Can You Have More Than 6 Photos on Hinge?

Can You Have More Than 6 Photos on Hinge?

I have loads of good pictures of myself and I want to show that off to everyone who likes me on Hinge, but it angers me that I can’t since the last thing I want is people thinking I’m ugly. It’s annoying how they’ve restricted users to only 6 pictures.

In this article, I’m going to be letting you know if you can bypass this and everything else you’ll need to know about your Hinge upload limits. 

Can You Have More Than 6 Photos on Hinge?

No, unfortunately, you can only have a total of six photos on your Hinge profile. However, with that said, you can have less than six but it will likely affect your ‘preferences’ settings.

This might be a big bummer for some and a wonderful thing for others. Some Hinge users dislike the fact that they are only allowed to upload six photos; however, other users enjoy the simplicity and find it to be just right.

Hinge does not quite explain why they only allow their users to upload six pictures but it is likely to lessen the chance of users filling their profile with bad pictures.

This is because when you are limited by how many photos you can upload to your profile, you are also less likely to upload bad or mid photos.

Not to mention when you know how to properly use these limited picture slots, you can make the most of them and showcase the real you. Sure, it might be frustrating that the Hinge dating app limits its users in this way but it can also help you to figure out a winning formula that draws in exactly who you are looking to potentially date.

However, on the other end of the spectrum, some users might be delighted by this photo limitation since it leaves little to no room for error and encourages them to carefully think about what pictures they upload to their Hinge profile.

It is helpful to know that there is somewhat of a formula that you can use to upload your best six pictures.

The very first photo you upload to your Hinge profile should be of you without sunglasses or a hat. While it might not be your first instinct, you will want to look directly into the camera and give your best smile.

This way it is a more personal photo that allows other Hinge users to not only see your lovely smile but also your eye color and other facial attributes. Now, your second photo should be a full-body shot of you (clothed) looking your best.

So, if you have a dress or a pair of jeans that makes you feel invincible, then it is time to bust them out and snap a full-body picture.

You can get a friend or even a family member to take the picture. If you are not comfortable with that, then you can take the photo yourself in a tall enough mirror.

As for your third photo on Hinge, it should be a calm and casual picture of you. You will want to be in a relaxed and casual state, which means no fancy clothes, only something casual.

You could be reading in a chair or even relaxing on a bench. This way they will see you in a casual setting rather than a possibly over-prepared state. Next, for your fourth photo on Hinge, it should show your wild side by doing something adventurous and/or fun.

If you are active and enjoy hiking, you could use a picture of yourself hitting the trail or conquering a particularly difficult hike. If you frequently travel, then you could use a photo of you somewhere you have traveled to or while traveling. 

For your fifth photo on Hinge, you will want to keep the fun going with a picture of yourself with a beloved pet. If you have a pet such as a dog, cat, fish, rabbit, hamster, chinchilla, ect.

You will want to get a picture with them and use that for your fifth photo. This way you are not only sharing the fact you have a pet but also showing the love and fun you have with that pet.

Not to mention a picture with a pet is a fantastic way to get a conversation started. Finally, for your sixth photo on Hinge, you will want to expand on your personality and what you enjoy doing such as a hobby or activity you regularly enjoy.

If you enjoy yoga, you can upload a photo of yourself in a serene yoga pose. Perhaps you fancy yourself a Jack or Jane of all trades that is always fixing things, then you can do a picture of yourself with objects that represent your interests.

How to Upload More Than 6 Photos on Hinge

As previously mentioned, you might find it irritating that you can only upload six photos for your Hinge profile. With this in mind, you are likely also wondering if there is a way to upload more than six photos on the Hinge application.

Well, you are in luck since there are a few ways to upload more than six pictures. However, keep in mind that there is no way to expand the number of spaces for photos on Hinge but there are some methods that can help you to somewhat get around this picture limitation.

Below, you will find two ways that you can upload more than six photos on the Hinge app.

Tip: If you’ve found that on upload, your hinge pictures are blurry, then there are a few things that you may have done wrong. Furthermore, if you’re having issues uploading your pictures to hinge, it’s likely internet issues. But if not, there could be some more underlying issues.

1. For One of Your Photo Spaces, Upload a Collage of Multiple Pictures

One way to get around Hinge’s picture limit for your profile is to upload a collage of photos. This way it will count as one photo space but it will also have many pictures.

You do not necessarily need to use third-party apps to make a photo collage, as you can typically make a collage in your Photos app. If you using your iPhone or Android and have Google Photos, then you can make a collage in the Google Photos app.

Simply open the Google Photos app and at the bottom of your screen, you can select the ‘Library‘ option.

After that, at the top of the screen you can select the ‘Utilities‘ option, then in the “Create New” section, tap on “Collage.” Now you can select up to nine photos and then select the “Create” option.

2. Connect Your Instagram So That All of Your Pics From Instagram Show Up At the Bottom of Your Profile

add instagram to the bottom

Another valid solution to upload more than six photos to your Hinge profile is to connect your Instagram account to your Hinge account. This way all of your pictures from Instagram will show up at the bottom of your profile on Hinge. 

Steps to Connect Your Instagram to Your Hinge

(As an iPhone user)

Step 1. The first thing you will want to do is open the Hinge app and select your Profile tab, then you can select the pencil icon above your name.

Step 2. At the very bottom of the menu that appears, select the “My Accounts” option, then select the icon next to “Recent Instagram Feed” (be sure that the icon is purple). 

Step 3. Finally, you can select the “Done” option to save your profile changes.

(As an Android user)

Step 1. Open the Hinge application, then select the Profile tab to go to your profile. Next, tap on the pencil icon above your name. 

Step 2. On the menu that appears, select “My Accounts” at the bottom, then you can tap on the word beside “Recent Instagram Feed.”

Step 3. Finally, you can select the arrow that is located in the upper left-hand corner of the screen to save your profile changes.

Can You Have Less Than 6 Photos on Hinge?

No, you cannot have less than six photos on Hinge. Some Hinge users on forums such as Reddit have claimed that you can have less than six photos on Hinge; however, this will typically have a negative effect on some features such as likes and preferences. 

How to Have Less Than 6 Photos on Hinge

You may want to have less than six photos on your Hinge profile and this is doable in a way. While it might be simplistic, you may not have thought of it yet and you will find this method below.

1. Upload Blank/Black Pics 

If you do not necessarily want to have six pictures on your Hinge profile, then you can simply fill the spaces with blank/black pictures. This way Hinge will count the spaces as being filled but they simply be blank.

It is quite interesting that Hinge will only allow you to upload six photos; however, this is probably for the best since if you were allowed to upload an unlimited amount of pictures, the majority would probably not be very good. Perhaps it is good that Hinge only allows its users to upload six pictures.

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