Caldera Blurry? Try These 10 Fixes

Caldera Blurry

While Caldera does indeed have more and advanced features, users have had several complaints about using the map. Most of the complaints are around the fact that unlike Verdansk, Caldera renders buildings, trees, and distant objects in a blurry or poorly-pixelated display.

Overall, the experience for many users has been that Caldera visual is too blurry and bland and does not compare favorably with its predecessor.

In fact, it’s been so bad that some users have deleted Call of Duty Warzone to wait until the Caldera problem is resolved by the game developers. But you don’t have to go to that extreme.

In this article, we will show you what to do in order to get Caldera displaying properly so you can continue enjoying Call of Duty: Warzone like before.

Why is Caldera Blurry?

Before going into reasons for the blurry display on Caldera and how to fix them, we should note that this issue is experienced mostly by users playing on PC. And it figures.

Most of the time, game developers optimize games first and foremost for gaming consoles. For PC, gamers often have to adjust settings on their devices to match the native settings in the game.

So, it is actually expected that the new Caldera may not instantly fit with your current PC settings, and you would have to make changes on your device to integrate properly with the new technology.

Having said that, follow the steps below one after the other to fix the blurry display on Caldera, until you find the solution that works for you.

1. Nvidia Filters Low If You’re Playing on PC

If you are playing on PC, NVIDIA filters are an excellent feature that enables you to enhance the visuals of your Warzone game.

With filters, you can increase visibility using components like Sharpen, Clarify, HDR Toning, and Bloom. These components, when set properly, allow you to have sharper and clear visuals for objects even in the dark and from a distance.

Where the problem lies is that with the new Caldera map, your current Filter settings may be inadequate for proper visuals on Warzone. This applies more specifically with the Sharpen filter.

The Sharpen filter allows you to increase your frame refresh rate while maintaining your resolution, making the display to be much better than normal.

To get Caldera displaying properly, you would have to increase the Sharpen value in the NVIDIA filters to at least 50%

Fix – Set Nvidia Sharpen Filter to 50%

  • Before having access to NVIDIA filters, you must first have the GeForce Experience app installed on your PC.
  • Then you should have NVIDIA In-game Overlay enabled.
  • You must also have the latest graphics card updates installed on your PC.

Then, to adjust the Sharpen filter, please follow the steps below:

1. Launch GeForce Experience

2. Open the settings menu and change the display resolution to at least 75%. You can certainly go higher but not lower

3. Open Call of Duty: Warzone and press Alt + F3 simultaneously to open the game filters

4. Click on 1, then select Add Filter

5. Select Sharpen from the filter options and adjust it to 50%.

6. You can go higher to up to 70% but no more. If you go too high, there will be visual noise

You can also enable and adjust sharpening for Call of Duty using the NVIDIA control panel. To do this, follow the steps below:

1. Open NVIDIA Control Panel

2. Click on Manage 3D Settings

3. Select the Program Settings tab

4. At 1. Select A Program to Customize, click on the dropdown menu and select Call of Duty

5. At 2. Specify the Settings for This Program, click on Image Sharpening

6. Select On

7. Then adjust the Sharpen indicator bar to at least 50% on the scale

If you want to make this change to all your games, then click on Global Settings instead of Program Settings under Manage 3D Settings.

  • If you don’t already have GeForce Experience installed, go to the official site to download and install it
  • If you do not already have In-game Overlay enabled, then follow the steps below to enable it:

1. Launch the NVIDIA GeForce Experience app

2. Select Settings at the top right corner of the screen. It is the gear icon

3. At In-game Overlay on the General tab, toggle to turn it On

4. If you don’t have the latest graphics card update installed, or you don’t know if you do, then follow the steps below to update your graphics drivers:

5. Right-click on the Windows logo on your PC and select Device Manager


1. Click the Windows button, type in Device Manager, and select it from the results

2. Then, click the arrow next to Display Adapters to expand it

3. Right-click on your NVIDIA or Intel, or AMD driver and select Update Driver from the results

4. Select Search Automatically for Drivers. This will search the internet for your device’s latest and best drivers. So, you need to ensure that you have good internet access for this process

5. Then the drivers will be installed automatically

6. After installing the drivers, restart your PC even if you are not prompted to do so. This will allow your PC to reload using the latest GPU that you have just installed

Fix 2 – Increase Vibrance on Nvidia

Another filter that you may need to increase when trying to resolve the blurred Caldera issue is the Vibrance. Vibrance makes your game display richer, crispier, brighter, and cleaner. It removes visual noise and intensifies colours. It is also called Smart Saturation.

