Why Can’t I Add People on Snapchat

Why Can’t I Add People on Snapchat

Although connecting with people is an intricate part of Snapchat, what if you run into an issue with adding a friend.

Don’t shed a tear, and don’t worry. There are some ways to resolve this problem. Some users of Snapchat jump to conclusions and throw their phones out of the window.

But before you toss your device to the birds, let’s check out a few tips to resolve this issue. And don’t fret. These tips are quick and easy to maneuver. Let’s dive in!

Why Can’t I Add People on Snapchat

1. They’ve Blocked You

Although Snapchat is a fun and exciting application where you’re able to add and connect with new people, sometimes, the issue is that you aren’t able to add a particular person because you are blocked.

When you’re dying to connect with someone, no one that you are blocked puts a damper on your boot. However, there are ways around us for you to become “unblocked”.

Fix – Use Another One of Your Accounts to Add Them

If you have an alternate account, the best thing to do is to use that alternate account to add the friend to your friends list.

For consumers who only have one account and are wondering if they can have two Snapchat accounts, the answer would be yes. You can have two Snapchat accounts.

For Snapchat users who have only one account and are looking to create a second one, you must first log out of your existing account.

This is critical because there isn’t a feature for you to create a Snapchat account if you’re already logged in. 

Once you’re on Snapchat, tap on your profile picture on the top navigation bar. This will open your profile information.

Then, tap on Settings located in the top right of your screen. Once your Settings are open, you will see multiple headers that are highlighted in green, including my Account, Additional Services, Who Can, etc.

Scroll down the page until you find the Account Action header. On the account actions header, please scroll to the bottom of it until you see the logout option. Tap logout to sign out of Snapchat.

Now, it’s time to create an alternate account. To add an alternate account, you must:

1. First, you need to log out of your existing Snapchat account.

2. Then, you can add a second Snapchat account by tapping Sign Up.

3. After you’ve tapped on Sign Up, follow the on-screen instructions to sign up for another account.

4. Your second account will then be displayed on the login screen of Snapchat. 

5. Initially, there will only be 1 Snapchat account displayed on the login screen.

6. now that you’ve created a second Snapchat account, it will appear on the login screen next to your main account.

7. You can log into it by tapping on its profile picture or tapping on the login button. 

8. Remember, if you want to log into another account on Snapchat, you need to log out of your existing one first.

Once the new account is created, try adding the recipient to your new account. 

2. They’ve Deleted Their Account

Before going through the hassle of adding a recipient to an alternate Snapchat account, you may want to consider something else for why you are not able to add someone on Snapchat. Has it ever occurred to you that the individual may have deleted their account?

Fix – Ask For Their New Snapchat

If they have deleted their current account, the best thing to do is to reach out to them to request new information for their new account so that you can add them. If this is someone that you are on good terms with, then requesting their new information would be no problem.

And if you don’t have access to their phone number to send a text message to request their Snapchat information, send him a message on one of their other social media platforms if they have other alternatives. 

Asking for their Snapchat account username is an alternative that makes it seem less “creepy”. This is considered to be a safe option, especially if you are unaware of why the recipient had deleted their account.

There are many instances that could contribute to why someone would delete their Snapchat account. Mostly, the reasons will be personal. Sometimes, there could be a security issue for why they have deleted their account.

So whenever you are in doubt and want to get their new Snapchat account information to add them as a friend, it would be best to reach out to them personally to request that information.

3. There’s A Bug

I know many people are thinking, “Omg, there’s that bug word again.” Although it is agitated, it is something to take into consideration of why you’re not able to add anyone on Snapchat. There may be something internal going on with the app. So, it’s worth taking a look into.

Bugs tend to happen when it’s least expected. You could be having a great day surfing the web and adding multiple friends on your Snapchat. Until when you attempt to add a particular friend and you run into an issue or arrow with adding that friend to your friends list. 

Although bugs can be sneaky and nasty, there’s always a way to kick them out of your life for good. There are a few quick fixes and resolutions to resolve these buggy situations. Let’s check out a few of them right now! 

Fix – Log Out Then Back In

One way to resolve this issue it’s to log out of your Snapchat app and log back in.

To log out on your device, you must: 

1. Launch the Snapchat app on your Android or iOS device.

2. Once the homepage opens, look for your Snapchat profile icon on the top left corner. -Tap on it to navigate to the profile page.

3. Under the profile tab, check for the Settings located in the top right corner. Select settings for more options.

4. In the Settings, you can find various options to make changes to your Snapchat profile, such as Username, Date of Birth, Phone Number, etc.

