Can You Use Oculus Quest 2 While Lying Down?

Can You Use Oculus Quest 2 While Lying Down

Quest 2 is not all action and adventure. It also offers some rather relaxing titles like Bait where you can sit and take in lovely scenery while waiting to catch rare fish; Rec Room where you can just hang out and chat with friends; web browsers that allow you to browse the internet; social media apps like Facebook and Instagram for catching up with your socials; and streaming or downloading movies for your watching relaxation.

As such, you may want to lie down while enjoying some of the more relaxing features on Oculus Quest 2. But users often wonder if this is possible given the fact that Oculus Quest 2 is designed to be used either while standing or while sitting down.

In this article, we will take an exhaustive look at all the ways you can make use of your Quest 2 headset while lying down.

Can You Use Oculus Quest 2 While Lying Down

Yes. You can use Oculus Quest 2 while lying down. The general rule is that if a game supports the Sitting player mode, you can also play it while lying down after making some adjustments. You can also watch Netflix, and use the Oculus go browser whilst lying down.

Oculus Quest 2 Games Lying Down

Some of the most popular games you can play comfortably while lying down include:

Resident Evil 4 – Paid

Winner of multiple VR gaming awards, Resident Evil 4 is full-on action, adventure, and heroism. You are tasked with rescuing the daughter of the President of the US who has been kidnapped by a secret cult with vast connections, horrific monsters, endless goons. Even innocent villagers have been made zombies by the cult who will stop at nothing to prevent you from succeeding.

Resident Evil is one of the most popular, most exciting VR games of all time, so being able to play while lying down is a wonderful plus to it.

Bait – Free

Bait is a fishing experience game where you are assigned by your boss to catch 4 rare fishes from 4 different lakes in order to save your aquarium. It is voted by users to be one of the most relaxing experiences in virtual reality gaming, so playing it while lying down is just fitting.

Tetris Effect – Paid

Tetris Effect is the beloved Tetris game with much better graphics and features, playing modes, backgrounds, and lots more.

You can play alone, in co-op, or in competition mode. Another great thing about Tetris Effect is that it supports cross-platform play, making it possible to play from any device you wish while relaxing on your bed or couch.

Walking Dead – Paid

Whether you are playing Walking Dead or Walking Dead Retribution, you are taking a journey into a land infested with the desperate living and the walking dead.

You will be fighting both living humans who will stop at nothing to survive…even if it’s to kill you, and the undead who are always looking for the next feed. Being able to lie down while experiencing such horrors is probably the best way to handle the endless anxiety and thrill

Gorilla Tag – Free

The unique thing about Gorilla Tag is that you do not need your controllers or joysticks to play the game.

Gorilla Tag only uses your hand movements to run, jump, climb and escape from infected gorillas in the jungle. Gorilla Tag is as much fun when lying as it is when standing.

Epic Roller Coaster – Free

If you love roller coasters, you will love Quest 2 Epic Roller Coasters. It’s as realistic as VR games come. And with some of the added features like haunted houses, dinosaurs, and magic, it is even more intense than the real-life roller coaster.

The game can be played in the classic, race and shooting modes. And, being able to do all these while lying down sure helps with the motion sickness

Wander – Paid

Take a walk in any part of the world and experience some of the best tourist attractions like the Eiffel Tour, The Pyramids of Egypt, the architectural wonder of the Taj Mahal, and so much more.

To be able to take in these amazing experiences while lying down makes it so much more relaxing. What’s more, Wander comes with Wikipedia integration, speech recognition, and time travel to make the game a wonderful learning experience as well

The Room VR: A Dark Matter – Paid

A renowned expert on ancient Egyptian history, language, literature, religion, architecture, and art has disappeared and you need to find him.

If you like to play detective and enjoy thrillers, you will love The Room VR. In this game, there is a very thin line between illusion and reality. And you will be using gadgets that are the envy of 007 agents.

