YouTube is a video platform that allows creators to create videos to make money from and for the viewers, you can watch videos and interact with them using likes and comments. YouTube is one of the best platforms for video content as you can find one on just about any topic.

If you’re a content creator, you can create videos on topics you like and gain a following also know as a subscriber base. When you subscribe to a channel, you’re opting in to see someone’s content on your recommended page because you like the type of content they put out. This means that you’ll be seeing their content more regularly and you won’t have to go to their channel to watch their new videos because it will already be on your recommended page.

If you watch a new video, you’ll see a subscribe button below it. Many people who watched the video will be able to subscribe to them as well.

Can Someone See If You Subscribe to them on YouTube

Every content creator has a creator studio that allows them to see information about their channel and their videos. If you’ve been watching someone that you know, and you subscribe to them, there are a few factors that will determine if they’re able to see that you subscribed to them.

subscriptions are set the private

If your subscriptions are set the private, no other user can use that you subscribed to them. When you click the subscribe button, they’ll won’t be notified that you subscribed to them because your account is private.

If your subscriptions are set to public, then other users will be able to see that you subscribed to them. If the user has enabled emails to be sent to them when “Someone subscribes to my channel”, then they’ll be notified when you subscribed to them if you’re public. However, if this option is turned off, then they won’t be able to see that you subscribed to them even if your subscribers are set to public.

Usually, only people with a small number of subscribers will have this notification enabled. If you’re worried about a channel with a big subscriber base knowing if you’ve subscribed to them, then you shouldn’t be worried because they probably don’t have this notification enabled.