Can You Find Out When Someone’s Gmail Account Was Created?


One of the biggest email providers is Google. Not only are they the owners of the largest search engine, but they are also one of the most secure email providers ever. Many users have never had an issue with their Gmail account being compromised due to Gmail’s tight security protocols.

As the owner trying to get back your account, you may even struggle because of how secure Gmail is. When a Gmail password is forgotten, a number or recovery email address is required so that the user can receive a security code. If the number or recovery email can’t be provided, then the user has the option to answer a number of security questions and one of them is when their Gmail Account was created.

Click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP

If you’re the one who’s forgotten your Gmail account, then one of the security questions you’ll receive ‘when is the date your account was created’. The only way to find out when your Gmail account was created is by checking your POP status and when it was enabled for your mail that has arrived since a specific date (this is usually when you created your account.)

Or, you can go back to the first-ever message you received and check when you got the welcome message from Google. Other than this, Google doesn’t provide you with a date for when your account was created.

Finding Out When Someone’s Gmail Account Was Created

If you’re trying to get into someone’s Gmail account by finding out when their account was created, the chances of getting in are slim unless you know the person really well. Unfortunately, there’s no way to find when someone’s Gmail account was created if you’re not the owner of that account as well.

You either know the date or you don’t. The only way to find out this information is by asking them, other than that, there’s nowhere to look that will provide you with the creation date of someone else’s Gmail account.

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