Viewing the stories of friends, family, and followers is a part of Instagram, it’s one of its gimmicks, but occasionally, you may not be able to view someone’s Instagram story. But what could possibly be the reason? The reasons for the problem could range from a flump in the system or, the most likely culprit, the story is hidden from you. The worst case scenario, however, is that you could have been blocked.

It’s hard to imagine someone hiding a story from you or taking the time to block you on Instagram. You may have offended someone in some way and haven’t realized it yet. You may feel like you should right the wrong and pain you caused. If they wanted you to apologize, they would have given you the chance instead of hiding you from their stories or outright blocking you. In other words, if you were hidden or blocked, refrain from confronting them. Respect their choice and wishes and move on. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t, at least, follow the hints.

You should start off by checking if Instagram is simply acting up. And that’s okay. With all the coding apps have and all the processes that are running in the background, there’s bound to be a problem–a flump–at some point. The first thing you should do is completely shut down Instagram. If you’re on a mobile device, close it down with the App Manager. But that may not be enough.

Force Stop the Instagram App


One button on your device may present you with a list of apps currently running in the background. By swiping them away, you shut them down. Shutting down an app with App Manager may not shut down the processes that could be causing the issue. What you need to do is force it to cease all processes. Here’s how you do it with Android devices:

1. Locate and launch the Settings app. Its icon is a gear. You can the Settings app somewhere on one of your home screens or inside your App Drawer, where all currently installed apps are housed.

You can launch the Settings app from your Quick Settings Menu, too. To find it, open your notification shade. Tap your taskbar or tap and swipe down to open it. Once the notification shade is open, swipe down again to reveal your Quick Settings Menu. You’ll find the Settings app their as a gear icon.

2. In Settings, head down to Apps or Applications and select it. It varies between manufacturers.

3. In Apps, locate Instagram. When you’ve found it, go ahead and select it.

4. In App Info, tap FORCE STOP. It’s at the top of the page. Afterwards, fire up the Instagram app to see if anything changed.


When it comes to forcing an app to stop, iOS doesn’t have an alternative like Android has. Instead, iOS will force stop an app like normally. In other words, tap the button that opens your currently running apps and swipe them away.

Their Instagram Story Was Deleted

Instagram stories come and go. And, occasionally, you may have posted an Instagram story and immediately deleted it for reasons only you are aware of, maybe there were mistakes. If someone on the other end tried to view your Instagram story, they wouldn’t be able to see it. You could be experiencing the same problem; their story was deleted and you just so happen to be there in the exact moment it was deleted.

You are Blocked or it’s Hidden

With the use of privacy settings, someone could hide their Instagram story from any number of followers, friends or family. Just because they’re a part of your group, doesn’t mean they get full access to your profile information and stories. One Instagram story may be sensitive to a number of followers, so one could choose to hide it from them in an attempt to shield them from the content.

The worst case scenario in this case is, of course, you are blocked. You can find out if you’re blocked by someone if you can’t search their name on Instagram.

Bottom Line

It’s important you refrain from causing problems. If you’re worried it’s a problem with Instagram, you could ask a mutual friend to find out for sure. And, if it is worst case scenario, then it’s time to move on. There are plenty of other friends to make on Instagram.