Can You Have the Same YouTube Channel Name as Someone Else

Can You Have the Same YouTube Channel Name as Someone Else

Your given name should be distinct. So, before deciding on a name, try typing in your prospective name into YouTube and see what happens. If you notice that another channel (or channels) has a Channel Name quite similar to yours, you should probably choose something else to use as your Channel Name. The difficulty you’ll run into if you try to use an existing name arises under trademark laws.

The channel’s title is protected as a trademark since it is used to “brand” the channel in the eyes of viewers and viewers’ friends. Trademark rights are acquired by the use of a mark in commerce in the United States.

Furthermore, in most cases, the first person or corporation to use a trademark in commerce acquires the trademark rights—-this is referred to as the “senior user” of the property in question. Anyone who attempts to use the trademark, later on is referred to as a junior user. In nine out of 10 cases, the older user is victorious in the court of law.

Can You Have the Same YouTube Channel Name as Someone Else

Yes, YouTube allows channels to use the same name. This is allowed and fine, as long as you aren’t impersonating another channel. For example, if you steal their name and profile picture and re upload their content onto your channel, your channel will end up banned.

Pretending to be that channel in comments of videos can also warrant a ban from the site. However, you can have the same name as another channel, and as long as you follow the rules, you’ll be just fine.

Best Practices If You’re Going to Have the Same Name As Someone

If you’re going for a similar or same name as another YouTube channel, it’s a good idea to use a name from a channel that isn’t already popular. If it is popular, we recommend changing the name slightly in some way to differentiate yourself from the other channel. This way, people will know you’re not the same channel.

If you’re going to have the same name as another channel, do not copy their profile picture too. Even if you aren’t, you may get reported for spamming or impersonating and end up banned from the website. Use a completely different profile picture from the channels name you’re using to differentiate yourself and clear up possible confusion.

And finally, if you’re using someone’s channel name, never EVER re upload their content as yours. In the YouTube community, this is very frowned upon and also against the rules; you will be banned.

Even if you’re not and everyone believes you’re the actual channel, you’ll still get copyrighted by the actual channel, so you’ll be wasting your time.

Can Someone Copy My YouTube Channel Name?

Yes! Just like you can use the same name as other channels, the same goes for others; they can copy your YouTube channel name. Even though it’s against the rules, they can even copy your profile picture and pretend to be you!

They’ll probably be banned not long after, but it is technically possible. Many users do this for big YouTube channels to do fake giveaways, when in reality, it’s a scam.

So, whenever you’re watching your favorite channels and you look at the comments and see a comment explaining a giveaway, make sure you visit their profile and double check it’s actually them.

More than likely, if it’s a real giveaway, you won’t need to message them on telegram or WhatsApp.

What If You Have the Same YouTube Name as Someone Else

If you have the same YouTube name as someone else, it’s ok, as long as you don’t try to impersonate them! If it’s a brand name you’re copying and you try to make money off of it, you may be hit with copyright infringement, so be careful.

Otherwise, you’re good to go! We recommend changing the name at least slightly so users don’t get the two channels mixed up and it’ll make your channel name more unique.

Should I Use the Same Name As Another YouTube Channel?

It depends on what type of content you’re making. If your YouTube channel is focused on a specific channels content, news or clips, it would make total sense to have their name in your channel name.

However, in most cases, it’s better to come up with your own name. If you copy another channels name, someone may start watching your video and turn it off when they realize it’s not the actual channel they were trying to watch.

They also might accuse you of copying and, from that point on, will avoid your channel completely. Even if you did end up successful with the same name of another big YouTube channel, there’s a high chance you’ll still be looked at like a copy of the other channel, especially if you have similar content.

These are just a few reasons we recommend coming up with your own name. Even if you don’t like the name you start with, you can always change it later.

If you can’t think of a good name, you can always use a random name generator online, or think of nicknames you’ve been given in the past and go of that.

You could even just use your first name, or even your initials if you like how it looks. There’s a lot of room for creativity in your channel name, so get creative and write down a list of possible names, and at the end of it, choose your favorite!

Can You Copyright a Youtube Name?

Application for Copyright Registration (File a Copyright Registration Application)-> Visit the website of the United States Copyright Office. Click on “Electronic Copyright Registration” to fill out the Form VA online, required to register work in the Visual Arts.

Include the name of the logo’s designer as well as contact information for the company. Many logos are available for purchase.

Depending on the circumstances, copyright infringement consequences can range from five to ten years in jail for the first transgression and up to ten years in prison for subsequent crimes.

How to Change Your Youtube Channel URL

The URL of a YouTube channel does not change when the name of the channel is changed. That must be accomplished through the completion of a different series of actions.

User’s YouTube channels can have a “custom” URL that can be modified up to three times each year.

In the sense that YouTube will allow producers to pick from a list of suggested URLs, it is custom that the channel’s title heavily influences the suggestions because of YouTube’s desire to prevent users from entering possibly deceptive URLs.

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