Can You Use WhatsApp For Dating?

Can You Use WhatsApp For Dating?

Can You Use WhatsApp For Dating?

Because it is free to use and accessible to everyone, you could, potentially, use WhatsApp for dating. To add other people so that you can message them on the app, you will only need their phone number.

Then, you can speak with them whenever you want and exchange text messages as well as arrange to meet.

It would not be any different than using the texting feature already on your phone for dating purposes, but remember that you would be limited to only your contacts.

It is not a platform that allows you to meet new people; rather, it is a platform to continue a conversation with someone that you have met either online or out in the real world.

Either way, yes, you can use WhatsApp for dating, but you will need to keep a few things in mind:

How to Use WhatsApp For Dating

Online dating can result in an awesome relationship, but it can also be exhausting.

Users have to make sure their profile is good enough to find matches but not so perfect that people are intimidated and that the match they found is actually a real person and not a catfishing scheme, all while maintaining communication with a stranger.

Not to mention, some online dating platforms are free to use, but will require some money from you before you can really take advantage of everything you have to offer.

For this reason, numerous people are turning to Facebook’s WhatsApp for online dating. To start, WhatsApp is free to use, while some other online dating options require you to pay for extra features or require a subscription to use them at all.

If you have matched with someone on a dating platform, moving the conversation over to WhatsApp is a way to get to know them better through texting, without having to access the dating platform and having to sift through the potential matches.

It is easy to use and works across multiple different devices, including computers, so someone can chat with you even when they are unable to be on their phone and only have access to a computer.

To use WhatsApp for dating, you will first have to install the messaging platform on your phone. To do this, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Open your phone and go to either the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

Step 2: Locate the search bar and type in “WhatsApp”. The first result yielded should be the correct app.

Step 3: Select “Install” and then “Accept” to download the app.

Step 4: Once installed, open WhatsApp.

Step 5: Agree to the Terms of Service.

Step 6: Enter and verify your phone number. Select your country, enter in your phone number, and then press “Next”. You will be asked to confirm your number is correct. After you have done this, you will receive a text message with a 6 digit code. Input the code and press “Next”.

Step 7: Enter the name that you would like associated with your phone number. You also have the option to add a picture, which can be taken from your phone or uploaded from your phone’s gallery, though adding a picture is not required to have an account.

Step 8: Now that you have an account, you will need to start inviting contacts so that you can message them through WhatsApp.

Keep in mind that if you want to use WhatsApp for dating purposes, you will need the other person’s phone number to invite them as a contact or connect with them as a contact if they already have WhatsApp installed.

Is WhatsApp Used For Dating?

WhatsApp is not a dating platform; it is a messaging platform. Its intended use is not for dating purposes, though there are ways to use its features for dating purposes. Those users that do use WhatsApp for dating purposes typically use it as a way to continue their conversation with someone that they met on an online dating website.

Some users choose to use WhatsApp exclusively for the purpose of communicating with the people that they meet online. By using WhatsApp instead of their phone’s texting service, they are able to keep all of the communication with potential dates out of their phone’s messaging inbox.

Keep in mind that if you share your WhatsApp information with someone that you met on a dating app or website, you will have to give them your phone number.

Depending on your comfort level, you may choose to save WhatsApp for someone that you think you have a real connection with. It is a smart online security move to not exchange personal information, including the ability for someone to message you, with just anyone.

Once they are able to message you through a program like WhatsApp and you have moved to conversation off of the dating platform, you are no longer protected by any of the security features the dating app provides.

Is WhatsApp a Dating App?

No, WhatsApp is not a dating app. As mentioned earlier, it is designed as a messaging platform, which allows you to send messages back and forth with another user. There is not an option to meet new people on the app, nor is there a profile or any of the typical features that would be found on a dating app.

Dating apps will ask for your information when you create an account, but will not share that information with other users. This means that, even if you do match with someone, they will not be given your phone number or your email address on the dating platform.

They will have the ability to communicate with you, and you with them. They can send you messages through the dating app’s interface, but they will not be provided with any personal information other than the typical first name, age, and relative location found on most online dating profiles. Any other information will have to come from you.

Does WhatsApp Have a Dating Site?

