If Someone Blocked Me on WhatsApp Can I See Their Username

If Someone Blocked Me on WhatsApp Can I See Their Username


If Someone Blocked Me on WhatsApp Can I See Their Username

When you get blocked on WhatsApp, a user’s profile will never change to reflect that you have gotten blocked.

You can still see the username even if you are blocked. “So how am I supposed to know when I’m blocked?” you may ask. There are multiple ways to tell you’ve been blocked.

When someone blocks you, you won’t be able to call them, and you won’t be able to view their current profile picture, last seen timestamp, or their status updates. So, if you try calling and it hangs up instantly, there’s a good chance you’ve been blocked.

Blocked contacts are not removed from your contacts list, and you will not get removed from the contact’s phone’s contacts list if you have blocked them. To remove someone from your phone’s address book, you must first remove it from your phones address book. Here’s how to go about this

How to Remove Someone From your WhatsApp Contacts

If you blocked someone, or you were blocked by someone on WhatsApp, their contact will stay in your address book. Understandably, it can probably be pretty frustrating seeing someone in your contacts you don’t want to or can’t talk to. Here’s how to remove them!

1. Go to the Chats tab in your WhatsApp application.

2. Tap ‘New Chat’.

3. If you don’t already see the contact, search up the name of the desired contact and select.

4. Tap the contacts name at the top of the chat screen.

5. Tap ‘More options. This should have three dots next to it. From this menu, press ‘View in Address Book’. Select ‘More options’ once again, then press ‘Delete’.

The desired contact should now be removed from your WhatsApp address book and you shouldn’t be able to see it again, unless you re-create it.

Why Can’t I See Someone’s WhatsApp Username?

Sometimes you may not be able to see someone’s WhatsApp username or photo. There could be many possible reasons this is happening, most of which you can fix yourself. Here’s some possible causes and solutions!

1. They’ve Removed Their Username

It’s possible they removed their username themselves. There’s nothing you can do to change this. You could ask them why they did it, and if it bothers you that much you can ask them to change it back.

2. There’s A Glitch

It’s also possible WhatsApp is glitching. This could be because there are corrupted files, or there are network issues. Clearing your WhatsApp cache in your device settings could fix this issue, otherwise wait a few hours and see if their username comes back.

For Android:

1: Open the ‘Settings’ application on your device Home Screen.

2: Locate and press the ‘Apps’ menu.

3. Next, scroll down until you see ‘WhatsApp’. Press it.

4. Tap ‘Storage’ (or ‘Memory’, depending on your device).

5. You will now be shown a mini menu of storage options for WhatsApp. Press ‘Clear Cache’.

For iOS:

1. Go to the ‘Settings’ application from your Home Screen.

2. Select ‘General’. It should be located towards the middle of the main settings page.

3. Select ‘Storage & iCloud Usage’.

4. Scroll down and tap ‘WhatsApp’.

5. Tap ‘Clear Data.’

And that’s it; your cache will now be cleared. Any corrupted data will be gone and your app should work as normal, if this was the issue.

3. WhatsApp Servers Are Down

If WhatsApp servers are down, this could cause your application to act strange. One of the things this could cause to happen is for your contacts usernames to disappear.

Don’t worry, it should be back to normal after a few hours and you shouldn’t be the only one this is happening to. There’s not much else you can do but wait for the servers to come back up, so just wait it out!

If I Block Someone on WhatsApp, Can They Still See My Name

Yes, when you block someone, nothing on your profile will change for them. They’ll still be able to see your name, profile picture, status, etc.

How To Know If Someone Has Blocked You

In the Settings section of the program, users may choose to block specific contacts they no longer desire to communicate or connect with. To see if you have been blocked, you can try the following:

1. Create a group and try to add the person you think blocked you

1. Open WhatsApp and start a new group for discussion.

2. Look for your suspected contact and attempt to include them in the group you’ve made.

3. If you have not been blocked, the contact will get added without complications.

4. After being blocked, a notification appears on your screen that says “you are not permitted to add this contact” when you try to add the contact to a group.

2. Call the contact

Attempt to contact the WhatsApp person you suspect has blocked you. They may not log on, or you may receive a text message stating that the call failed, which indicates that you are no longer permitted to make voice calls due to your Block.

There is only a slight margin of error with this method, yet it is often difficult to prove that another user has blocked you. A call error may occur in the absence of a signal or a poor Internet connection.

3. Send a message

Ticks are message indicators displayed in the bottom right corner of messages you have sent. They are available in three colors: green, blue, and grey. They demonstrate that communication has been delivered, received, and read.

If you have been banned from communicating with a user, all messages you send will only have a single tick. Alternatively, in circumstances when the individual has not stopped communication, you would see one or two extra symbols after the message got sent and eventually read.

4. Look at the profile picture.

A growing number of users do not want to hide their profile image, even if they do not want their ‘Last Seen’ information hidden. If you don’t see a photo, you’ve likely been barred from viewing it.

When you block a contact, they will no longer see the profile image you have chosen. People can delete their profile photos at any moment while searching for a replacement.


Although it’s not immediately obvious when someone blocked you on WhatsApp, you can easily find out the answer. You can try calling them, and if it goes straight to voicemail, you’ve probably been blocked (unless their phone is turned off or the servers are down).

You’ll still be able to see their username but not their profile picture, so if their profile picture is gone, this is another sign you were blocked. If a WhatsApp username is invisible, this could be because the servers are malfunctioning, or they removed their username themselves in the WhatsApp settings.

If the servers are up, you could try clearing the cache and restarting the app. However, if the servers are down, there’s not much else you can do other than wait it out.

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