The majority of people have a mobile phone for communication, and it can be quite upsetting when your communication is cut off. Usually, your voicemail is in place because you can’t answer and still want to communicate with the person that called you.

However, a popular issue that arises is when you find that all your calls are going straight to your voicemail. This is what happens when your phone is off, but this shouldn’t happen when your phone is on. There are a few reasons that your phone might be sending everyone who calls you to voicemail.

Airplane Mode is On


This can be the issue if you haven’t received an notifications for an extended period of time. Airplane mode will prevent you from receiving calls, texts, and any other forms of notifications, since it prevents you from having wireless signal. When someone calls you, they might hear that the number they’re calling is unreachable.

You might not notice that this is on since you can still use some apps, play certain games, take photos, and play videos or music that is stored on your device. Your phone retains all of the functions that don’t require any kind of wireless signal. To see if this is on, pull down your notification panel. Flip through the options on the notification panel until you see the circle with an airplane in the middle of it. This shouldn’t be highlighted. If it is, tap it to turn it off.

Do Not Disturb is on

With Do Not Disturb on, ever text notification, alert, and incoming call will be silenced. Your calls will go straight to voicemail. It’s easy to forget if this is a setting that you turned on since all of your phone’s functions are maintained. If you often turn this setting on while you’re completing work or if your phone’s alerts often get on your nerve, then you might want to check if this is turned on.

You can also find this setting easily by pulling down your notification panel by dragging your finger from the top of your screen to the bottom. The symbol is a (-) sign in the middle of a circle. Make sure that it isn’t highlighted at all. Tap it if it’s highlighted to turn this off.

Blocked Numbers

Check and see if the person whose calls go to voicemail are on your blocked number list. You may have accidentally added this person to your blocked calls list which is why they’re constantly going to voicemail. If you want to see if they’re on your blocked calls list, tap on your Phone app. It usually has a small phone in the middle of it or is in the shape of the phone. It should take your to your recent calls list.

Select the three vertical dots icon in the right side of the screen. From that menu, select “Settings” to go to your phone app settings. Tap on “Block numbers” to see what numbers you have blocked. If you see the numbers of the people who keep going to voicemail, then that might be your issue.

No Service

Check with your phone carrier by calling and seeing what’s going on with your service. If you no longer have data or haven’t been receiving calls and texts, then this might be what’s wrong. Maybe you forgot to pay your bill or they’re having a service outage. Either way, calling them is a good thing to do if you’ve been having this as a persistent issue.

If you can’t figure out what’s wrong, then take your device into wherever you bought your phone. You might need a repair.