Bumble Symbols and Their Meanings

Bumble Symbols and Their Meanings

Bumble is a dating app that uses different symbols and icons to help you navigate and interact with other users. These symbols can be found on profiles, in conversations, and in notifications. Here is a guide to the most common Bumble symbols and their meanings:

Black Star In A Yellow Circle or White Star In A Yellow Circle Or White Star In A – Spotlight

Spotlight on Bumble allows you to get shown to potential matches ahead of everyone else. It essentially means getting your profile shown first to your potential matches so they don’t have to swipe for long to find you.

– You can get 1 Spotlight a week if you have Bumble Premium.

– You can also get Spotlight by purchasing 1, 5, 15, or 30 spotlights, depending on your preference.

Black Star in Yellow Hexagon or White Star In A Yellow Hexagon – SuperSwipe

The SuperSwipe feature allows you to indicate special interest in the profile. SuperSwipe means that you more than Like the profile. It can be a good thing as it may cause the person to be more inclined to also swipe right on you and start a conversation. However, I have found that some users find it to be a bit too much and may get turned off by it.

Yellow Heart Inside A Black Comment Icon Inside A Yellow Circle – Compliment On The Profile

The Compliment feature allows you to compliment on a particular part of a user’s profile when swiping. You may comment on their picture or a part of their bio and profile prompts. This is a good way to start a conversation. It is also a great way to show that you have taken time to go through their profile, paid attention to detail, and found something about them that particularly interests you.

– You can purchase Compliments after using the 3 free Compliments you get.

Blue Badge With A White Star in It – Verified Profile

This means that the profile has been verified as authentic. It is a measure to eliminate fake profiles and catfishing, well, at least to limit them. The Blue Badge gives you confidence that the user has been verified by an instant photo that matches the photos on their profile. However, this is not a guarantee of authenticity. I always recommend requesting a video call if you are keen on verifying the user’s authenticity after matching with them.

Black Tick In A Yellow Circle – Swipe Right or Like

Tapping on this means that you like the profile and are swiping right on it. If the person does the same, then you have a match and can start a conversation.

Black X In A Yellow Circle – Swipe Left

Tapping on this means that you are not interested in the person and do not want to match with them. If you swipe left on a profile before they see your profile, they will not get shown your profile anyway.

Travel Bag In A Blue Circle – Travel Mode

This means that the user is using Travel Mode. Travel Mode is a Premium feature that allows you to find and match with users in a location outside of your current location as detected by GPS. It is only available to you if you purchase Bumble Premium.

“New Here” Text – New User

When you see New Here on a user’s picture, it means that they have only recently joined Bumble. It is not clear how long this lasts for but it seems to go away after a week.

Symbols At The Bottom Of The Bumble App Screen

Whenever you open your Bumble app, there are 4 symbols that you will always see at the bottom of the Bumble app screen. Here is a list of the symbols and their meanings:

  • Human Silhouette, First From Left – Your Profile

The human silhouette is the icon that allows you to navigate to your profile. It is at the bottom left of the app screen. When you tap on it, it opens your profile page where you can preview and edit your profile, as well as purchase and activate extra features.

  • Diamond With A Star In It, Second From Left – Best Bees

Best Bees is a feature where Bumble has curated a list of profiles that they feel will be a perfect match for you based on information you have provided, as well as your swiping habits. Essentially, and just like Bumble says, it is a list of users that Bumble feels you would be compatible with.

  • 3 Horizontal Lines, Middle – Swipe Window

The 3 horizontal lines open the window where you can view potential matches and either swipe left, swipe right, or SuperSwipe on them.

  • Heart Icon, Second From Right – Users That Swiped Right On You

This is the place where you can see the users that you have swiped right on your profile. However, you can only see their profiles if you have Premium. You can then directly swipe left or right on them. If you do not have premium, you will only see them as blurred profiles, and you would need to go to the swipe window and keep swiping until you match with them.

  • Chat Icon, First From Right – Conversations And Matches

This is the place where you see all your conversations, as well as the users that you have matched with even if you have not started a conversation with them.

Circles on Match Queue Profiles

When you match with a user, their profile appears on your match queue.

You will find a circle around their profile picture.

  • The circle is made up of a yellow and gray part.
  • The more the yellow, the more time you have to start a conversation.
  • The more the gray, the less time you have to start a conversation before the match expires
  • When the circle turns red, then the match is about to expire.
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