Why Can’t I See When Someone is Active on Facebook

What Happens When You Turn Off Active Status on Facebook

Choosing to communicate through messenger gives yourself and the person you’re connecting to the option of having more privacy. How long does messenger show that a user has been active on the platform?

A user’s last active status if turned on will show underneath their last message inside the chat box for 24 hours after they last logged in. However, if this is a group chat or page instead of an individual profile the last active status will show for 72 hours after the person was last logged in.

Why Can’t I See When Someone is Active on Facebook?

There are more than a few reasons why you may not be able to see a person’s active status on your Facebook app. This article gives you an idea of why this might be happening and how you might be able to fix it.

1. They Have Turned Off Active Status

When a user has turned off the active status feature you will no longer be able to view their last seen status. The same applies for them being able to view your last active status. Having that turned off prevents either person from using that feature.

2. They Have Blocked You on Messenger

Facebook gives its users privacy settings so they have the option of choosing who and what the Facebook community can view on their page. You can choose to have your profile page public, which gives anyone who uses Facebook access to your personal page.

If they have access to your personal page then they can email you through the messenger app. However, if you are not able to see this person’s profile or send them any messages through the messenger app, it might be because they have blocked you from their individual profile.

A good but sneaky way to find this out is by having a friend look up the profile and attempt to view it from their account. If they have full or even partial access to the page, you have been blocked. You will not be able to unblock yourself, only the user who blocked you can undo this damage.

3. There’s a Glitch Preventing it From Showing

The Facebook database is enormous and serves on average about 2.94 billion active users a month. This means people all over the world are logging in, trolling Facebook posts, and reading and replying to messages all at the same time.

Sometimes all of this incoming data causes an overload and the system crashes. This is what users experience as glitches, like their active status not displaying the proper icon.

There are a couple other reasons why the facebook app may be experiencing technological glitches. Here’s a list of those reasons below.

4. Too Many New Posts at One Time

Have you noticed a certain friend you follow posting nonstop pictures and memes of anything and everything? That may just be what’s causing your app to act up. Posting overload fills up your app’s cached data, causing the app to malfunction.

You don’t have to unfriend this pesky poster but you can hit the unfollow button and stop suffering from their back-to-back posting. Snoozing for 30 days is another option for managing the friend who posts kittens on tricycles every 2 minutes.

You don’t have to worry about your friends finding out your secret because there is no way of knowing when you’ve been unfollowed.

1. Software issues- Facebook may not be causing all the glitches you’re experiencing, it could be the phone or tablet you’re running facebook on. Troubleshoot your phone or tablet to point out any problems and how to fix them. If your phone or tablet shows no issues then continue reading this list to rule out any other common glitches.

2. Not enough Storage in the app’s memory-Facebook keeps a cached database of all your friends, videos, pictures, posts, and messages to help make the app more user-friendly.

The cached data is what makes Facebook personable to you and what you like. However, too much-cached data and your app will experience interruptions with some of its functions.

3. Uninstall and Reinstall your app- Uninstalling and reinstalling your Facebook app will fix any glitches or crashes the app may be experiencing. Taking the app completely off your phone is another way of erasing and resetting facebook’s stored cached data.

To uninstall the app all you need to do is go to your phone’s settings and look for apps & notifications. Once there you’re going to tap Facebook. Finally tap uninstall.

After you have successfully uninstalled the app, you can go to your phone’s app store and search for Facebook. Once you find the app you simply tap download and log back in with your account information.

4. Update your App – Head over to your phone’s app store and search for Facebook, if an update is available you will see a button next to uninstall and force stop. Tap the update button, logging back into your account once it’s finished.

Check to see if you’re able to view a user’s active status using an updated version of the app. Sometimes all you need is a newer version of the platform you’re using to get rid of the nasty glitches wreaking havoc on your app.

Have you given these solutions a try, but you’re still not able to see when someone is active on facebook? Keep reading for a few more reasons why this could be happening and a guide on how to fix Facebook Messenger not showing last active.

5. They Haven’t Used Messenger For More Than a Week

When a Facebook user has been logged out of their individual page for more than 24 hours their last active status will disappear. This means that you won’t be able to see the last time that they were active on facebook, at least not until they log back in.

If this is a group page or a chat room you’re all in together, a user’s last active status will remain visible for 72 hours after their last login.

If you’re really concerned about when the person was last active on Facebook and hasn’t been blocked by the user, you can scroll through their comments, posts and other activity on Facebook.

This will give you an idea of when they were last active and let you know if this is the reason you can’t see the last active status on their profile.

6. You Have a Weak Internet Connection

In order for Facebook or messenger to function properly the device, you’re using has to be hooked up to a strong stable internet connection. The connection can be through a wifi router or through your cellular mobile data.

First you need to check your internet connection to make sure it’s working properly. Simply do this by signing into a web browser using another device that runs off the same wifi connection. If your connection is lost the best solution is to unplug and replug your router back into its electric supply.

Just powering it off isn’t enough to reset the router and get a stronger connection. Weak Wifi prevents Facebook from accessing its network, therefore, causing a system meltdown.

