Can Snapchat Groups Have Streaks?


There’s nothing worse than losing your Snapchat streak because someone fell asleep or forgot to Snap you back.

It’s the unfortunate nature of a Snapchat streak that someone must respond within the time limit or the streak ends; if you had it going for days, well, there’s very little you can do about getting it back, especially if it was due to human error. And that realization offers a question: what if there were more people involved?

When you Snap with someone, it doesn’t have to be with one other person, you can create groups and message each other, a group conversation in other words. One would assume that by conversing with more individuals you could increase your streak even further. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

What is Snap Streak?

Sending Snaps to one another ticks a number with that specific person and the streak starts after a handful of Snaps are sent within a day. For example, if you send one Snap to one another and then send another Snap between each other within 24 hours of the last Snap, you’re on a Snap streak of 2.

You can have several different Snap streaks going on at once, and you can see who you’re on a Snap streak with by checking for a “flame” emoji next to a friend’s name. However, the flame emoji won’t show up until three days of consecutive Snaps have been sent. The minimum amount of Snaps that need to be sent in those three days are six, because you send one for each day and they send one back, but you have to read them; you can’t ignore them.

Why Won’t it Work for Groups?

To be frank, it doesn’t work that way because Snpachat didn’t design it to work in such a way. Snapchat streaks are more a personal one on one kind of activity and if you introduce a group simply to stack a Snapchat streak then what’s the point, you know? It becomes a chore rather than a fun little game between you and someone else.

Another point to make is that there’s no real benefit to creating a streak; it’s the definition of a self-regulated game. You could argue it’s for bragging rights and perhaps take a screenshot of the elusive “100” emoji next to your friend’s name when you hit a Snapchat streak of 100. Other than that, there’s no incentive; it’s purely for fun.

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