How to Know If Someone is Watching You Through Your Phone Camera

Can Someone Spy On You Through Your Phone Camera?

As an iPhone user, the idea of your camera being compromised and hacked is worrying and no one likes the idea of being spied on 24/7, especially when doing things that we don’t want others seeing us doing.

For time, people have been worried about the cameras on their devices spying on them hence why people have been covering their webcam on their laptops with tape now for years. As an iPhone user, it may be a surprise to you that there is spyware available that is designed to hack phone device cameras without you knowing.

For iPhones, these spyware products are readily available for a cheap price and some can even be used with a free trial. Due to the availability of these products, not that much technical ability is needed to be able to hack your iPhone camera and spy on your.

Luckliy, with an iOS device, it’s more difficult and it would require someone to jailbreak your device to get around the tough security that Apple has imposed. Although the security is tough, for a lot of technical hackers, who have the right information, it’s not too hard.

In most cases, the hacker who’s trying to watch you through your iPhone camera would need access to your phone for a short time in order to be able to watch you through your camera. They would need to install the spyware that they need in order to control your device’s camera even if that means your iPhone needs to be jailbroken.

Can Someone See You Through Your Phone Camera iPhone?

If your iPhone has not been compromised or jailbroken by the person whos intending to see you through your iPhone camera, then no one can spy on you through your iPhone camera.

Your iPhone would have had to be accessed by the hacker and compromised by them in order for them to be able to watch you through your iPhone camera. Without them doing any of this, they wouldn’t be able to spy on you through your camera.

For example, the CIA has been known to spy on people through their iPhone cameras such as ex-president Saddam Hussain after they got hold of it and installed spyware which led to them knowing his whereabouts.

Of course, no one is going to have it out for you that much, but in most cases where people would be able to have access to your camera and spy on you through it, they would first need to have access to your iPhone.

No One’s Watching You, Trust Me!

Honestly, the chances that someone will ever see you through your iPhone’s camera is negligible and won’t even happen in your lifetime. The only time this is likely to happen is if you’re a celeb, famous, need evidence against you because you’ve committed an atrocious crime, or an advanced hacker has seriously got it out for you.

Even in these cases, the chances are next to 0 which is why you shouldn’t be concerned about someone watching you through your camera at all.

How to Know If Someone is Watching You Through Your Phone Camera

There are a few ways to know if someone is watching you through your iPhone camera and the easiest way to tell would be to closely watch your phone. There are strange occurrences that’ll allow you to know when someone is watching you through your camera.

1. Check For Spyware In The Background

If someone is trying to record you through your iPhone camera and they’re using a software to do so, they may have not been smart enough to close the background app.

if you notice that a spyware app is in the background when it wasn’t you that opened it, it could be someone watching your through your iPhone camera or trying to record you through your iPhone camera.

A professional more advanced hacker wouldn’t be so stupid to leave the app that they’re using to watch you in the background. To check if there’s a spyware app in the background on your iPhone, you can swipe up from the bottom of your screen and the multitasker will show up. From here, if you can see an app that you haven’t left open, it’ll probably be the spyware app.

2. Your Phone Is Doing Things You Haven’t Told It To

If your phone is operating by itself, then it could indicate that someone is watching your or trying to record you through your camera. It’ll be stupid for the person watching you through your camera to control your device for you as this would be too obvious but it’s something you want to keep in mind if you want to know if someone is watching your through your iPhone camera.

3. The Camera Is Acting Strange

If your camera is acting strange, then someone might be using it to watch you. For example, your camera may turn on automatically or it might be in the background apps when you haven’t even opened it. Even if you do notice this, always keep in mind that software glitches can cause your iPhone to act up and it might not always be that someone watching you.

4. Someone Is Blackmailing You About Something No One Else Would Know

If you’re chatting to someone online or you have an associate that’s blackmailing you about something only you would know is a telltale sign that they’re the ones who have been watching you through the camera.

If you’ve seen black mirror ep 1 s1, it’s similar to this. If you’ve been doing something in your bedroom for example and someone has seen this through your iPhone camera and they’ve potentially recorded you, they could blackmail you to extort something out of you.

5. Weird Files Appear on Your iPhone

If someone is using your phone’s camera to spy on your, the videos that they’ve been recording of you will need to be saved somewhere. Usually, this will be saved in the files folder on your iPhone. If you’ve noticed files out of nowhere, it could be the recordings of the person who’s watching you through your iPhone camera.

If you’ve also noticed that your storage space is decreasing, this might be due to the fact that the recordings the person is taking of you through your camera is being saved in the files folder. Things like videos and pictures take up a lot of space so you’ll notice your storage space decrease quite rapidly if they’re doing this in excess.

6. Your Camera Has Flashed

If you’ve noticed that your flash is turning on for no reason, either your front-facing or back-facing flash, it could be the person spying on you through your camera trying to record you. If your camera has flashed, then this would be novice of them because the last thing a hacker wants to do is give themselves away. If you’ve noticed this and you’re not on the camera app, this should be worrying.

7. Battery Draining

If someone is watching you through your camera and recording everything you do, this is going to take a toll on your battery. Filming tends to drain your battery rapidly and if you’ve noticed that your battery is draining very quickly, it could be a telltale sign that someone is on your camera.

With that said, several other factors, such as open apps, background services, or a poor cellular connection, can cause a battery to drain quickly. As always, if you suspect a breach, you should monitor your device more closely to rule out other causes.

With that being said, if your battery is draining fast, it’s not always because someone is using spyware to look at you through your camera and record you, it could be you using your phone too much, constantly starting apps up, leaving your phone on, leaving the flash on etc.

How Can People Watch You Through Your iPhone Camera?

Many spyware products can allow people to use the features to their advantage with a common one blackmailing you or selling your photos and videos to the black market.

The photo capture feature is a very common feature that people use to take secretly take photos from your iPhone camera – this is done remotely and the photos are sent to a cloud server where they can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Another common one is video recording and this is where they take a video using your iPhone camera with you having no idea it’s happening.

From here, the video is sent to a cloud server where they’re able to watch it and download it. Another one is remote camera monitoring.

Remote camera monitoring is where they’re able to watch you live through your iPhones camera and the hacker could potentially be able to broadcast this ‘live’ onto streaming sites or even the dark web. This is the most worrying feature of spyware as it tracks every moment of your life.

How to Avoid Being Watched On Through Your iPhone Camera

To avoid being watched through your iPhone camera, you need to make sure that you’re taking the necessary precautions with your iPhone.

The first thing you need to do is only make sure to download and install apps that are in the App Store and not through third parties on the web. All apps on the app store are safe to download and safe so downloading from only there and not third parties won’t put your iPhone at risk of being compromised.

Along with this, only make sure that you’re giving apps access to your camera whilst you’re using the app and not always unless you’re potentially putting yourself at risk.

Another thing you need to do is make sure no one has access to your phone that you don’t trust for a long period of time.

For example, if someone is potentially out to get you, for example, the police of someone who’s likely to track you through your camera because of their gain, you need to avoid giving your iPhone to them because this is where they could potentially install some spyware.

One more thing you can do to avoid being spied through your camera is to cover your camera with tape. This is the easiest way to avoid it if you think that someone is genuinely spying on you through your camera. Even if they’ve managed to compromise your device, there’s nothing they can do with it once you cover your camera. What are they going to blackmail you with, a black video?

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