Can You Use Roku and Firestick on the Same TV

Can You Use Roku and Firestick on the Same TV

Roku and Firestick are arguably the most popular streaming devices in the market today. In fact, some smart TV brands are now partnering with Roku to build TVs using the Roku operating system.

Firestick from Amazon is a streaming device that comes preinstalled with popular streaming networks like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HULU, and lots more. It also allows you to use Alexa to control the TV. Furthermore, it provides access to websites through a browser, play online games, download applications, sideload android apps, and even share photos and videos on your TV screen.

Roku TV does all of these and more. Roku supports control with Alexa and Hey Google. It provides access to Live cable TV, 190 streaming channels on Roku Channel and over 250 channels on Pluto TV.

Users who love to stream on Amazon Prime and other paid streaming channels may lean towards Firestick while users who want to enjoy free channels, live cable TV and free movie streaming lean towards Roku. However, because of the great features offered by Firestick and Roku, some users may want to take advantage of the features of both devices by using them on the same device.

There are concerns over the possibility of using both Roku and Firestick on the same TV like if there are adverse consequences; and how to go about setting them up to work properly on different TV brands and models.

In this article, we have provided all the answers to the concerns above with clear, easy-to-follow details.

Can You Use Roku and Firestick on the Same TV

Yes, you can set up and enjoy both Roku and Firestick on the same TV, switching seamlessly between both inputs to enjoy the different services that they offer.

The method to install Roku and Firestick depends on the type of TV you are using. Some TVs already come with inbuilt streaming devices while others don’t.

How to Use Roku and Firestick on Same TV

1. TV Sets with Built-In Streaming Devices

Many smart TV brands are now partnering with streaming device makers like Roku and Amazon to offer users TVs with inbuilt streaming devices. Whether you are using a TV with Roku OS or one with Fire OS, you would be able to use both streaming services on the same TV without issues.

TVs with Built-in Roku OS

Many TVs now have built-in Roku operating system. Examples of such smart TVs include:

  • TCL
  • Sharp
  • Hisense
  • Philips
  • Element
  • Hitachi
  • Onn.
  • Magnavox
  • RCA
  • JVC
  • Sanyo
  • Westinghouse

If you have the manual for your TV, it will indicate whether your model has inbuilt Roku or not. You could also easily find out on the TV following the steps below:

  • On the body of your TV, you may see Roku TV alongside the name of your TV Brand


  • Press the Home button on your remote control and look at the top left or right corner for your brand TV brand name and Roku beside it


1. Press the Home button on your remote control

2. Select Settings

3. Select System

4. Select About

5. In this page, you should see a section Roku TV with the Roku model number.

If your TV has inbuilt Roku, it usually boots to the Roku input source which you can then change using the input button.

To use Firestick on a Roku TV, you simply need to switch to the Firestick HDMI input

TV Sets with Fire OS

The Main TV brands with Fire OS are LG, Toshiba, and Insignia. They come with Fire TV as an inbuilt streaming device. You can also find out if your TV is Fire OS from the manual or from About section of the TV.

To use Roku TV on a Fire OS, you simply need to switch to the Roku HDMI input.

2. TV Sets with No Built-In Streaming Devices

Other smart TVs do not come with inbuilt Roku or Fire OS or any other streaming feature. In this case, if you want to use both Firestick and Roku, you would have to purchase each device and install them separately.

It does not matter which one you install first. Unlike in inbuilt Roku or Fire OS, you cannot simply add one device as in input after installing the other. You have to install both devices on separate HDMI ports on the TV and make sure you stick to that connection.

Please follow the steps below to install Firestick and Roku on the same TV.

Installing Roku:

1. Turn off your TV

2. Connect your Roku Stick to an HDMI port on your TV

3. Connect the Roku stick to a wall outlet for power supply.

4. Power on your TV and select the HDMI input where your Roku stick is connected. If you are not sure, just keep switching inputs until you see the input showing the Roku TV logo

At this point, you will set up your remote control.

  • If your remote is a simple remote, it does not have the voice button

If that is the case, it uses Infrared signals and you just have to point it directly to the TV to operate it. Just put batteries in the remote to starts using it

  • If your remote control has the voice button , it uses WIFI direct and requires pairing with the TV.

If that is the case, you need to pair using one of the methods below:

  • Rechargeable battery – Press and hold the pairing button at the back of the remote for 5 seconds until the status light above the button displays a flashing green indicator
  • Non-rechargeable battery – Simply insert batteries into the remote control to get into pairing mode

The Roku device will then complete the pairing automatically. Then you will receive onscreen setup instructions including

  • Language – Select the language you want Roku to display text in
  • Internet – select Wireless if you are using a WIFI network. If you are using a wired network then make sure that your Roku device is connected to an ethernet cable at this point and select Wired

1. For Wireless, select the WIFI name next and enter the password, then click Connect

At this point, please do not press any buttons. Wait for Roku to download the latest firmware updates and install them on the device. After this, Roku will restart automatically. Then you can continue setup

2. Next, select the Display supported by your TV

3. Then select Check Remote Settings to set up your remote control to control volume and power on your native TV. Please note that you can only control volume but not power on some TVs

4. Create a Roku account next if you do not already have one. Simply enter a valid email and use your phone or PC to open the link on the email for activation.

