Can You Tell If Someone is Active on eHarmony?

Can You Tell If Someone is Active on eHarmony?

Can You Tell When Someone Is Active On eHarmony?

Yes, thankfully, you can tell when someone is active on eHarmony. You are likely to want to know this because you’re eager to have a conversation with the person or the person is not responding to your messages. Or, in some cases, you’re just having a little snoop. Whatever the case, eHarmony has made it possible for you to know when a user is active or, as eHarmony puts it, when they are Online.

In fact, you can also see when the person was last online. So, even if they are not online at the time, you can see the last time they logged in and opened their eHarmony app. Some people find this to be intrusive, but I think it’s a useful feature because it helps you to know when someone is ignoring you and when the person simply isn’t on the app anymore.

The feature is only available to you when viewing your matches. So, it’s not as if you can go around opening random profiles and checking their online statuses.

How To Tell If Someone Is Active On eHarmony

Now that you know that it’s possible to tell when someone is active or online on eHarmony, the next question, quite naturally, is how do you find out? I have listed below all the ways you can tell when someone is active on eHarmony.

1. Online Indicator Says They Are Online or Active

If the match is currently active or online, you will see a small, green dot next to their picture. If the green dot is not there, then they are not online at the time. Or, they hid their online status. More on that later.

Also, you can tell when last they were online by looking at the information displayed right below their profile photo.

But these are not always reliable methods for knowing when the match is active because they may turn of their Online status using the right privacy settings.

Because of that, you may also need to check the other ways below.

2. They Are Replying to You

What better indication that your match is online than if they are replying to your messages! You see, they may have disabled their online status visibility, but they sure are active if they are texting you back. They couldn’t possibly be doing so offline.

But this may not always be a lot of help. After all, you are likely trying to know if they are active because they are not replying to you in the first place.

Well, there’s no one master key when it comes to telling online status on eHarmony. So, you may have to use several indicators to accurately tell when your match has been active.

3. They Changed Their Pictures Recently

If you can’t get them on active status, you can get them on profile activity. What does this mean?

So, the match isn’t texting you back and they have hidden their online status. But if they change their profile pictures, it is another undeniable indication that they have been active recently.

Also, if the picture is removed completely, they have been active recently. An empty profile picture does not indicate a suspended or deleted account. If the account were removed, you would not see the match at all in the first place. So, if they go from having a profile picture to having none, that’s your cue, that’s how you know they have been recently active.

4. They’ve Changed Their Bio Recently

In the same vein, if they have recently changed their bio, or any information on their profile, then you know they have recently been active. There is no way to change your eHarmony bio without logging into your account. So, that’s pretty much a nailed-on proof that they have been active.

5. The Match Remains After Two Months Of Not Chatting To You

Like I said earlier, you may have to use several indicators to tell when a match has been active on eHarmony.

Say, the match hides their online status, does not text you back, does not change their profile picture and does not change their bio. How else can you tell whether they are active or not?

  • Wait 2 months. Why? Because eHarmony will remove a match if they have been inactive on the site for two or more months?

Yes. So, if the match remains after two months, then you know they are active on eHarmony but are simply not talking to you.

If, on the other hand, the match disappears after two months, then you can be near certain that they had not been active all the while.

Here’s what I think, though. Don’t dwell too much when a match stops talking to you. If you have no way of immediately telling whether they are active or not, get on with your life and hope for the best.

Does eHarmony Show When You Are Online?

Yes, eHarmony shows when you are online. It also shows when last you were active, even if you are not currently online.

A match can easily tell that you are online with a small, green dot next to your profile picture.

They can also tell when you were last active by looking just below your photo.

If you don’t want any of these to happen, you can do something about it, thankfully.

How To Stop People From Knowing When You’re Active On eHarmony

There are several possible reasons why you may want to stop people from knowing when you are active or online on eHarmony.

  • You may simply find the feature intrusive on your privacy.
  • You may want to stop talking to one or more matches while you continue conversations with another or others.
  • You may not want a match to feel bad that you did not text them when you came online at a certain time, and you intend to text them at a later time.

The list goes on. Whatever your reasons may be, there are simple ways to achieve it. Let’s have a look.

1. Turn Off Your Online Status

The first, obvious thing to do is take advantage of eHarmony privacy settings and turn off your online status. Once you do this, your matches will not see when you are online. They will also not see when you were last active on the site.

To turn off online status, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click on the arrow next to your photo at the top of the screen and open the dropdown menu
  3. Go to Data & Settings
  4. In the Online right now section, turn off the green slider

Note: If you choose Do Not Display, you won’t be able to see if other members are currently online.

2. Don’t Change Your Profile Picture or Bio

After hiding your online status, the next thing is to ensure that you do not change anything on your profile. Your profile photo and bio must remain the same. If you change anything and the match notices the change, they can easily figure out that you have been active.

3. Don’t Reply Them

This is rather obvious. It is probably what you were aiming for, anyway. If you don’t want them to know that you are active, then simply stop replying to them. Otherwise, that defeats everything you have done so far.

Will An Inactive eharmony Account Be Deleted?

The truth is that there’s no concrete information on this. For example, OkCupid spell it out that they delete your account after over a year of inactivity. But eHarmony do not have any accessible information on this.

On the subject of account deletion, this is all they have to say, ““eharmony reserves the right to immediately suspend or terminate your access to any of the Services, without notice, for any reason or no reason. We also reserve the right to remove your account information or data from our Services and any other records if your account and/or access to the Services is terminated.”

But this much I can tell you for sure: If a user does not log in in two months, they will be removed from your list of matches. So, if a match of yours disappears from your list after a long period of inactivity, it is likely that eHarmony simply removed them from your list of matches as opposed to deleting their account.

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