Increasing the Vibrance will make objects on the Caldera map appear better. To do this, follow the steps below:

1. Launch NVIDIA Control Panel

2. From the options on the left, click on Display

3. Then click on Adjust desktop Colour Settings

4. If applicable, select Call of Duty

5. Then at Digital Vibrance, move the slider to the right to increase the Vibrance.

2. Anti-Aliasing is On

Normally, anti-aliasing is a great, and in fact, necessary feature to have enabled for a good graphics experience.

Anti-aliasing smoothens out the rough edges in images by making an average of the colors of the pixels at an image boundary. It makes objects appear better around the edges especially when the resolution is low.

However, anti-aliasing can sometimes cause issues like the blurring of images on Caldera. This happens more when your resolution is already good enough and does not require anti-aliasing technology. At the start of the fixes, we already set the resolution to at least 75% and sharpened the images. This should compensate for any aliasing issues.

Therefore, if the blurry image issue persists on Caldera, you need to turn off anti-aliasing and let your other settings account for the display resolution.

Fix – Turn Off Anti-Aliasing in Nvidia

Follow the steps below to turn off NVIDIA anti-aliasing:

1. Open NVIDIA Control Panel

2. Click on Manage 3D Settings

3. Click on Antialiasing Mode

4. Select to turn it off

But this will turn off antialiasing for all games.

You can also affect this setting directly in Call of Duty. But to do this, you need to adjust the setting above using the steps below:

1. Open NVIDIA Control Panel

2. Click on Manage 3D Settings

3. Click on Antialiasing Mode

4. Select Application-controlled mode. This will allow you to set the antialiasing exclusively on Call of Duty without affecting other games.

5. Now, launch Call of Duty

6. Click the Settings icon

7. Select Audio and Graphics

8. Toggle to turn off anti-aliasing

3. Permanent Issue With the COD Warzone

Caldera was released in early December, 2021. In gaming terms, this is still very recent as at the time of writing this article. Users playing on other devices like Xbox, Nintendo, and PlayStation do not seem to be experiencing this issue…at least not as prevalently as it is on PC.

This suggests that even though Caldera is well-adapted for gaming consoles, it requires some work to work properly on PCs. Even though effecting the fixes listed in this article do help to resolve the Caldera blurry issue, it is clear that Caldera is not yet natively adapted for use on PC.

Fix – Wait For Update to Release

If you go to the Activision (publishers of COD) Twitter page, you will see instances where they released updates to resolve user-reported issues with COD. Caldera should be no different.

You could contact them on their Twitter page or go to their support page here to report the blurry Caldera issue. Chances are they are already aware of this problem and are working to fix it

4. There’s A Bug Within COD Warzone

Even though blurry Caldera is a known issue on Call of Duty Warzone, the fixes provided so far should make the display a whole lot better. If the issue remains as bad as before, it is possible that the problem is not with Caldera but with the Call of Duty app itself.

If, for example, the game has developed a bug, you may experience issues with display, performance, and loading. Blurry visual is only one of the many ways a bug can manifest in a game.

To fix a bug on Call of Duty, you need to adopt a step-by-step approach so you can trace the exact cause of the issue. So, follow the fixes below in the order they are provided to fix the blurry issue on Caldera

Fix – Restart Game

The first fix to try when trying to debug an application is to restart it. It may just be that the current launch did not load properly, and some background programs are missing, causing it to come out blurry.

If, for example, the GPU graphic driver does not load properly, the Call of Duty display will not be able to communicate well with your PC display, causing this blurry Caldera issue. We have found that this is a common cause of the problem.

1. To resolve this, simply close the Call of Duty game and remove it from the system tray

2. Wait one full minute

3. Then launch the game again to see if the display is better.

Fix 2 – Clear Cache

In the restart fix above, we mentioned that the game may not have loaded properly, and some programs may be missing. The component responsible for loading the game properly is the Cache.

The cache stores your usage data of the game so that the game loads faster, navigates quicker, and you don’t have to repeat certain actions every time you launch the game.

Sometimes, the cache memory may become corrupt (develop a bug) and cause the game to malfunction and result in issues like blurry display. To fix this, you need to clear the cache on the PC using the steps below:

1. Exit the Call of Duty game

2. Press the Windows button on your PC

3. Type Disk Cleanup and select it from the results

4. The app will run for a bit and then display files that you may want to delete

5. Make sure to select Temporary Files

6. You may select any other files that you may want to clean up. It’s okay to select all of them

7. Then select Clean Up System Files

8. Then click OK

9. You will see a prompt to confirm the deletion. Click on Delete Files to confirm

If this does not clear the blurry Caldera issue, you may have to reset the Call of Duty app entirely. Please note that resetting the app will delete saved data for the game, like user login. It will not clear your game progress as this is saved on COD servers.