WhatsApp does not have its own dating site. WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and was designed to be used as a messaging platform.

This does not mean that WhatsApp will not ever have a dating site attached to it; after all, Facebook has now introduced its own dating site through their platform, so this feature could eventually happen.

As of now, though, WhatsApp is just for messaging other people. Because you have to invite contacts and provide your phone number to use the features, there are currently significantly less security features in place for WhatsApp than typical dating sites, meaning that there would need to be some changes made to the platform and interface before a dating site could be established.

Why Do Guys Want to Use WhatsApp (After Talking on A Dating App)?

One of the benefits of using WhatsApp is that you know that you talking to an actual person, or at least have a better chance of speaking with someone real through WhatsApp than you would if you were only communicating through the dating app.

The thing about online dating platforms is that many people use them to catfish others, and there are countless fake profiles in existence designed to scam people out of their money or personal information.

This does not mean that WhatsApp is a safe alternative to messaging a potential date, it just provides you with the chance to verify that there is an actual person on the other end of the conversation.

Whether or not they look like their profile picture or were truthful on their online dating profile is a completely different issue.

They Want to Scam You

In today’s world, meeting new people can be a challenge, especially if you have the same routine every day. That’s why people turn to online dating in the first place, and these platforms have become a common locations for scammers to try and take advantage of you by accessing your information.

Sometimes an online dating match will want to take the conversation off of the dating platform and onto WhatsApp because they have the intention of scamming you.

Though WhatsApp claims that they are a safe and secure format to host all of your conversations, the dating apps and sites will sometimes block the ability to send certain things, so scammers have to find a different way to be able to access your financial or personal information.

This could be a potential reason that someone you met on an online dating setting is wanting to move the conversation to a different platform, like WhatsApp. Understand that it does not automatically mean they are trying to scam you, but it could be a possibility.

A common scam that has been occurring is that after matching on a dating platform, the match will ask you to start talking through another method like WhatsApp.

They will move the conversation to WhatsApp and continue to build your trust through communication, often offering flattering comments and asking you deep, thought-provoking questions that make you feel that you are really establishing a connection with them.

The idea of love is universal, and everyone wants to feel like they are being heard or seen by a potential romantic partner.

Eventually, after they have increased your trust in them, they will say that they know someone (typically a family member or close friend) who is involved in cryptocurrency or some other type of potentially financial benefiting situation and invite you to invest.

They might even give you details and screenshots to try to prove that it is not a scam. Obviously, this is the part where you stop all communication and block them immediately.

Regardless of how much you think you might like someone, any type of financial situation has no place in a messaging platform or on a dating app.

If you make the mistake of investing, it is likely that you will be unable to get your money back, and you will also likely find that the person you have been communicating with disappears from WhatsApp.

Scammers often choose to use mediums like WhatsApp because it is easier to delete their account and then restart it at a later date to continue their scam than to completely delete their dating profile. If you find yourself in this situation, go back and report their dating profile immediately. Chances are, you are not the only person they are trying to swindle.

There is also nothing wrong with being careful online, especially in an online dating setting. You can always use Google Images or other services to reverse search an image, so use that tool to check on their dating profile picture.

If you find that it is a stock image or that something else seems off, trust your gut and stop communicating with them.

You joined the online dating scene to make a real connection, and unfortunately that is not going to happen if you find yourself matched with someone who has the intention of scamming you from the beginning.

On the opposite spectrum of a scam, some users are wishing to take the conversation off of the online dating platform and onto WhatsApp because they want to make sure you are a genuine person.

If you have been talking through the dating app and have started to build a connection, exchanging information so that you can move the relationship forward is a logical next step. Giving someone your phone number so that they can talk to you through WhatsApp allows them to realize that you are serious.

Depending on the dating platform, the abilities or features within your inbox can be limited. Some of these dating platforms will not allow you to share photos or make video calls, so if you are interested in using these features to communicate with your match, you have no choice but to take the conversation outside of the dating platform.

Just remember to be careful, and to never exchange any personal or financial information with someone that you do not know. It is possible that the person who wants to communicate with you on WhatsApp has good intentions, but this does not mean that you should provide them with access to information.

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