Nature Treks VR – Paid

A bit similar to Wander. But in Nature Treks, you are not exploring manmade edifices. You would be hiking in beaches, oceans, space and forests to mention a few. You would also meet exotic animals, and have command over the weather so that nothing spoils your day out…in bed

Moss – Paid

Moss allows you to accompany a mouse on her journey to save her uncle while solving puzzles, traveling between realms and battling monsters who are out to stop you. Moss is fun, exciting and relaxing at once, with a tender side to it that makes the game wholesome.

Creed: Rise to Glory – Paid

How about growing from a boxing nobody into a fearsome world champion all from the comfort of your bed or couch? You can play in career mode, Freeplay, or player vs player mode.

And lying down does not affect your performance in any way. Actually, Creed has a feature to feel the punches as though they were real, so it’s probably best taking the punches while lying down.

Tilt Brush – Paid

If you love arts, you may want to give Tilt Brush a try. Tilt Brush turns your room into your painting canvas where you can paint with a brush, fire, stars, and light. Many users find using Tilt Brush while lying down to be genuinely therapeutic.

Journey of the Gods – Paid

Space travel, gods, heroism, cinematic backgrounds, monsters, magic, mysteries and puzzles. Journey of the Gods has got it all.

You will be tasked with saving your planet from the chaos moon, by unlocking the full powers of the Gods while battling monsters that try to stop you in your Quest. With the level of action involved in Journey of the Gods, you may want to have a lie down.

Oculus Quest 2 Netflix Lying Down

Another feature that easily supports using Quest 2 while lying down is streaming on Netflix. Just like the Oculus browser, Netflix supports vertical reorientation of your headset view so you can watch movies and shows from the comfort of your bed or couch.

1. First recentre your view while lying down by following the same steps as for Browser above. You do not need to disable Guardian for this, you only need to reset the view.

2. Then on Netflix, at the top left of the TV, select Void Theatre

3. A floating screen will appear which will allow you move the screen to your desired orientation, and resize it as well.

Oculus Browser Lying Down

Oculus Quest 2 comes with an in-built browser that serves the same functions of any regular browser. Using the browser is one of the easier things to do while lying down. To browse on Oculus Quest 2 while lying, all you need to do is reorient the vertical axis on your headset.

1. First disable Guardian using the steps below:

2. Go to and sign in using the same account signed in on Quest or Quest 2

3. On the page, create an Organization and agree to the terms

4. Power on your headset and strap it on

5. Press the Oculus button on the right controller

6. Select Settings

7. Select More Setting or Advanced Settings or See All

8. At Developer Mode, toggle to turn it on


1. Go back to Settings on your Quest or Quest 2

2. Select See All

3. At Developer Options, toggle to turn off Guardian

After disabling Guardian, follow the steps below to finish setting up your Quest 2 for browsing while lying down.

1. Lie down and look straight in your new, desired direction

2. Press and hold the Oculus button on your right controller

3. The Oculus logo will appear in your headset.

4. Wait for a white ring to totally encircle the Oculus logo. Once this is complete, the direction you are facing has become your new forward direction


1. Lie down and navigate to Settings on your headset

2. Select Settings

3. Select Reset View

4. When you’re satisfied with the direction, click Confirm to set your new orientation.

Can You Use Oculus Go While Lying Down?

You can watch Netflix on Oculus Go while lying down by using the same Void Theatre feature as on Quest 2. Hulu no longer supports this feature on Oculus Go.

However, gaming on Oculus go does not work quite as well when lying down.

How to Use Oculus Quest 2 Lying Down

You may already know that when setting up for a game on Oculus Quest 2, you have to set up your forward direction for the game. And if you change your playing position, this forward direction will not automatically change with your new position. In this case, you would have to recentre your new forward direction using these steps:

1. Look straight in your new, desired direction

2. Press and hold the Oculus button on your right controller

3. The Oculus logo will appear in your headset. Wait for a white ring to totally encircle the Oculus logo. Once this is complete, the direction you are facing has become your new forward direction

However, these steps usually work best for leisurely activities like surfing the net, watching movies, and hanging out in Rec Room. To do proper gaming on Oculus Quest 2 while lying down, you would have to make some more technical changes to play games effectively. Please follow the steps below to set up Oculus for play while lying down:

1. Turn your Quest 2 headset on

2. In floor level set up, get to an open space in your playing area and lower your controller to the floor, then press the trigger button to set the actual floor as floor height

3. Create a room-scale boundary around the object you want to lay on (couch or bed)

4. Then, lie down on the couch or bed

5. Recentre your view by using the simple steps we outlined earlier

Setting the actual floor as your floor level will make up for the height you lose when lying down. Well, to an extent. By making this adjustment, you will appear close to normal height in the games, and be able to interact with all the controls and items with little hassle.