To reset the Call of Duty app:

1. Exit the Call of Duty game

2. Press the Windows button on your PC

3. Type Settings and select it from the results

4. Select Apps from the settings menu on the left

5. Next, select Apps and Features

6. Scroll down to Call of Duty Warzone

7. Click on the More option (3 dots next to the app)

8. Select Advanced Options

9. Scroll down to the Reset section and click on Reset (please do not click on Repair)

Now, launch the game again and see if the issue with Caldera has been sorted.

5. COD Warzone Out of Date

We mentioned earlier that Activision constantly releases updates to address issues on the COD app. It is possible that the reason your Caldera is still blurred is that you do not have the latest updates of the game installed on your PC.

Fix – Update COD Warzone

1. Click the Windows button on your PC

2. Type in Store and select it from the results

3. Click on Library at the bottom left of the Store window


1. Click the ellipses in the top right corner

2. Click the dropdown menu and select Downloads and Updates

3. Click on Get Updates

4. The Store will scan for updates for all your installed apps, including Call of Duty, and install available updates

6. PC HDR Interference

Another common reason why Call of Duty Caldera may get blurry is if you have HDR turned on on your PC. HDR (High Dynamic Range) elevates the display to a whole new level by increasing the range of colors that your screen can display.

While HDR is normally a good thing, having too many high resolution settings on a device will cause display issues on your game.

Already, your game has its own HDR settings and filters to optimize the display. If your PC also has HDR turned on, it may cause the resolution to become too high and get blurry. So, you need to disable HDR on your PC after making all the display setting changes we have made on NVIDIA and the game itself.

Fix – Disable PC HDR

Follow the steps below to disable HDR on your Windows PC:

1. Go to your Desktop and right-click on any empty space

2. Select Display Settings

3. Select Windows HD Colour Settings

4. At Use HDR, toggle to turn it off

7. Poor Internet Connection

Though we have saved this for last, it is by no means the least common or least important factor that can cause Caldera to be blurry on your PC.

In fact, when you reach out to Activision for support for most issues on your game, the first suggested course of action is to check your internet connection. And for blurry displays, this is even more vital.

Here’s why.

Let’s say your game has a display of 1080p or more. This is a great resolution for COD. However, if your internet connection is poor, it will not be able to load up to 1080p. Instead, it will load lower resolutions that your connection speed can support.

This is because high resolutions like 1080p and above require very huge amounts of data to be transmitted over the network per second. So, where the internet speed cannot support this huge data transfer, lower resolutions are loaded instead, causing the display to be blurry.

You may understand this better if you have ever tried to stream a video online and then tried to skip some parts of the video. If your connection is poor, the display will be blurry for a bit until it clears out eventually after loading enough data for higher resolution.

In all, poor internet connection may just be why your Caldera map is blurred. You need to check your connection using the methods below

Fix – Load Cached Version of Game

Loading the cached version of the game will allow you to bypass internet issues. It will allow you to start playing from the saved version and then give your connection enough time to load high resolution of the game…just like with the streaming illustration above.

To do this:

1. Close Call of Duty and remove it from the tray

2. Disconnect your PC from the internet. You can do this by turning on Airplane Mode or turning off the WIFI. If you are using a wired connection, remove it from your PC port.

3. Now, launch the game and load your saved Progress

4. When the game starts, wait 60 seconds, then reconnect to the internet

5. Then wait for the game to register the connection

Fix 2 – Restart Router

If you are using a WIFI connection, the next troubleshooting step to take is to restart your router. The poor connection may just be because your router is glitching.

This is usually caused by overheating, stored electricity, or disconnected internal circuits. Restarting the router will clear the glitch and get your connection back to optimal speeds.

To restart your router:

1. Unplug the router from power supply

2. Wait 2 minutes

3. Plug the router back and wait for it connect to the internet. Then try playing again

Fix 3 – Use A Wired Connection

As most developers of heavy games will recommend, you should consider using a wired connection whenever you want to play on PC.

Using a wired connection to connect directly to the internet source ensures higher speeds, less interference or noise from nearby devices, and eliminates issues with WIFI range.

So, try using a cable to connect directly to your router to see if it clears the blurry Caldera issue on Call of Duty.

Fix 4 – Reset Router

Before resetting your router, you must confirm that the issue is indeed with your router. Perform these steps first:

  • Stream a video and check the connection performance
  • If the experience is poor, contact your ISP. They may be having issues delivering internet to your location.

If they confirm that the issue is not at their end, then you can reset your router using the steps below:

1. First go to the website of the router manufacturer to download the user manual. This will provide you with details like login credentials and IP address when setting up your router again

2. Leave your router turned on

3. Use a paperclip to press and hold the Reset hole at the back of the router for 10 seconds. This will reset the router

4. Then, log into the router using the details you obtained and set up your WIFI again

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