Can You Tell How Many Times Someone Views Your Bumble?

Can You See Who Views Your Bumble?

Unfortunately, no, you can’t see who views your Bumble profile. While it may be nice to know who has viewed your Bumble profile, it is simply not an option. Sure, this would be useful to know if someone has been viewing your profile as much as you have theirs.

There is talk of the closest you can come to this is to view your “Read Receipts” however; this is only available if you have paid for Bumble Premium. Even then this only applies to matches, and if your match has opted out of sharing their info this will not work.

Can You Tell How Many Times Someone Views Your Bumble

While it would be nice to know if someone has been peeping your Bumble profile as much as you may hope, unfortunately, no, you cannot tell how many times someone has viewed your profile.

This could be a useful tool to measure if the admiration is shared with someone however, this could pose a security risk; even if Bumble may appear shallow with its scroll and swipe style of matching, it still holds its security at the highest of priority.

So, while this may be irritating, it’s also necessary as this could be taken advantage of by creepers or stalkers that no one wants or should have to deal with.

Also, is it that important to know how many times they have viewed your profile, seeing as if they are indeed interested they will swipe right or could give you a super like, maybe even message you, which almost guarantees that they have viewed your Bumble profile.

If this may be in regard to someone you do not want viewing your Bumble profile then how many times they have viewed it is irrelevant, seeing as they have viewed it and will most likely continue to do so.

Again, if this is a scenario where you do not want them viewing your Bumble profile, then you could and should follow the proper precautions of going to their profile, scroll down and tap “Report”; this will of course, report the individual and you should also be provided the option to “block” them which you should engage this option.

This will block them from viewing your Bumble profile and interacting with it and block any unwanted likes or possible chat messages.

If you recently matched with someone on Bumble, when they’re active on Bumble, if you’re talking to each other, it’s likely they’re actively viewing your profile. Unfortunately, Bumble doesn’t have read receipts which means there’s no way to know when they’ve read your message – knowing this would let you know when they viewed their profile.

Is There A Bumble Viewing Profile Notification

Seeing as there is no way to see who or how many times someone has viewed your Bumble profile, it stands to reason that there is no notification for someone viewing your Bumble profile.

One of the few push notifications Bumble will send you is if your profile has become hidden which essentially bans you from the dating aspect of the application (app); the other case is if there is a security breach, though they will most likely reach you by email if that is the case.

Not to mention the notifications they will send you every time you make a match, which can become so often that they become irksome; though you should do a humble check at this notification as it only means that the app is working as intended.

Does Someone Know If You View Their Bumble

As stated previously no, they will not be able to check any viewing list, just as you cannot check if someone has viewed your Bumble profile.

This can be annoying if you are trying to drop a subtle hint that you are essentially checking them out; however, this could be a huge relief if you do not want them to know that you have viewed their Bumble profile or how many times you may have viewed it.

This could be the case if you have your eye on someone yet, you want them to make the first move.

Keep in mind that even when matched with someone, they nor you will receive any notifications when they have viewed your Bumble profile. You will only receive notifications when they have liked your photos or if they have messaged you.

The Bumble system is simply not designed like this and if it were, it would be very wrong.

A lot of dates would have been cancelled due to this flawed system, as it is not necessary to know if they have viewed your Bumble profile and could create a whole other window of animosity to be formed.

How To Know If Someone Views Your Bumble

If you must know if someone has viewed your Bumble profile, there is ways; however, it will not be as simple as going into your profile settings on Bumble.

Knowing if someone has viewed your Bumble profile will need a bridge of sorts in order to let you know they have viewed it; in other words, a connection between the two of you, and yes, unfortunately, it is more technical than having good chemistry.

Below will be four ways to check if someone has viewed your Bumble profile. Check them out and you may find an avenue befitting the way you would like to check if that certain someone has you in their scope too or there is someone that is viewing your Bumble profile that you would prefer not to.

1. You Have Your Instagram Handle In Your Bio, and They Follow You Out of Nowhere

One way to see if someone has viewed your Bumble profile is if you have your Instagram connected to your Bumble, as this was a relatively new rollout that Bumble would support the connecting of the two profiles.

If you do have your Instagram and Bumble profiles connected, your Instagram handle will appear in your Bumble profile bio also, not to mention someone can access your Instagram handle if you have linked pictures from Instagram to your Bumble account.

So, if they have your Instagram handle and follow you, you will be able to see if they have viewed your Bumble profile.

