How to Add Mention to Story After Posting


How to Add Mention to Story After Posting

Unfortunately, it is not possible to tag someone in your Instagram Story after it has already been uploaded on Instagram. However, there are ways to get around not tagging a friend in a post if you forget to tag them.

1. Delete the Story and Tag Them Again

Unfortunately, there is no way to tag someone in a story once you have already posted it. You can delete it and repost it with your friend tagged.

If you’re sharing anything on your story, once you snap the image or set up a picture from your library to post, press on the screen and type “@” followed by the name of the account you wish to tag. You may also tag someone in your story by touching the square-face sticker in the top right-hand corner, hitting “@MENTION,” and typing the account name.

If you want to reupload the story and tag them:

1. Go to your story by tapping Your story at the top of Feed.

2. Tap More (iPhone) or More (Android) in the bottom right of the photo or video you’d like to delete.

3. Tap Delete, then tap Delete again to confirm.

4. Open Instagram.

5. Tap on Home in the lower-left corner of the screen.

6. Tap on the camera icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

7. Tap on the image in the lower-left corner to bring up your gallery.

8. Select the picture or video you want to mention someone in.

9. Tap on the screen to start typing.

Type @ along with the username of the person

10. Type @ along with the username of the person you want to tag. Here, you also have the option to stop them from sharing this story to their story.

persons account name

11. Tap on the persons account name at the bottom.

Sent To

12. Tap Done. Remember that you can style the tag by selecting Classic at the top.

13. Tap Sent To.

14. Tap Share next to Your Story.

2. Post a New Story and Tag Them

There are a couple of reasons why you would want to tag someone in your Instagram Story. If your post includes a photo or video of the individual, it’s good to tag them. Followers will be able to click over to their profile page, learn more about them, and follow them if they so want.

If the stuff you’re publishing is vital to someone else somehow, you may wish to tag them in your post. They will receive a notification that they have gotten tagged, ensuring they do not miss out on the opportunity.

Add some text to your Instagram Story and add the person you failed to tag earlier. To accomplish this, follow these steps:

  1. The “Aa” icon may be seen in the top right corner of your screen when you’re in the Story Editor interface.
  2. Type the @ symbol, then look for the username you’d want to tag in the story. As you begin typing, Instagram will automatically recommend individuals you might like to tag based on their profile pictures. To pick someone, tap on their profile photo.
  3. Instagram will highlight the username with an underline.

3. Whoever Asks Who’s in the Picture, Send Them Their Name

People may want to see who is tagged in your pictures. When you don’t mention the person, you will get messages from people asking you who is in the picture you posted. To share who is in the pictures with you:

  1. Navigate to the profile you’d want to share with others. A user’s profile can be found by their username on one of their posts in your feed or by searching for them.
  2. Access the three-dot menu in the screen’s upper-right corner by tapping on them.
  3. Tap Share This Profile
  4. A list of all of your contacts will get displayed. The user can be selected as a recipient in one of two ways: scrolling down the list and tapping the circle next to their name or using the Search box to search for one or more recipients manually. Please keep in mind that you can share a profile with up to 15 individuals simultaneously. You may also distribute a profile to members of a user group you’ve previously established.

4. If Your Friend Asks Why You Didn’t Mention Them, Say You Forgot

When taking pictures with friends, the expectation is that everyone in the post should get tagged if the picture is posted. Sometimes group pictures have many people, and you may forget to tag one of the people in the story. You can calmly explain to the person you didn’t mention that you forgot to tag them. You can make it up to them by posting a picture of just the two of you and tagging them in that picture.

5. Post the Picture on Your Feed and Tag Them There Instead

Before posting on Instagram, you may tag someone in it. Alternatively, you can update an existing post that has already gotten published to include tags. In the comment section of posts, you can tag someone by:

  1. When you’re composing your comment, start with @ and then the username of the person you wish to tag.
  2. A list of suggested users shown will exist. Tap the name of the individual you wish to tag to have their tagged username immediately inserted into your comment.
  3. When you post your comment, it will highlight the tag in blue in your comment, and everyone who sees it will be able to tap it to visit the profile of the tagged individual.
  4. Once the comment is posted, the tagged individual will receive a notification confirming that they got tagged.

You can also tag the person in your post by:

  1. Before publishing a new Instagram post to your profile, go to the caption field on the New Post/Share page and choose the people you want to include.
  2. If you’re sharing a photo, you may tag it by tapping anywhere on it (such as someone’s face).
  3. You can add a video to a post by clicking on the add button beneath the video post preview.
  4. There will be a list of users that you can tag. The user you wish to tag may get selected from the list, or a specific user can be found by typing their name into the search bar.
  5. Once the tags are added, they will show above or under the preview of your photo post or video post; you may repeat steps 2 and 3 to add other tagged people if you so choose.
  6. Done may be seen in the upper right corner.
  7. Finish uploading your photo or video post to your social media accounts. In the bottom left corner of your published post, you’ll see a tag symbol, which you and anybody else may press to view the account’s tag.

6. If A Friend Posted The Same Story And They’re Tagged, Share It To Your Story

Rather than having to reupload the whole story, you can just share the mention to your story if they’re tagged in it or uploaded it themselves. This will allow users to find their profile easily without you having to delete and reupload the story again which might look quite awkward. If they’re posted the same picture as you and they’ve tagged you, you should be able to share it to your story if they have this option available. If it’s not them that posted it and a friend posted it, then you can share it to your story if they’re tagged. This will also help if the persons profile is public because this will allow your followers to visit their profile, view the story and click on the persons tag that you forgot to put on your story.

Can You Tag Someone on Instagram After Posting

If you’ve already posted a story, and you forgot to mention people, this can be frustrating. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to tag someone in a story after you’ve posted it. The only option you have in a situation like this is to delete the story you’ve already uploaded and tag everyone in the new one. Besides this, there’s no way you can go back to a story and add new tags – once a story is uploaded, it can never be edited again.

Unlike an Instagram post, you can edit a few things like the caption, locations and people you’ve tagged after you’ve already posted it.

The Conclusion

You may forget to tag a friend from time to time. Even if you fail to tag your best friend on the next story you post, you can delete it quickly or repost it. You can follow the steps discussed above to tag them in your story.

When you forget to tag your friend, you can always put up a story of an old post with the friend in the previous story. Make sure they get tagged in the post you share in the story. Going back and editing your post is the most convenient approach to tag someone in a post after it has already gone public. It’s pretty simple and shouldn’t take more than a minute.

  1. Locate the photo you wish to tag and press the ‘…’ symbol to tag an image. Then select ‘edit’ from the drop-down menu.
  2. At the bottom of the photo, click on the ‘tag people’ icon.
  3. To tag someone in a photo, tap on the image.
  4. Tap the name of the person you wish to tag after searching for them.
  5. In the upper right corner, click ‘Done.’

You can tag anyone at any moment, even if it has been months after you published your post. Sharing it with your friend tag is one way to avoid people sending you direct messages to ask you who is the story you posted.

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