The market of cable TV is in a decline and more people are starting to use streaming services or the pick and choose kind of plans that are available now. This saves them from paying money for content that they don’t watch or aren’t interested in at all. One of the channels that charges for content on top of your cable bill is CBS All Access and they make some content only available to the premium subscribers.

That means that is competes with other streaming services like Netflix, HBO, and Hulu. Some of the shows that are offered to the premium subscribers include Blue Bloods, Big Brother, CSI, and also includes some sporting events as well. Some of the shows included on CBS All Access are also available in other places, but not all of them. that means that if you are a fan of CBS shows you have to subscribe to get access to all of the content you want.

You actually get quite a bit for what you pay for when you are using CBS All Access. There are two versions of the service. One is $5.99 and has ads during the shows and the other is $9.99 and is ad free. They have a free week trial available for All Access as well to try it out before you buy. You can watch CBS All Access on most streaming devices including Xbox One and Chromecast.

If you have the CBS All Access subscription but you don’t seem to be using it enough to justify paying every month for it, or you feel like you have watched everything you want to watch from the service, then you can cancel your subscription.

You can restart your subscription again later if you want when a new show comes out or you have more time to watch content. The good news is that there is no contract requiring you to pay for a certain amount of time like cable services so there won’t be a fee for canceling the service.

Canceling Your CBS All Access Subscription

The process of canceling your subscription will differ depending on how you signed up for the service. If you have your subscription directly through CBS All Access then you will be able to change renew or cancel your subscription through the CBS website.

1. Log into your CBS All Access Account

2. On your My Account page find the Cancel My Subscription button

3. Click the button and then confirm your choice when asked

4. You will then be asked again to confirm your choice on the cancellation terms page that comes up

5. Tell CBS why you are canceling and then confirm again

6. Since you pay in advance for the service you don’t have to wait for a renewal date because you will still have access to the content for the whole time you have already paid for

Once you have run out of time in the service you will have to renew to be able to gain access to the content again.

Canceling Your CBS All Access Subscription Through iTunes

If you bought your subscription to CBS All Access through your iTunes, then you have to go through iTunes to manage it. Paying for subscriptions through iTunes is a good way to limit your exposure online, but you do have to manage them all through iTunes if you pay through it instead of directly to the company.

On Mac

1. Log into iTunes by entering your Apple ID

2. Click on Account and then View My Account

3. Enter your password and then select View Account

4. Click on Settings and then Manage which is next to Subscriptions

5. Now, choose CBS All Access

6. Then, click Cancel Subscription

On iPhone or iPad

1. Select the Settings and then go to the iTunes & App Store

2. Sign in using the Apple ID you have

3. Choose Subscriptions and then CBS All Access

4. Now, you can choose to Cancel Subscription

You will still have access to the content until the time you paid for runs out, just like if you bought it directly through CBS. And you will need to renew your subscription if you want to gain access to the content again after your time runs out.

Canceling Your CBS All Access Subscription Through Roku

If you are an avid Roku user, you probably set up your CBS All Access through the Roku website or in the Roku Channel Store. Just like above, if this is the case then you will have to cancel the service through the same place you got it from.

1. Go to the channel store on your Roku device

2. Choose CBS All Access from the channel list shown and then choose Manage Subscription

3. Then, select Cancel Subscription

4. You can also do this through the Roku website if you don’t want to do it on your Roku device.

CBS All Access is great if you want to use it during Football or Basketball season and then cancel it in the offseason.

Canceling Your CBS All Access Subscription on the Phone

Not everybody likes to talk to customer care reps on the phone which makes total sense. If all else fails though, you can still call and cancel your subscription over the phone. The number you need to call to do this is 1-888-274-5343. There have been reports of long wait times on the phone to talk to a rep and this might not even work if you didn’t buy your subscription straight from CBS either.

How to Keep Your CBS All Access at No Cost

If you are deciding to cancel your subscription due to the cost of it, you may want to look into how to keep the service for free. If you pay for one of many other services, you may have free access to CBS All Access anyway. Here is a list of different companies that may foot the bill for your CBS All Access subscription for you.

  • Dish
  • Frontier Communications
  • Hulu
  • Optimum
  • Spectrum
  • Verizon
  • Mediacom
  • PlayStation Vue
  • Suddenlink
  • YouTube TV
  • TDS
  • Service Electric Cablevision
  • Fubo
  • BendBroadBand

If you have any of these services then cancel your subscription that you are paying for and then do the following.

1. Sign into your CBS All Access account

2. Choose the Link Your Provider page

3. Enter your provider info

4. You should now be able to access live content from CBS All Access for free.

Keep in mind that you will not get access to streamed content.