Can Someone Find Your Email on Snapchat?


When you make a snapchat account, you’re asked for a username, name, date of birth, email and phone number. You’re asked for an email address so that Snapchat has something else to link your account to for verification in case you can’t get into Snapchat (this email address will have to be verified before it can be used as your recovery email for when you can’t get into your account). You can add people on Snapchat using their username, snap code, phone number, or quick add.

Can Someone See Your Email on Snapchat?

Can Someone See Your Email on Snapchat

No one can see your email address on Snapchat that you added when creating your account. Snapchat doesn’t display your email address anywhere on the app so there’s no way that your friends will be able to find it. The email that you provide when you create your account is needed for when you can’t remember your snapchat password.

Snapchat will then send a reset password link to your email address so that you can verify that you own the account you forgot your password for. There’s no reason for Snapchat to show people this information as it provides no benefit to other people.

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