5. Set up is complete

Installing Firestick:

1. Turn off your TV

2. Plug your Firestick into your TV’s HDMI port and then plug the power adapter into an outlet.

3. Use the USB cable to connect the power adapter and your Firestick

4. Put batteries in your Firestick remote.

5. Turn on your TV and switch to the correct HDMI input. You can keep switching inputs till you find the one with Firestick setup

6. If your remote doesn’t pair automatically, press the Home button for about 10 seconds or until a prompt to Press Play to Start appears on-screen

7. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect to Wi-Fi and download the latest software update.

8. Sign in with your Amazon account

9. Use your mobile phone or computer to visit the web address Sign in to your account and obtain a code.

10. Enter the verification code on your TV

11. Follow the on-screen questions to set up equipment control for devices like soundbars.

Now that you have set up Roku and Firestick, all you need to do is use the Input button on your native TV remote to switch between the Roku and Firestick HDMI inputs.

Can You Use Firestick on Roku TV

Yes, you can use Firestick on any Roku TV brand. Unlike with TV sets with no built-in streaming, you do not need to go through the full installation process of the Amazon Firestick on your Roku TV. Roku TV is already set up to use Firestick as an HDMI input rather than an installed device. In this case, you only need to configure the HDMI port for Firestick to start working on Roku TV.

How to Use Firestick on Roku TV

Please follow the steps below to use Firestick on Roku TV without fresh installation:

1. Plug the Firestick device into the HDMI or USB port of your TV, depending on the type of Firestick device you own. For newer devices, it is usually HDMI

2. Make sure that the Firestick is plugged to an outlet to power it on

3. Press the Home button on your TV remote control

4. Select Settings

5. Select TV Inputs

6. Select the HDMI port where the Firestick is plugged

7. This selection will configure the HDMI port to be used by Firestick and then add it to the home screen on your TV

8. Now, back on the TV inputs, select the HDMI port you just configured and scroll right to select Rename. This is to make it easier to recognize among the different inputs on your TV

9. When you click Rename, you will be presented with a list of default name options.

10. You may select one of them or you may scroll down and select Edit Custom Name & Icon and rename as you wish. Select OK

11. Then select the icon you want and press OK

12. The Firestick will then be added to your Roku Home screen with the name you saved it as

13. To access Firestick, all you need to then do is press the Home button and open it as your input

14. At this point, you would not be able to operate the Fire TV using your TV remote control. You would have to use the Firestick remote control to navigate the Fire TV input.

15. To switch away from Fire TV, simply press the Input button on your inbuilt Roku TV and select the input you want

Installing Roku Channel on Firestick

You can also install Roku Channel on your Firestick if you do not want to install the complete Roku device and its features.

To install Roku Channel on Firestick and Fire TV:

1. Press the Home button on your Firestick remote control

2. Select Find

3. Select Search

4. Type in Roku Channel and select it from the search results

5. Select Get (free to download)

6. It will show Downloading, then Installing. Wait for this to finish

7. Click Open

8. Now, you can watch Roku channel on your Firestick

Firestick and Roku Not Working on Same TV

When properly set up, Firestick and Roku work well on the same TV. In fact, the only issue users have with the arrangement is having to constantly switch remote controls to operate the different inputs.

Therefore, if you encounter issues with using Firestick and Roku TV on the same TV, it is possible that there is something wrong with the setup. In this section, we will explore the possible reasons why Roku and Firestick may not work on the same TV, and how to resolve the issue.

Firestick Not Working On a Roku TV

First of all, we will examine the possible causes of Firestick not working on a Roku TV. Please follow the steps below to troubleshoot the issue:

1. Firestick Power Supply

1. When setting up Firestick on Roku TV, you can either connect the USB cable to a power outlet or connect it to a USB port on your TV. However, connecting to the TV may not provide sufficient power to the Firestick device for it to function properly. This is why Amazon advises that you connect to a wall outlet instead.

2. If, on the other hand, you connected Firestick to a wall outlet, then it may be that the power cable is damaged or that the wall outlet is faulty.

3. Try using another USB cable to connect to the wall outlet to see if Firestick starts working.

4. If the issue persists, switch to another wall outlet to check whether the fault is at the power supply

If Firestick is not properly powered with a steady power supply of at least 1Amp, it will not work properly on your Roku TV

2. HDMI Connection

HDMI ports are designed for firm connection between the port and the connecting device. If the device only goes halfway into the port on your Roku TV, Firestick will not show up. Also, if the HDMI port is faulty, Firestick will not work.

1. Unplug the Firestick and plug it back in firmly.

2. If Firestick still does not work, try using another HDMI port

3. Another reason why you should switch ports is that the port you are using on your Roku TV may not be adequate for the Firestick model you have. For a 4K Firestick, you need an HDMI port that supports at least 720p.

3. Poor Internet Connection

The main scenarios where users encounter issues with Firestick on Roku TV are:

  • When setting up Firestick on Roku TV
  • When streaming with Firestick on Roku TV

For both scenarios, we have found that a major cause of the issue is poor internet connection.

