If you’ve changed your email accounts password using a browser and you’ve gone into the mail account settings or the mail app to update the password of the email account, then yo should have discovered that there’s no option to update it.

In the email accounts Settings on your iPhone or iPad, there are no settings to change the password of the email even though you’ve already updated it. Instead, there’s just a field for your name and email but no password.

Why There’s no Email Field to Change your Password

When you go into your Mail account settings, there’s no option to change your password because Apple can’t allow you to change your password inside its settings, you can only manage your password on your email providers website.

Apple uses your email providers server to send information back and forth about your email account. This means that your information syncs between your device and the mail account without any issue.

1. Re-enter Password

The first thing that you want to do is to re-enter your password in the mail account settings. If you’ve change your password in a browser, for example, gmail.com, then you’ll need to enter this password in your email account settings.

reenter password

To re-enter your password, Go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts > tap the email account that you’ve changed the password for > tap Re-enter Password. From here, you’ll need to enter the password that you changed it to. Remember that you’re not meant to enter something entirely new here, you can only update it to the password you’ve changed it to.

2. Restart your Device

If your email password still won’t update, you can restart your device to see if this solves the issue. When you force restart your device, it restarts the operating system and this can resolve any issue within your device that’s stopping you from updating your password.

To restart your device, you can press and hold the power button and swipe right to turn it off. From here, you’ll need to wait for a few seconds before you can turn it back on again.

For new models, you’ll need to hold the sleep/wake button and the volume button > swipe right to turn off and wait for a few minutes before you can turn it on again. From here, you can check if you can update your emails password.

3. Force Restart

If you restarted your device but this didn’t work, there may be a bug within the operating system. The next thing to do is to force restart your device. When you force restart your device, the system is refreshed and any bugs found are troubleshot and fixed. So if there’s bug within your device, then force restarting it might fix the problem.

If you have an iPhone 7 or above:

1. Hold the sleep/wake key and the volume down key.

2. Wait for the Apple logo to appear

If you have an iPhone X or 8:

1. Quickly press the release the volume up button.

2. Quickly press the release the volume down button.

3. Press and hold the Power button until you see the Apple logo.

To force restart your iPad:

1. Hold down the Home button and the power button.

2. Keep both buttons held until the Apple logo appears.

3. Let go of the buttons. From here, you can check if you’re able to update your password for your email.

What To Do After Changing Email Password

After you’ve changed your email using the emails website, you’ll need to open the Mail app and at the bottom, you should see a message saying that there’s an account error and the email accounts password you’ve just changed should be there. Tap on the Details button next to the email.

You should get a pop up telling you to enter the password for the email account in settings. On the pop-up, click Settings and you should be taken to the Mail account settings. Re-enter the password of the email account that you changed in the browser.

4. Delete your Account

In Settings, you have an option to delete the mail account from your device. If you didn’t receive the pop up after you’ve changed your message, you can delete your account and add it again.

Delete from my iPhone

Go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts > select the account that you changed the password for > Delete Account > Delete from My iPhone or iPad.

To add the account, Go to Settings > Accounts & Passwords > Add Account > Enter the email account and the new password that you just changed.