Does VSCO Notify Screenshots?


If you’ve been wondering if there’s a way to know if someone has been screenshotting your VSCO, there isn’t. VSCO has a notifications section that provides its users with notifications when a certain action has been taken on their VSCO account. However, VSCO doesn’t provide its users with notifications when it comes to anyone screenshotting their profile or content so you can’t see has screenshotted.

Can You See Who Screenshots Your VSCO

VSCO users will not know if you screenshot their profiles. In a nutshell, VSCO is the ideal app for people who like to take and post pictures. You no longer have to worry about following numbers, likes, etc. like Instagram.

If it was possible to know who screenshotted your VSCO pictures, you would probably stop taking screenshots of people’s pictures on the app because you’d be worried that they’d know. Knowing who screenshotted your VSCO will also allow you to know who’s interested in you – whether it’s a crush of yours, or it’s a mutual friend that you didn’t think would ever screenshot your pictures, knowing who has screenshotted them would be very useful information.

It’ll also allow you to use it as a conversation starter if someone you were ever interested in screenshotted your post. If you don’t want to leave it to chance that someone you don’t know could view your VSCO profile and screenshot your photos from there, it’s best that you make your profile private.

If you don’t want someone to screenshot your VSCO, you can always block them. The blocking feature allows users to prevent others from screenshotting your profile as well as your photos which means that they won’t be able to screenshot them. Go to that user’s profile and click the ellipses menu. Select ‘Block’ from the submenu. From here, they won’t be able to screenshot your pictures if you’ve been skeptical about them doing it.

Can Someone See If You Screenshot Their VSCO

There’s no way for someone to know if you screenshotted their VSCO; whether that’s their profile or the pictures themselves. Due to privacy reasons, VSCO doesn’t reveal the people that have screenshotted your profile so there’s no way someone can know if you’ve done it.

You don’t need to change any privacy settings that’ll prevent them from seeing if you’ve screenshotted or screen recorded their VSCO. If you see want to save someone’s pictures on VSCO, you can screenshot or screen record and they’ll never know.

This is pretty much the same with all social media apps. They don’t reveal when a user has a screenshot. Whether that’s a post, a story, their profile, or DMs, most apps don’t. However, Instagram does notify screenshots in DMs when a type of photo is sent, and Snapchat notifies screenshots for a story, profile, chat or snap has been screenshotted. However, on VSCO, there are no alerts given in the notification section when this happens so no one can tell.

1. If You’re In A Group Photo, They’ll Expect It

If you’re in a group photo with someone and they’ve posted it on VSCO, and you follow them if you don’t have the photo in your camera roll they’ll assume that you’ve screenshotted it even though they weren’t notified. Most people who are in a group photo who don’t have the photo already are likely to screenshot it.

If you’re close with this person and your group likes to have pictures of each other taken often, they’re going to know that you’ve saved the picture and the best way to do that quickly is by screenshotting it. Although they can’t be 100% sure, most people would assume that you’ve screenshotted it.

2. If You Post The Picture

If they know that they’re the only one who has the picture, but you post the picture after screenshotting it from their VSCO, they’ll know that you screenshotted it since they’re the only one who has the picture.

The only time they’ll assume that you didn’t screenshot the picture from their VSCO is if it’s not originally their picture and then you’ve posted it. However, if they know that the photo is theirs originally and it hasn’t been posted elsewhere, then they’ll know that you just stole it from them by screenshotting it.

3. If It Contains You

If you’re in the picture with them and they’ve never shared it with you before, but they post it on their VSCO, then they’ll know that you’ve screenshotted the post.

If the post is old and they posted months or years ago and you didn’t follow each other on VSCO when they posted it, they’re not going to think you screenshotted the picture from their timeline because they’ll assume that you never saw it.

But if they’ve notified you about the picture and they’ve shared it with you, they’re going to assume that you screenshotted it if you didn’t ask them for it.

4. If You Share

If you share the picture they posted to their VSCO, they’re going to know that you screenshotted it, especially if it’s camera-roll-worthy.

If it’s something serious, and a photo that isn’t camera roll worthy, they’re not going to think that you’ve screenshotted it to save it. But if you’ve gone to the lengths of sharing it, they’re going to assume that you’ve screenshotted it. Especially if you share the screenshot rather than the picture itself.

5. If Someone Tells Them

The best way someone can know you’ve screenshotted their picture on VSCO is if someone else tells them. When someone tells them and even shows them that you sent them a screenshot of their picture, there’s no denying that it was you because everything points back to you (that’s if they didn’t send the photo or video to anyone else).

The only way that someone would be able to tell someone else that it was you who screenshotted their picture is if you sent it to someone that’s close to them.

How to Screenshot VSCO

There are two ways to take screenshots of someone’s VSCO on your phone. You can use the shortcut keys to take screenshots on your phone. On most Android smartphones, a screenshot can be taken by pressing the Power and Volume Down buttons together. Some phones also have the option to take screenshots via a certain gesture.

Screenshots can be taken anywhere on VSCO. Someone could take a screenshot of your profile, of a post, your comments, your profile picture, and so on. There’s nothing stopping them. The screenshots are stored on your device gallery. You can also take screenshots on your Windows or Mac computer if you’re using the web version of VSCO.

On Mac, you will have to press the Cmd+Shift+5 button to take a screenshot or if you want custom screenshots, then use Cmd+Shift+4. On a Windows computer, press the Windows key + Shift + S to bring up the Snip tool and take a screenshot as per your needs.

If you were hoping that VSCO will notify you of screenshots taken by someone else, then we are sorry to tell you that you will not receive any notifications when someone takes a screenshot.

Take a Picture Using Another Phone

Let’s say you really like a specific photo on someone’s VSCO and you want to save it forever. Why not take a picture of the photo instead of taking a screenshot. If you’re worried if the person will be notified of the screenshot, although this isn’t possible, you wouldn’t have to deal with the anxiety of ‘what if?’

Can You Use Third-Party Apps To Find Out?

At the moment, there are no third-party apps that you can use on VSCO, especially one’s that allow you to know if someone screenshotted your post. It means there is no way that you can hack the app and use other apps to find out who screenshotted your profile or photos.

If there is a third-party app to be used with VSCO, finding out who screenshotted your profile won’t be possible because VSCO will not know who screenshotted your VSCO, and the third-party app will not have a place to source that information.

What Happens When You Screenshot Someone’s VSCO Profile?

When you screenshot someone’s VSCO profile, nothing happens. The person whose profile you screenshotted will not receive a notification, and they may not even know you screenshotted their profile or pictures. Unless you’ve done something obvious to let them know that you’ve screenshotted, it won’t be their first thought.

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