5. Scroll down to locate Account Action. From here, you can see Log Out at the bottom of the options.

6. Tap on the Log Out tab to log out of the Snapchat account on your device.

To log out on a PC, you must:

1. Open a dependable web browser, and in the search bar, type in accounts.snapchat.com.

2. Next, go to Show More Options.

3. Finally, click on the Log Out tab. 

Once you are logged out of your account, sign back in with your Snapchat credentials. Once you’re signed back in, attempt to add the recipient once more. 

Fix 2 – Update Snapchat to Get Rid Of Bugs

Updates are always a critical part of an app’s functionality. Sometimes, it is essential to consider that your application needs to be updated in order to perform correctly.

If you are using an Android device, to update your Snapchat app, you must:

1. Google Play Store on your device.

2. Once the Play Store is open, tap the profile icon in the top right corner.

3. Tap on Manage Apps and Device.

4. Tap updates available.

5. If there is an update available for Snapchat, the update button will appear next to it. 

6. Tap on the update button to update the app. 

For consumers that are using an iOS device, to update your Snapchat, you must: 

1. Open the app store.

2. Tap on your account icon in the top right corner.

3. If you have any available updates, the updates will appear underneath the Personalized Recommendations button and above the list of recently updated apps.

4. Find Snapchat, tap the update button next to the app name if an update is available to install.

Once the update is finalized for your Snapchat app on your Android or iOS device, relaunch the application again. Once Snapchat is launched, attempt to add the recipient again. 

Fix 3 – Clear Your Cache to Get Rid of Snapchat Bugs

Having severe cache backup can cause the functionality of your app to slow down. Also, this could be the cause for a while you are not able to add anyone on Snapchat. So, you may want to consider clearing your cache storage. 

To clear your Snapchat cache on your Android device, you must:

1. Launch the Snapchat app.

2. Tap on your bitmoji in the upper left to access your profile.

3. Press on the cog wheel in the upper right to access settings.

4. Look for Clear Cache under Account Actions, then tap on it.

5. Tap continue on your Android device to clear the cache for Snapchat. 

For users that are using an iPhone or iOS device, to clear your Snapchat cache, you must:

1. Open the Snapchat app on your device.

2. Next, tap on the gear icon and the profile screen to open the Settings page.

3. On the Snapchat settings screen, swipe down and tap on the clear cache option.

After your cache is cleared on your Android or iOS device, relaunch the application. 

After you are signed back into Snapchat with your credentials, attempt to add the recipient. 

If you are able to add the recipient, the issue is resolved. If you are still experiencing issues with adding friends, you may want to resort to the following method of resolution.

Fix 4 – Uninstall and Reinstall the App

This next alternative may appear time-consuming. Although this process may take a little bit of time, it would be worth a shot. And that method is to uninstall and reinstall Snapchat again.

To uninstall Snapchat on your Android device, you must:

1. Open the Google Play Store on your device.

2. In the search bar, type in Snapchat.

3. Once Snapchat has appeared in the Google Play Store, you will see an option to uninstall it. -Tap the option to uninstall the app.

For consumers that are using an iOS device, to uninstall Snapchat, you must:

1. Open Snapchat on your iPhone.

2. Tap your profile icon in the top left corner.

3. Now, choose the gear icon in the top right.

4. Swipe down to the bottom and tap delete account.

5. Finally, follow the prompts to finish deleting Snapchat.

6. The following steps that will appear will allow you to uninstall Snapchat from your device.

After successfully uninstalling Snapchat, navigate back to your Google Play Store for Android users or app store for iOS users, and reinstall Snapchat to your device.

After Snapchat has been reinstalled and you are logged in with your credentials, attempt to add the recipient to your friends list.

Fix 5 – Contact Snapchat Support

After all troubleshooting methods have been tested and tried, and there is still no light at the end of the tunnel with adding a new friend, your next option would be to contact Snapchat support directly for further resolution.

To contact Snapchat support, log in to your Snapchat account and navigate to your settings to find the Snapchat support window. Once you are on the Snapchat support window, click on the contact us option.

From here, you will be able to type in your issue in the search bar to be redirected to resourceful articles to resolve the issue. 

To contact support via your Snapchat app,

you must:

1. Open your Snapchat app.

2. Tap on the gear icon to open your settings.

3. Scroll down until you see the “I Need Help” section. 

4. From there, click the Said option, and you’ll be taken to a new screen.

If you have an older version, you need to look for the More Options section and tap Support. 

From here, you can reach out to Snapchat support for further inquiry on the issue you are experiencing.