However, you will still appear a bit shorter than normal and having a bit of head elevation on the couch or bed would make the experience better.

But even then, the games you can play seamlessly while lying down are limited because many VR titles are built around the player simulating movements for the avatar on the screen.

Take all-time favourite Beat Saber for example. If you want to play Beat Saber while laying down, then forget about playing in multiplayer mode.

While you can do the basic cube cutting and even reach up to high beats, you would be unable to avoid most of the obstacles.

That’s why Oculus clearly indicate that the only supported player mode is Standing. You can still enjoy your Beat Saber while lying down, just don’t worry too much about game progress and high scores.

Another popular game that you just can’t play while lying down is Dance Central. Just try dancing while lying down and see how that works out. The same principle applies on Quest 2.

Until we get to a technological level where you can perform moves using mind commands (many of us are great dancers in our heads); until then, Dance Central can only be performed while standing. Unless, of course, just like Beat Saber, you don’t really care about how you perform.

Alternative Ways to Playing Oculus Quest 2 Games While Lying Down

Appear Sitting: You can play all the games listed in the Oculus Quest 2 Games Lying Down section as though you were sitting. All of them support Sitting player mode. To do this:

  • Lie down and face your desired direction
  • Press and hold the Left Oculus button until you appear sitting.

Use Virtual Desktop: Oculus Virtual Desktop allows the most flexible adjustment to your playing position. With newly-added environments, you can play comfortably while standing, sitting, lying down, or in cinema mode.

If you don’t already have Oculus Virtual Desktop, please follow the steps below to set it up and play Quest 2 games while lying down:

  • Supported OSs are Windows 11 and 10, MacOS Mojave (10.14+)
  • Processor is at least Core i5-2500k or equivalent
  • For best results, use a wired connection from the PC to a 5GHz router
  • PC must be VR-ready
  • Charge your Quest 2 headset fully
  • Ensure that your Quest 2 and your PC are connected to the same network
  • Purchase the Wireless Version of Oculus Virtual Desktop on your Quest 2 headset store
  • Download and install the Streamer app for your PC OS
  • Start Virtual Desktop Streamer on your PC and enter your Quest 2 username
  • Start Virtual Desktop on your Quest 2 headset
  • You will see your computer displayed in the Computers section if the connection is successful. Or you may have to select to connect manually.
  • Open the Settings tab and under Advanced Options, make sure that Allow Custom Orientation in All Environments is turned on.
  • Then, select the Games tab to display all the Oculus games from your computer
  • Click any game you wish to launch it. Now you can adjust to play for standing, sitting, or lying down

Disabling Guardian and Tracking: Another way to reduce the restrictions you encounter on playing Quest 2 while lying down, is to disable Guardian.

Guardian is the feature that reads your playing area and sets boundaries based on floor heights and edges. Therefore, if you disable the feature, you have more freedom to manipulate the height of your playing area while lying down.

If you disable Tracking, Guardian will automatically stop working. However, it is best to disable only Guardian and leave Tracking on for best gaming experiences.

To disable Guardian on Quest 2, just follow the steps outlined under browsing on Quest 2 while lying down.

Why Can’t I Watch While Lying Down Oculus

If you can’t watch Netflix or use the browser while lying down, it is because you have not recentred your view on the headset. Oculus Quest 2 is made mainly for standing and sitting while using the headset. To support a lying position, you need to disable Guardian and recentre your view. For Netflix, you need to use the Void Theatre feature to watch while lying down.

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