LinkedIn is a social networking site like the dozen other ones you probably use. Unlink most sites, LinkedIn is a professional networking site that allows people to make business connections, share their resume, find jobs, and make themselves more hireable. Directors and HR members also use it to find the specific talent they may not find anywhere else.

LinkedIn is similar to other social networking sites in that send you can interact with people’s posts by liking and commenting, share updates, share posts, and instant message others. If you’ve worked at previous companies, you can also find people there and connect with them and message them for a catch-up.

To make your profile more attractive within a specific industry, you’ll need to connect with people so that you can build up your connections. When you get to the 500+ connections, it’ll make your profile look more credible and it’ll look like you’re popular within your industry. One way to get more connections is going to someone else’s profile within your industry and connecting with their connections. However, if you don’t have any connections, it’s going to be tricky to build your connections using this method.

Can You See Someone’s Connections Without Connecting?

Can You See Someone’s Connections Without Connecting

Unfortunately, if you aren’t connected with someone, you won’t be able to see their connections. When you try to click on their connections to view them, nothing happens. Once you connect with someone and their connections are visible, you’ll be able to see a list of their connections and you can connect with them. You can do this to build up your connections but make sure to only send requests to people that or in your industry or that you’re aware of.

Note: You may not be able to see some people’s connections even if you’re connected with them because it’s possible to hide 1st degree connections in the Privacy Settings.