Can Other People See My Comments BeReal?

Can Other People See My Comments BeReal?

In short, yes, everyone on the BeReal app that is friends with the account that your comment is posted on, can see your comment under the post. In this regard, the BeReal app is no different than Facebook or Instagram. Say that one of your friends answers the “be real” notification and posts a photo of themself, then you comment beneath the post saying “looking good!” or anything for that matter. Anyone who is friends with that friend will see your comment, as it is public to anyone who is friends with the poster.

Keep in mind that there is no private messaging feature on the BeReal app, which also means that if you are to comment on another user’s picture, then anyone who is friends with them can see your comment. You may be wondering, “What if my BeReal account is set to ‘Private’?” and the answer is, your comment will still be viewable for any user that is friends with the account that posted the photo.

Can People Who Aren’t Friends With Me See My Comments on Someone’s BeReal?

Yes, when you submit a comment to a friend’s post, it does not matter if you are not friends with them, what matters is that the friend that posted the photo is friends with them.

So, it is safe to say that if they are not friends with the account that was posted, your comment will not be seen by them or anyone else that is not their friend on the BeReal app. Someone not being friends with the account that posted the photo is the only way that they will not see your comment.

Suppose when you realize that anyone who is friends with the account that posted can see your comments, you may want to delete your comment. It could be due to not wanting a certain someone to see the comment you have made or otherwise. Below, you will find some simple steps to delete a comment on the BeReal app.

Who Can See My Comments on BeReal?

When you post a comment on someone’s photo in the BeReal app, the only people that will be able to see the comment is the person whose post you have commented on, you, and anyone who is BeReal friends with the account that posted.

There are many things that the BeReal photo-sharing app does differently; however, it is quite similar to other social media apps in that comments on posts are viewable by anyone who is friends with the person that posted. Such a feature may not be ideal for some but it does not seem likely to change any time soon.

How to Stop Other People From Seeing My BeReal Comments

While there is no function on the BeReal app to hide your comments, there are other methods to ensure that your comment is not seen by someone whom you would prefer not to see the comment.

Though, you should consider if you do not want someone to see the comment, that maybe the comment is not all that needed. Suppose that the person that posted the picture on which you wish to comment on, is friends with your ex on the BeReal app, this is certainly a situation in which you do not want them to see the comment.

In such a scenario, there are alternative ways to get your message across without making it “public” in a sense. Below, you will find a few of these alternate methods, so that you can say what you need to say.

1. Don’t Comment

Sometimes the best thing to say is nothing at all, this could be the answer in this situation. Before commenting on someone’s post or in this scenario, a photo, consider if your comment will add anything to the conversation.

You should also consider who may be able to see the comment, since if the person that posted is friends with someone who may find your comment negative or troublesome, it may not be worth commenting. In the words of an excellent lyricist Neil Peart “If you have chosen not to choose, you still have made a choice.”

There are times when you are simply better off not commenting at all on a post. To go a step further, you could look at the questionable movie “Bambi” in which it is said, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

2 . Send Them A Private Message on Another Social Media Platform

Another viable option is to send them a private message on another social media platform. As previously mentioned, the BeReal app is quite different than most social media platforms and this includes how you can message someone on the app, being that you simply cannot.

The BeReal social media platform does not offer a private messaging service; however, other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Since BeReal does not have a private messaging function, you will need to post and talk with your friends via the comments or comment on their post; though, this may have been what led you to try and find ways to hide your comments on BeReal.

3 . Use An Anonymous BeReal to Comment

Our final method of hiding your comments on a BeReal post is to create an anonymous BeReal account and then post your comment(s). By doing this you of course make yourself anonymous; therefore, anyone who sees the comment cannot be certain it is you.

They would have to do some technical digging to connect the dots. Now, it should be said that you should only use this method if it is entirely necessary. Luckily, setting up a new or separate BeReal account is relatively easy.

You will only need to verify your phone number and then you can connect to your friends via their phone numbers. If you would like to create a new anonymous BeReal account, you can refer to the steps below to set up a BeReal account.

How to Create an Anonymous BeReal Account

Step 1. After verifying your phone number, you’ll need to enter your Username, which in this scenario, should be a username that will not give you away so that you may remain anonymous. After coming up with a username, then you can tap on the “Continue” button option.

Step 2. Once you have selected a username and have proceeded, then you will need to give the BeReal app permission to access your contacts, which will allow BeReal to add your friends to your BeReal profile.

Step 3. When you have finished the previous step, you should receive a notification stating “Time to BeReal,” you will want to tap on it to start posting your first BeReal (for this account).

Step 3. Keep in mind that you will also need to permit to take pictures and videos, you can also share your location as well if you would like to show your friends your location; however, to remain anonymous you may not want to share your location.

Step 4. Remember that when you post, you can select whether you want to share it with your friends or you can opt to share it with everyone. If you do share it with everyone, your post will be posted in the ‘Discover’ tab.

By correctly following the steps provided above, you should have yourself an anonymous BeReal account on which you can comment as you please. With this method, you will not have to worry about anyone knowing who posted the comment, and so long as you are careful about it, they should not catch on that it is you.

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