Your Apple Watch is designed to keep record of your workout experience using the latest features in smartwatch app development. The number of exercise routines that can tracked with Apple Watch increased in the watch OS 5 design.

While you run to get in shape, your Apple Watch is right there with you, recording your progress. To get the most out of your wearable device by learning how to optimize its features. This tutorial will show you how to calibrate your Apple Watch to realize more accurate outputs when using the device during workouts.

Apple Watch Trackable Workout Types

One of the most important features of the Apple Watch is the capacity to keep track of your progress during workouts to generate performance data. Built-in features also monitor the heart. The newest Apple Watch can keep track of a number of workouts, to include:

  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Walking
  • Yoga
  • HIIT
  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Rowing
  • Stair Climbing

During the workout, you can raise your wrist and turn the digital crown to the proper metric to view your progress. If your Watch doesn’t come on, check to see if the Wake Screen on Wrist Raise feature is enabled in your iPhone settings.

Check Your Personal Information

Your Apple Watch uses your personal information to make calculations during your workouts. Your gender, height and weight, and your age are important information. Your personal information is used to calculate things such as the number of calories you’ve burned. When your personal information is accurate, your Apple Watch gives more accurate measurements of your workout performance. To update your personal information, follow these steps:

1. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone

2. Go to My Watch > Health > Edit

3. Select the personal item that you want to change

4. Enter your information

Update Your Apple Watch Software

Make sure that your Apple Watch is up to date:

1. On your iPhone, go to Apple Watch > General > Software Update

2. Run the update

Check Your Settings

Apple Watch calculates your progress as you exercise. Calibrate your Apple Watch to improve performance by checking your settings to make sure your device is receiving all of the information that it requires. To check your settings, follow these steps:

1. Turn on your iPhone and go to the Settings app

2. Select Privacy > Location Services. Look to verify that Location Services is turned ON.

3. Scroll down to go to System Services

4. Check to make sure the Motion Calibration & Distance feature is turned ON

Change Your Apple Watch Metrics on iPhone

You can change your Apple Watch metrics using your iPhone:

1. On your iPhone, open the Apple Watch app

2. Select My Watch

3. Select Workout View

4. Select the Single Metric or the Multiple Metric. The Multiple Metric allows up to five metrics for a workout.

5. Select Workout Type and tap Edit

6. Select Add to add a metric and Remove to remove a metric

7. Press on the 3 lines beside the metric until you see a hover over it. Drag the metric to a new location on the metric list. The new metric will rearrange the list order.

Calibrate Your Apple Watch

Calibration can improve the accuracy of certain calculations, such as the Workout App and Activity app calorie calculations. Follow these steps to calibrate your Apple Watch:

1. While you are wearing your Apple Watch, find a clear, open location outdoors with great GPS reception.

2. If your Apple Watch is a Series 1 or older, you will have to use your iPhone in the process. You can hold the iPhone in your hand, or attach it to an armband or waistband.

3. Open the Workout App and select Outdoor Walk or Outdoor Run.

4. Before you start to walk or run, set a goal.

5. Begin to walk or run at your normal speed for at least 20 minutes. If you decide to calibrate at different speeds, make sure to calibrate for each speed that you walk or run.

6. While you workout, the Apple Watch continuously calibrates the accelerometer as it learns about your stride or gait at different speeds.

Test the Calibration

After you have completed the aforementioned steps, your Apple Watch Workout feature should reflect more accuracy. Test the calibration for more accuracy by starting a new workout:

1. Push the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch

2. Open the Apple Watch Workout app

3. Select the exercise you will use

4. Select More to select your goal based on Time, Distance, Calories, or Open.

5. Select Start, begin the workout for at least 20 minutes.

6. Select End to complete the workout

Your workout settings should default to the last workout that you used. Check for more accuracy in your outputs.

Contact Apple Support

If you were not able to calibrate your Apple Watch using these steps, you can contact Apple Support for more help.