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Snapchat is a messaging platform that allows people to message their friends in a fun way. This can be done by texting, sending snaps, creating group chats, and replying to other people’s stories. Many people use Snapchat as their default message platform as it allows you to add anyone who also uses Snapchat so you can message them Instantly.

Snapchat used to only allow people to send snaps and texts to each other before Snapchat stories were introduced. This allowed people to take a video at the current moment and post it to their story. If you have loads of friends, you’ll be able to see a lot of stories when you swipe left to the stories page. When you view a story, you can reply to it, screenshot it, or send it to your friend/ a group chat. This allows your friends to see the person’s Snapchat story without having them as a friend or before they see it themselves.

Depending on the person’s privacy settings, people who you send the story to may not be able to see it. This depends on if the person hides people from viewing their story, made a private story, or if they’ve been blocked. If you send people’s stories a lot, chances are that you’re worried that they’ll know that their story is being sent.

Can Someone See If You Send their Story on Snapchat

On Snapchat, someone can’t see when their story has been sent to someone else or a group chat. However, if the person it’s been sent to views the story that’s been sent, then they can see that they viewed it – but they can’t see that it was sent to someone. Snapchat as of now keeps this private from people who post stories and only allows them to know when someone’s viewed their story.

If the person has set their stories to only be viewed by their friends, they won’t be able to indicate whether their story has been sent to a group. If the story is public and it’s set for everyone to view, then they are able to tell that their story was sent because people they don’t have as friends will be on the list of people who viewed the story.

Note: The only information someone can see after they post a story is who viewed the story and who screenshotted it.

Does Snapchat Tell The Person If You Send Their Story to Someone?

When you share somebody’s story with another person that uses Snapchat, Snapchat doesn’t tell them that you sent their story. There is no notification that they’re given by Snapchat to notify them that someone has just shared their story. Because of the privacy aspect, Snapchat wouldn’t allow people to know when someone just shared their story. This would cause too many problems within the community and people won’t feel comfortable sharing other people’s stories if they know that Snapchat will tell that person. As soon as their story is sent to someone else, they’ll have no clue it happened.

With that being said, If you share someone’s story using the remix feature, then they’re going to know that you shared their story to your own story because they’re going to see it on your story, and Snapchat is going to mention them which is going to give them a notification. Sharing someone’s story to your story is different from sharing someone’s story to another friend or to a group chat.

If You Send Their Story To Someone Who’s Not Their Friend, Will They Know?

If you send someone Snapchat story to someone who’s not their friend, then they’re going to know because that person’s name is going to come up in the list of people who viewed their story. This is bearing in mind that the people who can view their Snapchat story have to be set to everyone. If you share their story to people who can’t see their story, then they’re never going to know that you shared it with someone who’s not their friend.

They will only know if you send it to someone and that friend is bespoke to you. If they see someone who they don’t have viewing their story, they’re not going to be able to trace it back to you so there’s no reason to be worried. Unless they know that the person who viewed it is friends with no one but you on their story, or that you’re one of the few people to see their story so if they see someone who’s close to you view their story as soon as they post it, then they’re going to know that you’re the only one that has shared it.

How Someone Can Tell That You Shared Their Snapchat Story

There are a few ways that someone can know that it was you who shared their story. Even though Snapchat doesn’t tell people when their stories are shared, it’s possible for them to use clues to find out if someone shared their story. These clues can lead someone to believe that it was you who shared their story. Although it doesn’t mean that it was you for definite, they can have a strong belief but of course, you can always deny it.

If Someone Tells Them

The strongest way that someone can know you shared their story is if someone tells them. When someone tells them and even shows them that you sent them their story, there’s no denying that it was you because everything points back to you. The only way that someone would be able to tell someone else that it was you who shared their story is if you sent it to someone that’s close to them. Or, they just thought that it’d be funny to tell the person that you shared their story to them.

This is most likely to happen if they don’t have the person as a friend on Snapchat but they know them in real life. If they have someone on Snapchat and you send their story to that person, there really isn’t anything wrong with it because they were going to see it anyway. But if you were being sneaky about it and sharing it with people they don’t have on Snapchat, then you’re more likely to have problems with them telling the person who posted the story.

If They Receive Viewers That Are Friends With You

If someone can see that one of your closes friends is on the list of people that viewed their story, then they’re probably going to think that it was you who shared it. This only works when they can’t tie that person directly to you. If they have other friends on Snapchat who also have them then it’s less likely that they’re going to assume it’s you who shared their story.

If you share someone’s story and you think that they’re going to assume it’s you who shared it based on the friend who viewed it, it’s best to tell your friend not to view their story when you share it with them. You can just tell them what’s going on in their story rather than sending it to them. Or if what you want them to see it, in the midsection of the story, they can see a snippet of it in the chat rather than clicking on the story which will notify the person who uploaded it that your friend viewed it.

If They Don’t Have Many People On Snapchat

If someone doesn’t have many people on Snapchat and you’re sharing their story, then it’s going to lead them to you if a friend of yours views it. Because you’re the person that’s mainly associated with that friend and they don’t have them, it makes it more obvious that it was you that shared it. Although sharing someone’s story isn’t a bad thing, there’s a reason you’re worried that they might think that you’ve shared their story.

If you want to make sure that they don’t know it’s you, then it’s best that you don’t share their story, especially if they don’t have that many people and it can always lead back to you. If they don’t have their story views set to everyone and the person you’ve shared it to is unable to see the story, then there’s no way that they can’t know someone shared their story because Snapchat didn’t notify them.

How To Make Sure They Can’t Find Out You Shared Their Story

If you want to make sure that someone can’t tell that it’s you who shared their story, then there are a few things that you can do to prevent this. Keeping things off Snapchat is the best way to make sure that someone doesn’t know that you’ve shared their story.

Sharing doesn’t have to be via Snapchat as well, there are different ways to share someone’s story to your friends without directly going onto Snapchat, clicking the share button on the bottom right and selecting someone’s name or a group chat to share it to. In most cases, you don’t need to worry that someone is going to think that it’s you who shared their story because in 99% of cases, they’ll know it was you who shared it.

Share It To People In Real Life

The best way to ensure that someone doesn’t know it’s you who shared their story is to share it with people in person. Sharing it with someone in person is the best way to ensure that someone isn’t going to know that it was you who shared their story. Because you just showed someone in real life, it’s impossible for them to know that you shared their story. As long as the person you shared it with doesn’t tell them, then there’s no way that they’ll know it was you who shared it.

If You Want to Take A Screenshot to Share To Others, Use Another Phone

Rather than sending someone’s story directly to your friends, the best way to share it with them without the possibility of their name coming up on who viewed their story is to take a picture or video of their story and send it to your friends or the group chat. This means that they won’t be notified that you screen recorded or screenshotted their story. Nor will they be able to see people that they don’t have to view their story. Doing all of this will ensure that they don’t know it’s you who shared it.

Just Talk About It

Or, you could just talk about it with your friend rather than sharing anything physical. If you share something physical, then there’s a chance that you could get found out. But if you just tell your friend what you saw on their story without sharing it with them, then there’s no way that they’ll ever know unless they spoke to that friend directly.

Tell Your Friend To View Their Story Without Them Knowing

Another thing that you can do is to tell your friend to view their Snapchat story without them knowing. When they view their Snapchat story without them knowing, then there’s no way that the person will know that you’ve shared their story without them knowing.

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