If internet connection is poor, Firestick will not be able to complete setup. Firestick requires strong internet connection to download updates, register your device and connect you to Amazon servers.

Similarly, if you already have Firestick set up and experience issues with streaming, it is likely that your internet connection is not strong enough.

First confirm that your Firestick is actually connected to the internet using the steps below:

1. Select Settings on your Firestick TV

2. Select Network

3. You will see Connected under the network you are connected to

4. Press the Play/Pause button

5. This will bring up your connection status with details like Signal Status, Internet Connectivity and Issues with your connection

If your internet connection is found to be poor, then head over to your router and perform the following actions:

1. Unplug the router from power supply

2. Wait a full 120 seconds

3. Plug the router back in and wait for the Connected indicator to show

Then try streaming again to see if the issue is resolved.

  • If the issue persists, make sure that your TV is within about 30 feet from your router
  • Then contact your ISP because they may be having issues delivering internet to your area

4. Bug on Firestick

After checking your power supply, HDMI, and internet connections, it is time to consider that your Firestick may have developed a bug.

Because of the integration needed to make Firestick and Roku – two different operating systems – work together, it is not unusual for glitches and bugs to develop occasionally. Please follow the steps below to resolve issues with bugs and glitches with Firestick on Roku TV:

  • Unplug Firestick and re-plug it – The first thing to do is simply to remove the Firestick device from the Roku TV and plug it back in. This will do a minor HDMI connection reset and may clear the glitch for you.
  • Reset Firestick Software ConnectionWhile unplugging and re-plugging resets the HDMI connection, doing a software connection reset will refresh the integration between the Firestick and the Roku TV at software level. This process will clear more serious glitches. To do this:

Hold down the Back and Menu button on your Firestick remote control until a yellow light starts to blink on the remote. The release the buttons.

  • Perform a Soft reboot on Firestick

If the reset above does not work, then restart the Firestick using the steps below:

1. Hold down the OK button and Play/Pause Button for 5 seconds

2. A screen will pop up showing you that your Fire TV is powering off

3. Release the buttons and wait for your Fire TV to power off and completely power back on.

4. Please do not press any other buttons during this process

5. Restart Roku TV

If a soft restart does not fix the issues, you may need to do a full power cycle on the entire setup. To do this:

1. Unplug your Roku TV without turning it off with a remote control

2. Press and hold the Fire stick power button for about 30 seconds

3. Plug your Roku TV back in

Firestick and Roku Not Working on a TV Without Built in Streaming

If you are trying to use Firestick and Roku on a TV with no inbuilt streaming, the causes and fixes for the problem are quite similar to those detailed above. You could try those fixes and then try the following in addition:

  • Use the right input – You need to be sure that you are on the right input for Roku and Firestick. It is always best to rename the ports so that you know which device is connected to which port.

Do not change the HDMI ports where the devices where originally installed.

  • Update both devices…and your TV – If the devices are not up to date, they may struggle with the integration required for all of them to work seamlessly. Even though all three devices are set to update automatically, this may not always work because they all require specific conditions to be met for automatic update to complete.

To update Firestick:

1. Go to Settings

2. Select My Fire TV

3. Select About

4. Select Check for System Update and confirm to Update if available

To update Roku device:

1. Press Home on your Roku remote.

2. Scroll and select Settings.

3. Select System.

4. Select System update.

The System update screen displays the current software and build version, along with the date and time of the latest update.

5. Select Check Now to manually check for updates.

Update TV

The method to update your TV depends on the TV brand. We have presented update methods for a few:

For Samsung TV

1. Press the Home button on your TV remote

2. Navigate to Settings

3. Select Support

4. Select Software Update

5. Select Update Now

For Sony Google TV

1. Press the Quick Settings (gear icon) button on your remote control

2. Select Settings

3. Select About

4. Select System Software Update

5. Select Software Update

For Sony Android TV

1. Press the Home button on your remote

2. Select Help

3. Select Status and Diagnostics

4. Select System Software Update

5. Select Check For A System Software Update


1. Press the Home button on your remote

2. Select Settings

3. Select All Settings

4. Select General

5. Select About This TV

6. Select Check for Updates

Are Roku and Firestick the Same?

Roku and Firestick both serve similar roles. They are streaming devices that you plug into your TV to gain access to streaming platforms, apps and web browsing. Also, the devices look alike: they are USB-like devices but with HDMI ports which you plug into your TV HDMI outlet. Both convert a non-smart TV into a smart TV, granting you access to internet entertainment.

However, Firestick and Roku devices are not the same thing. Roku is made by a company called Roku Inc while Firestick is made by Amazon.

Difference Between Firestick and Roku Stick?

Firestick Roku
Fire OS built on Android operating system Proprietary Roku operating system
Bluetooth feature pairs directly with all Bluetooth devices Pairs with only smartphones and Roku audio products
Over 10,000 apps in the Amazon store About 4,500 apps in the Roku store
No headphone jack Headphone jack to listen privately
No remote listening support Switch to listening with headsets on your phone while watching on TV
Sideload Android apps No support for sideloading


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