider this troubleshooting method if you are viewing a downloadable story that you are unable to share. This method can give you quick access to the story by attributing it to your account as original content.

3. Ask Them To Send It To You

This method also depends on a level of familiarity to be of any use. You might be able to just ask someone to send you the Instagram story directly if you find that you cannot download or share it due to their permission settings.

Once it has been sent to you, you can upload it to your post or story without needing any additional permissions from other users. Instagram will consider the story’s original content and it will be treated as such.

This is a viable method for users trying to share an Instagram story that is not downloadable or shareable. If you do not know the original poster that well, this method might not be as successful.

4. Ask Them To Make Their Account Public

If you have an Instagram friend or follower with that you cannot share stories, then they might have their account set to private. Private accounts automatically have some of their post and story settings set to restrict certain activities.

Making their account public will give you access to new interactions with the content they post, such as sharing your post or story. Keep in mind that users with public accounts’ stories and posts become sharable by anyone unless edited in the settings.

This is a great option for someone who is trying to share stories and post on Instagram of someone they know fairly well. Asking them to make their accounts public will enable their post or stories to be shared. It could be hard to convince someone you do not know that well to change their profile status.

5. Screenshot Their Post And Share It To Your Story

If you wish to bypass any sharing permissions entirely, you could simply screenshot the story (don’t worry about them being notified of the screenshot) you want to share, and upload that to your own story. This gives you an original copy of the post so you can add it to your account like you would any picture or video.

Instagram, unlike Snapchat, does not notify users when their posts or stories have been screenshotted. They will however get a notification that their story has been viewed. Screenshotting is an easy way to gain access to your copies of posts and stories on Instagram.

This is a troubleshooting method to consider if you want to completely bypass any potential story-sharing restrictions that you might encounter on the Instagram application.

6. Turn Your Wi-Fi Off Then On

Internet connection problems are a common cause of many issues while using the Instagram app, including not being able to share posts and stories that you might have otherwise been able. Sometimes connection issues can occur even if you are currently not experiencing an internet outage.

If this is the case, turning your Wi-Fi off and then back on again can help clear up any unstable connection that Instagram might be attempting to use. This can help you regain the ability to share posts and stories correctly.

This is a great option to consider for someone who believes that they are having connection problems while using the Instagram app. If your Instagram app is slow, laggy, and unresponsive, it could be due to issues with the Wi-Fi connection.

7. Restart The Instagram App

Like any application, Instagram is subject to run-time errors that can cause errors in functionality. This includes not being able to share posts or stories correctly. If you find that you have just recently started experiencing issues, a quick restart could help end any potential problems the app might be experiencing.

Most problems users experience while using Instagram can be solved by simply restarting the app. A restart gives the Instagram application the chance to start fresh, with any potentially erroneous functions being terminated and restarted.

This is a great option for users who are experiencing a wide variety of different issues while using the Instagram app.

8. Turn Off VPN If Using One

As previously mentioned, Instagram is typically not compatible with the use of a VPN. While you will find that you can access the application using a VPN, it can sometimes cause issues with functionality, like posts and stories not being able to be shared.

If you are using a VPN with Instagram, shutting it down while using the app could help solve any problems you are having with restrictions. VPN use with the app can cause Instagram to confuse your account with a potentially suspicious one, so be cautious when using one.

This is a good option for someone to consider who is currently using Instagram with a VPN and experiencing errors when trying to share posts or stories.

9. Log Out And Then Back In

Sometimes bugs and glitches can cause your Instagram account to be restricted from some activity that you would have usually been able to do. This includes sharing posts or stories from another user.

If you find that you are no longer able to share posts or stories suddenly, simply logging out and back into your Instagram account could help resolve the issue. Sometimes errors can occur when communicating account permissions on the app. Logging out and back in will help encourage the resolution of those issues.

This is a great option for someone who has just recently started experiencing issues sharing posts or stories on Instagram.

10. Switch Accounts and Post It On Another Account

If you have an alternative Instagram account, you could try switching over and attempting to share the post or story there. This can help you determine whether your sharing issue is caused by your account permissions or an Instagram bug.

If you can share the post without issue from your alternative account, it could have just been a temporary error that you experienced that kept you from sharing a post or story. If the problem persists, it could be due to permission restrictions that the original poster has set in place.

This is a great troubleshooting method to consider if you have two Instagram accounts, especially if one of them is currently following the user you would like to share a story with.

11. Use

Instagram has a desktop version of the site for use with home PCs or in a mobile browser. This gives users the ability to access their accounts from outside of the Instagram app. If you are experiencing issues with your app, this can help you gain access to your account.

Using will not bypass any restrictions that are on the post or story that you are trying to share but it will allow you to access them if you believe that you are experiencing issues stemming from your Instagram app.

This is a great troubleshooting option to consider for users who believe that the application itself is causing the issue.

12. Clear Instagram Cache

Your Instagram cache stores data on your activity on the app to allow users to load into the Instagram app faster. Sometimes this collection of data, called a cache, can get filled with potentially corrupted file data. If that happens you can experience issues while using the app, like not being able to share posts or stories.

Clearing your cache will empty any potentially corrupted and erroneous data that could be causing your issues. It will start over empty and begin accumulating data once you reenter the application. You will not lose any of your account data such as pictures or videos you have uploaded or saved posts and stories.

This is a great option to consider if your Instagram app has not been functioning properly and a restart of the app did not fix the problem.

13. Wait For Instagram Servers To Go Back Up

Sometimes the Instagram servers could be experiencing issues that could cause a loss of functionality for the users. This includes a post or story sharing. You will have to just wait out the outage before you can regain access to the network features of the app.

Typically, the servers will only go down due to scheduled maintenance, though server overloads are possible and will cause users to not have access to their Instagram accounts.

14. Wait For Instagram To Come Out With A Fix

If Instagram has been made aware of an issue that is causing widespread errors for users, then they will begin to process of releasing a fix for the problem. If you find that there have been widespread reports of issues sharing stories and posts, it could be an issue that needs to be addressed by Instagram before being resolved.

In this case, all you can do is wait for Instagram to release a fix for the issue. Typically, any errors like these will be patched out in an update.

15. Update Instagram

Instagram depends on the most recent software version to function correctly. If you are using an outdated version of the Instagram application, then you could risk running into errors when trying to share posts or stories.

You can check for updates in the Instagram app settings menu. If you find that you have an update available you should install it as soon as possible to regain optimal functionality and have any patches applied to your application.

16. Reinstall Instagram

Like any application, Instagram is subject to having files associated with it corrupted or fragmented, causing loss of functionality and errors for the user. If your Instagram app is not working as intended, you might need to reinstall the application to remove any potentially corrupted files that could be causing it to not work correctly.

17. Report Problem To Instagram

If you find that you are having persistent issues with the Instagram application and none of the above troubleshooting methods have helped, you should contact Instagram Support and have them investigate further.

It can be frustrating dealing with technical support over the phone but be patient and Instagram will do what they can to help solve your problem.

You can report your issue in the Setting menu of the Instagram app. There you will find instructions on how to report your issue or get in touch with someone from their support team. They will walk you through any additional troubleshooting methods that you might have missed to solve your issue.

Final Thoughts

This guide has broken down many of the common reasons for Instagram users not being able to share posts or stories, as well as provided detailed troubleshooting methods to help solve your issue. With the knowledge provided here, you can now address any potential issues that you might have while using the Instagram app regarding sharing posts or stories.

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