If you are not aware of how to link your Instagram account and your Bumble account and would like to, it is quite easy just go to your Bumble profile, select ‘edit’ and choose ‘Connect Instagram. You will need to confirm your Instagram username and password, and you are all set.

2. They Like One of Your Messages

When messaging on Bumble, it provides the option to like their message represented with a green heart beside the message.

Again if you have paid for Bumble Premium, you can access your “Read Receipts” and see if they have read your message, keep in mind that Bumble Premium is still being tested with its starting price being $39.99 / month.

Remember, you have to be matched with someone in order to message them therefore, it is almost an absolute guarantee that they have viewed your Bumble profile, and if this is what you want, then it is a great opportunity to keep reaching out to them (so long as it is reciprocated) and could be that certain someone you have been searching for.

Bumble has recently even introduced a new “Blind Date” feature that would have you judge by personality, which could potentially be a refreshing new take on Bumble.

Whether you use it or not is entirely up to you, though it is good to know that Bumble is working to reshape its service and how people match up.

With this said, there are many features available on Bumble, and they are coming out with more and more almost monthly, so do not focus too much on seeing who has viewed your Bumble profile; rather, you could spend that energy exploring different avenues and options that are provided through these new and evolving features.

The only limits are the limits you set yourself, so get out there and explore new ways to possibly connect with someone who could change your life for the better.

If you are just looking to have some fun, then these new features could aid you in your exploration as well.

Bumble does not only provide updates to keep their app and website running properly and efficiently but also offers you, the user of said app; opportunities to expand the way you think of dating and meeting new acquaintances through their service.

3. They Message You

If the person in question has messaged you, it is almost guaranteed that they have viewed your Bumble profile, seeing as you must be matched to message someone.

If a Bumble user never sees your profile or swipes left on it because they are uninterested, you will not be matched; therefore you will not be able to message each other on Bumble.

So, if they have messaged you, they have viewed your profile. To message someone on Bumble, you have to be matched with that person. In order to message someone on Bumble; first, launch the app and log in.

Tap the speech bubble icon to see your match list, and tap the person you want to chat with. Tap in the box labeled “Message”, write what you want to say, and then tap the Send button.

Remember, if they are messaging you, it almost certainly means they have viewed your Bumble profile; this is not a bad thing, rather it could be the start to something more between you two, as this provides the opportunity to engage with them and get to know them.

This can help you figure out if you two are more than just a Bumble match and maybe could lead to a date. Rest assured, if they are messaging you, it means that they like what they see and have learned about you, embrace this vulnerability and reach out as sometimes the “cool guy” too busy to be bothered can lead to you missing an opportunity.

4. Ask Them If They Viewed It

When on a dating app such as Bumble, it can be hard to break out of your cage and be outgoing; however, this could be exactly what you need to do to know if someone has viewed your profile.

Simply, ask them if they have viewed your profile. Again, remember you must be matched in order to message someone, so maybe give them a like, or if you are brave enough (which you are) drop them a super like, and if they like you back, you two could be matched providing an ample opportunity to ask if they viewed your profile.

Sometimes this honesty and straightforward-ness can be refreshing for some and could lead you to set up a face to face date night.

Sometimes boldness is the way to go, and asking them if they have viewed your Bumble profile could possibly even spark an entertaining conversation, and if you are concerned if they have viewed your profile, then this obviously means you like them and have been thinking of them, so take that step, and it very well could surprise you with the outcome.

Remember with these dating apps to always exercise caution. Even with Bumble taking many precautions such as, making sure that their pictures actually match who you are talking to or interacting with, it is still important to do your own research and verify them for yourself.

With that said, when wondering if someone has been viewing your Bumble profile, it can pay off to be straight forward with them.

Being outgoing is a very admirable trait, though be careful not to come off rude when attempting to be outgoing or honest.

Also, if a person likes you, they will (most of time) hit the like option on Bumble or even a super like, which almost guarantees their interest in you.

On that note, get out there and be yourself, and you will find someone to embrace who you are.

Also, let’s be honest here if you are simply looking for a single night of fun with someone you like; do not be shy about it; while this can be nerve wrecking, it could surprise you how someone may react to you liking them or super liking them.

Sometimes it can be a great decision to swipe right on someone you may think would not give you a second thought.

Opportunity rewards those who chase it, so go chase it and find someone you enjoy spending time with, this can all be made possible on Bumble.

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