Can People See What You Search on Twitter?

Can Followers See What You Search on Twitter?

On Twitter, your followers can see many things such as if you like, reply or tweet anything. The Twitter feed is based on what the people you follow do and that might lead you to think they can see absolutely everything that you do.

To make your feed more entertaining, Twitter likes to so you most of the things people you follow are getting up to but there is a limit to this.

Just because they can see what you like and tweet etc, doesn’t mean that they can see everything you do. This can lead you to think that they’re able to see things such as your searches, or things that you share in your DMs.

Although Twitter might be less private than other social media apps out there such as Instagram or Facebook, doesn’t mean that they don’t have any privacy.

Can People See What You Search on Twitter?

Your followers can’t see what you search on Twitter because Twitter doesn’t make your search history public to people that follow you. There’s no setting that you may have turned on that’ll make your search history public, there’s no way someone will ever find out what you’ve been searching on Twitter unless you show them yourself.

If you search for people using their handle and visit their profile, Twitter won’t let them know that you made that search so there’s no way they’d find out that you searched for them.

1. If You Reveal Your Search History Through a Tweet or in Person

All your Twitter search history is stored but you are the only person who can access it. Your Twitter search history, however, should remain private.

There are many things we search on Twitter and we would not like people finding out. Which is okay. So, unless you reveal your search history, to a person, they would not be able to know about it.

Another way that someone can find out is if you decide to tweet it. Yes, there are people who will do a search a thing. So, do not tweet your search history if you want to keep it private.

2. They Manage to Hack Your Twitter Account

Hacking is real and it happens even on Twitter. Hackers may target your account specifically to get certain information.

In the process, they will end up revealing your private information such as Twitter searches. In other cases, it is not a direct attack on your account but they will end up getting hold of it.

Some of the ways your account can be hacked are if you have a weak password and if you disclose some of your login details either knowing or unknowingly among others.

Here is how to know your Twitter account has been hacked.

1. You find there are unexpected tweets from your account.

2. Messages are sent from your Twitter account without your knowledge.

3. Actions that you have not initiated such as blocking, unfollowing, and following.

4. Get a notification from Twitter that your account has been compromised.

5. You cannot access your account as the password has been changed.

Can People See What You View on Twitter

What you view on Twitter is quite different from what you search for. Majority of things you may view on Twitter you get through your feed. As a result, it is difficult for someone to know what you have been viewing on Twitter. So, do not worry next time you want to view materials on Twitter.

However, there are ways a person can use to find out. So, if you view and you do not act on the content you have viewed, no one will ever know.

But, if you view the content and decide to respond to it, people will easily find out, especially if they come across the same content. Here is how this will happen.

1. If You Like It

If you view whatever type of content on Twitter and you do not want people to know you did, then do not like it. The moment you like the content on Twitter, that record is made on the post. As a result, anyone coming across the post can easily tell who viewed and liked it.

Your account name will be on the list of people that like that content. So, if you want to keep your actions anonymous, avoid liking posts that you view and you will be okay.

2. If You Retweet It

This is even the easiest way that people can know what you viewed. It is like shouting to other people and telling them you have tasted the content and they should try it too.

Although retweeting content can be really interesting especially if it is viral, not all content you would like to retweet and people to know that you consume.

This means that if you are a person who would like to keep their activities on the platform a secret, retweeting is a no go zone. As much as you may get the urge to do it, you will have to leave it alone.

What Can My Followers See on Twitter?

On Twitter, the only thing that your followers can see is what you like, what you reply to, the tweets you make, who you follow, and who follows you, and that’s about it. They can’t see anything more than that and this includes your search history.

If your account is private, then only people who follow you can see what you get up to on Twitter so if you’re worried about someone that doesn’t follow you stalking you and see what you get up to, then you can make your account private.

They can also see your profile information if it is available. If you are the type of person who has shared lots of details such as your profile picture, biography, location, and website, your followers will be able to view this information from your account. Unless of course, you do not want them to, in which case, you should hide the information.

What you retweet. Your followers will also be able to see the content that you retweet. Even if they do not follow the person who initially posted the tweet, they will be able to see it from you.

Can People See What You Watch on Twitter?

No. People will not be able to access and see things you watch on Twitter. These days Twitter has so much content and there are a lot of videos. Some of the videos are quite interesting that you would not like people following you know you are watching them.

Do not worry, they have no way of finding out and you can keep your privacy. Unless of course, you act on the videos in a way they will know. Here is how.

1. If You Like It

The moment you like that video then your privacy is over. Every follower that comes through the video will see your name on the list of people who liked it. With each tweet, whether it is a video or a picture, the number of likes is recorded and anyone seeing the content can access that list.

So, if you would like to keep the things you watch on tweet a secret, do not like them. It does not matter how much they excite you, or your best friend posted, to stay anonymous, do not like the video.

2. If Your Retweet It

Everything your retweet can easily be accessed by your followers. This includes the videos. So, every time you watch and enjoy a video, think before you decide you want to share it with other people by retweeting.

If you have no need for privacy there is no problem. However, if you are that person who does not want people to know the type of content you are consuming, then do not retweet that video for everyone will know you have been watching it. They will also get a chance to like and comment on it.

Can My Followers See What I Like on Twitter?

Yes. One of the things that your followers on Twitter have access to is your likes. As a result, they can see things you like on Twitter. Your followers can access this from your likes section. They can go through everything that you have been liking.

Some people can use this to stalk you which is not good. However, if you do not want this to happen, you can put your account on private.

Here are the steps to follow to put your account on private and hide your Twitter likes.

  1. Click the menu section on your Twitter account and go to “Settings”.
  2. On the settings menu, select the “Security and Privacy” option.
  3. You will get another menu with options, and you should select “Privacy”.
  4. On the privacy options, look for “Protect My Tweets” and check a box next to it.
  5. Now go ahead and click “Protect”.

By doing this, all your likes, replies, and tweets will be private. This means that people who do not follow you cannot see them.

Is Twitter Search History Public?

No. Although Twitter will always keep a record of your searches, the history is not public. This means people cannot just access what you have been searching for on Twitter. Even your followers will not have access to your search history. It is only available to you.

Can You Protect your Tweets?

Yes. Twitter provides room for you to protect your tweets. This means you can decide who can or cannot view your tweets.

First, if your account is set to public tweets, it means anyone can view them. This includes people without Twitter accounts and even those who do not follow you.  If you put your tweets on private, only your followers will be able to see them. People who do not follow you will have to follow you first to view them.

How To Make Your Twitter Account Private

If you’re worried about people seeing what you get up to on Twitter such as seeing what you search, like, retweet, tweet, who you follow etc, then you can always take your Twitter privacy to the next level.

Making your Twitter account more private will put you at ease so you’re less worried about the things you’re doing getting out there. Making your account more private simply boils down to making it private and protecting your tweets.

1. Open the Twitter app on your phone.

2. Then tap on the More icon that appears as three dots.

3. Now go to your Settings and privacy.

4. Go to your account and scroll over to account information and input your password.

5. Scroll down to Protected Tweets and tap on the arrow.

6. Check the box next to Protect my Tweets.

7. You will be prompted to select Cancel or Protect, select Protect.

Once this is done, only those who follow you will be able to see what you get up to on Twitter, and those who want to follow you will have to wait for their request to be approved before they can do so.

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