Fix 6 – Wait For Them To Come Out With A Fix

Typically, when there is an ongoing issue with the app’s functionality, the developers would send out a notification via email stating that the issue is being resolved and they are working to fix it as soon as possible.

Following this hypothetical statement, the developers will most likely send a list of troubleshooting methods to adhere to. The steps that are sent from the developer to resolve the issue are steps that should be followed accordingly.

So, if you get an email notification from Snapchat developers stating that the issue is being resolved and to try troubleshooting methods to fix the issue on your own, it would be best to follow through with that email.

4. Snapchat Is Down

Fix – Wait For Snapchat To Go Back Up

Many tech-savvy individuals want to scream into the rafters if they discover that the Snapchat server is down. Just like Facebook and other applications, Snapchat runs off of a consistently running server.

There is never a set time frame for which a server would be down for. So, the best thing to do is to wait for the system to come back up.

Sometimes, if the issue occurs consistently for multiple users since there are millions to billions of users of this application, Snapchat developers would send an email or notification stating that they are working hard to resolve the issue. So this is all a matter of time and patience. 

5. Poor Internet Connection

When this type of issue comes up, sometimes, many tech-savvy individuals forget to consider the probability of why the issue is taking place. The most common issue may be your internet connection.

If you live in a rural area, your internet connection may be weaker. If you live in a home where there is a constant flow of an Internet signal and there are multiple devices connected to that signal, this may also be an issue.

When there is an internet connection available, sometimes, these signals only allow a certain number of devices to be connected. So, you may want to try disconnecting one of the devices linked to the signal or disconnect your device from the signal and use a different internet connection.

As it was stated, there are many possibilities that could contribute to this problem. Although with many possibilities, there are many resolutions to fix this issue right away.

Fix – Turn Your WI-FI Off Then On

If you are having an issue, such as not being able to add friends on Snapchat, you may want to check your internet signal and its connection. If you are using a Wi-Fi connection, make sure that your Wi-Fi button is highlighted and turned on.

For Android users, you can check this by scrolling your finger from the top of the screen to the bottom until a row of options appears. On that route, you will see a button for your data, flashlight, rotation, and Wi-Fi.

For iOS consumers, from your home screen, go to settings and tap Wi-Fi. If your Wi-Fi is turned on, tap it to toggle the Wi-Fi off. Once the Wi-Fi is off, toggle to switch the Wi-Fi signal back on.

If you notice that nothing has changed, you may want to try resetting your modem.

If you are using a data connection, you may want to consider switching to a Wi-Fi connection instead. If there is an issue with your Wi-Fi connection, it’s highly recommended to reach out to your internet provider for further resolution.

Fix 2 – Switch from WI-FI to Data

If you are using a Wi-Fi connection and you notice your Wi-Fi signal is the issue, you may want to switch your Wi-Fi connection off and use your data instead.

To use your data on your Android device, drag your finger from the top of your screen to the bottom. Next, you will see your Wi-Fi connection highlighted. If the signal is highlighted, tap it to switch the Wi-Fi signal off and turn on your data connection.

After your data is on, log back into your Snapchat account, and attempt to add the recipient again. And if you are able to add the friend to your friends list after the reset, you now realize that the issue was your Wi-Fi connection.

If there are further issues with your data connection, you may want to reach out to your cellular provider for the inquiry.

Fix 3 – Turn Off VPN

Many tech-savvy individuals would prefer using a VPN. For a VPN to be a private network, this may be the cause for why you are not able to add friends on Snapchat.

The quick fix for this scenario is to disconnect from your VPN.

Once you disconnect from the VPN, log back into your Snapchat account to see if you are able to add the friend that you are attempting to request.

If you are someone who uses a VPN regularly and you notice an issue with your VPN connection, it would be best to contact an internet technician or someone with knowledge on how to resolve VPN connection issues.


When it comes to adding new friends on Snapchat, you want to have a smooth process when doing so. While connecting with your current friends, you may come across others that will make a great addition to your roster of entertainment. But let’s say that you attempt to add those friends, and you encounter an issue or error when adding them.

This is a common issue with extremely popular applications with great features, such as Snapchat. Sometimes, the quick fix would be to uninstall and reinstall the app, clear your cache storage, contact support for further assistance, and if there is nothing further that can be done, the server may be down. If the server is down, it’s best to let the storm pass over until everything is back to normal.

The alternatives listed in this article are helpful tips to put your mind at rest when you’re having fit because you can’t add a specific friend on Snapchat. Wherever there is an issue, there is always a resolution.

If you find yourself stuck and not able to add a new addition to your friends list, remember these tips and tricks, and you will be able to welcome the addition to your Snapchat family in no time.

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