Can Someone See If You Searched them on LinkedIn?

Can Someone See If You Searched them on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social networking platform that allows professionals to connect with each other. It’s like the other dozen platforms that you use such as Facebook and Twitter. Unlike other social networking platforms, people use LinkedIn to connect with people in their industry, find jobs, add resumes, and make themselves more hireable by displaying their previous experience and their references.

Like Facebook, LinkedIn allows you to interact with people by liking and commenting on their posts, sharing statuses, updating your status, and messaging them. If you’re currently working somewhere or have previous experience at other places, you can connect with them and instantly message them to catchup.

If you want to find people on LinkedIn, you can do this by searching for companies and looking at the people who work there, looking at peoples connections who you think they’ll be connected to, or you can just search for them.

Can Someone See If You Search them on LinkedIn

Fortunately, no one can see when you search for them on LinkedIn. There’s no way this would be possible because when you search a name, loads of results could come up. Therefore, LinkedIn doesn’t know who you were intending to look for so there’s no specific person they can notify telling them that you search for them.

However, if you’ve searched for someone and clicked on a specific profile, then LinkedIn will notify then saying that you’ve viewed their profile. Luckily, you can change your privacy settings so that you’re hidden when someone’s notified that their profile was viewed.

Private profile characteristics

To do this, go to your profile, tap on the icon, select Settings & Privacy > How others see your LinkedIn activity > Profile viewing options > select Private profile characteristics or Private mode. Another way to do this is by searching for them on LinkedIn but in incognito mode so you’re not logged in.

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