7. Facebook is Down

The first step you should take before going crazy uninstalling and unplugging everything is to check to see if facebook’s network itself is down.

Facebook is one of the world’s most used social media platforms but that doesn’t make its website immune to server and system issues that cause disruptions in its features.

Facebook Messenger Not Showing Last Active? Try These Fixes

Chances are if you’re reading this article you’re looking for a way to fix your last active status feature on Facebook.

Sometimes the glitches in the systems server causes system crashes and therefore the messenger app isn’t displaying the last active status in the messenger chat list or on a users profile.

This article will explain how to fix Facebook messenger when the last active status is not showing properly.

1. Message Them and If They Open The App It’ll Show

The first step in fixing a last active status that can’t be seen is by sending the person whose active status you want to see a message. If they open and read that message you should see their last active status at the bottom of the chat box.

The date and time the message was sent should be at the top of the message and the word seen should be underneath the message that was sent. If the person has not opened this message all you will see is a blue circle with a white checkmark inside.

2. Message Them To See If They’ve Blocked You

The same technique in the first step is used for the second step. You can find out if the user has blocked you individually by the message you receive after you send a message to this user.

If the person has blocked you and you attempt to send them a message the message will not go through and an error message saying “this person is no longer available on messenger” or “Facebook user” will pop up.

There is nothing that will without a doubt tell you a user has blocked their personal profile from your view, but there are other ways of logically coming to this conclusion.

3. Restart Messenger

You’re not blocked and you’ve tried sending a message but the last active status is still not showing up on messenger. Try using these steps to restart the messenger app.

1. Open the :”Settings” app on your phone or tablet

2. Tap on “System”

3. Tap “Reset Options”

4. Select your reset preference from the options listed under the tab

5. Confirm your choice by selecting “Reset Apps” when it appears on your screen

Resetting your messenger app is essentially clearing the cached data and freeing up space on the app. Giving your app a fresh clean start can be all it needs to have features that work properly.

4. Clear Cache

Step four is a lot like step three because it involves clearing the cached data that the app has stored up since you first started using it.

The cached data makes using the app easier because it remembers the ads you enjoy watching, the profiles you look at more, and even the comments you post. When you clear the cache and free up all that space the app tends to run a lot more smoothly

5. Fix Your Internet Connection

Checking and fixing your internet connection is the next stop on this checklist. If you are using a home internet router the first step is to simply turn it off and back on again.

If that was not a strong enough reset to fix the connection your next step is to unplug your wifi router for no less than 60 seconds Plug it back in and see if the connection is back where it should be.

The Facebook messenger app can not run without a strong internet connection, this issue seems to get overlooked sometimes and it has an easy fix.

6. Wait For Facebook’s Server to Resolve

The next logical step in fixing your last active status issues is just waiting for Facebook to resolve its server on its own.

Sometimes the server gets overloaded and crashes for reasons like too many users attempting to log in and use the app at the same time.

Facebook is popular and widely used but it’s run by an internet server just like all the others and at times the system will crash.

7. Wait For Their Active Status to Start Showing

Next on this guide to fixing your last active status on messenger is to simply just wait for the other user’s last active status to be visible again.

It could be a glitch in their phone or tablet, or they simply decided they want to be invisible. Either way, if you have gone through this list and had no luck with getting a user’s last active status to show on messenger chances are it’s them, not you.

How to See Last Active on Facebook Messenger

Curious how you see when a person was last active on their individual page or messenger. This article will tell you just how to do that in a few easy steps. As we discussed earlier both users have to have the active status feature of their app turned on in the settings.

If either party has the feature turned off they will not be able to see the last active status, this only applies to the platform where the feature is turned off.

The first way to check a user’s last active status is by opening up the Facebook app and looking for the “chats” box which should be located at the bottom of the page on a user’s profile.

The last active status will show the time and date a user was last active as well as the most recent chats the person has made. This will only be visible for 24 hours after their last login if you’re looking at the individual profile of a user.

If you’re looking to see the last active status on the messenger app you can do it one of two ways.

The first way is by opening a chat box with the person whose status you want to see.

The day and time of when they were last active should be displayed next to their name and profile picture at the top of the chat box.

How to Tell if Someone Has Turned Their Active Status Off on Messenger

Having trouble seeing a friend, family member, or connection last active status? Read on to find out how you can tell if someone has turned off their Facebook messenger active status.

1. You’re Chatting to Them and its Not Showing

If you’re currently messaging back and forth with a friend, family member, or connection and they do not have a last active status displayed underneath every message, most likely they have turned that feature off.

2. Ask Them if They Have Turned it Off

The easiest way to find out if a friend or connection has turned off their last active status is by simply shooting a message and asking them. It’s never quicker or more accurate than when you ask a direct question in search of your answer.

3. Ask Someone Else if They Can See the Person’s Active Status

The only way quicker than asking the person whose active status you’re curious about is asking someone you know they know instead.

If you have executed all of your options and know it’s not your device keeping this person’s active status in the dark, then what do you have to lose? Do some investigating and find the answers you’re looking for!

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