Bumble Deleted Member. Here’s What It Means

Bumble Deleted Member

There has been a question floating around that needs to be answered.

Some people want to know what it means when they see the phrase Bumble Deleted Account when scrolling through profiles on the app.

What Does Bumble Deleted Account Mean

It simply means the profile you were searching for has been deleted or removed.

If you happen to be scrolling through the matches queue on the app and a Bumble deleted account message is shown, the account is deleted.

What Does Bumble Deleted Member Mean 

When you create an account on Bumble, you will then have access to become a member. When you become a member of Bumble, you will have access to all of the perks and pros the app has to offer.

Typically, after deleting your account, your membership will not be deleted. The only way to delete your membership is to go into your account settings to cancel all of your subscriptions with Bumble.

So, if there is a deleted member message anywhere to be found, it signifies that the user had deleted their account membership but not their profile. 

There are some awesome features that come along with becoming a member of Bumble. If you have decided to delete your membership, all of the extensions connected with your membership will also be deleted.

Does Deleted User on Bumble Mean Unmatched 

On Bumble, when you see deleted user, it doesn’t necessarily mean the person did not match with you.

That seems to be the first thing that pops into someone’s mind when they see the phrase deleted user next to an account they were just recently attempting to match with. Rest assured that it’s not the case.

In this scenario, if you see the phrase deleted user next to a profile, this basically means that the profile is no longer active.

When this happens, this has nothing to do with being unmatched. Sometimes, it’s more so of a personal matter of why the person decided to delete their account.

They might have wanted to step away from the app for a little while and return at a later time. Online dating can be just as stressful as dating in person.

So, maybe the user wanted to take a breather from Bumble just for a little while and return when they were ready.

Can a Deleted User on Bumble Come Back

There are many social media and dating apps that will allow you to return after you have made the decision to delete your account.

On that topic, many people want to know if you can return to Bumble after you have deleted your account. To answer the question straightforwardly, you would not be able to revive your account once it has been deleted.

After you have made the decision to delete your account and it has been deleted, your profile is permanently erased. Meaning it cannot be restored. If you want to return to Bumble, the best thing you can do is create a brand-new account.

Although some people consider this a downside, this is actually an upside. There are some pros that come along with setting up a new account.

The first pro is that your matches will reset. If you were matched with people that you didn’t necessarily want to be matched with, you have the opportunity to start over fresh.

And also, if you want to spice up your profile, you will have the opportunity to do so the second time around. If there was something that you forgot to mention on your first profile for your new one, you could mention that information.

Moreover, everyone has been wondering if they have been unmatched by someone on Bumble when they see the deleted user phrase.

Once again, you can remain calm, cool, and collected, knowing that this has nothing to do with you personally. This is something that is based on the actions of the user who had deleted their account.

How to Know If Someone Deleted Their Bumble Account

Now that we know there are instances where people can delete their accounts, there are many Bumble users with the question of how to know if someone deleted their Bumble account. There are a few alternative ways for you to find out this information.

The first instance could be that the match disappears, your conversations with them have vanished, and you don’t see them when swiping on your Bumble application. And if you are uncertain, you may want to reach out when doubt.

In other words, for full clarity, you may want to consider asking them directly if they have deleted their account.

Each of these alternatives has useful steps you can follow in order to gain the clarity that you need. So, without further hesitation, let’s go ahead and dive into the first alternative. 

1. The Match Disappears

If you want to know if someone deleted their Bumble account, the first method for you to know this information is to pay close attention to your matches. 

Your matches are the accounts that have swiped right on you after you have swiped right on them.

To see your matches on your bumble app:

1. First, you will select the chat section located in the lower right corner of your screen.

2. Next, located at the top of the chat screen, you will see the Match Queue. 

You can navigate your matches from the matches queue. If you no longer see the person that you were previously matched with within the queue, it’s highly possible that they may have deleted their account.

2. Your Conversation With Them Disappears

The next alternative to looking into is if you want to know if someone has deleted their Bumble account, you may want to pay close attention to your conversations. It is possible that your conversations have disappeared.

So, if you log into your account and you go to your previous conversations with your current or previous matches, and you notice they are no longer there, it’s strongly possible the user may have deleted their account for whatever reason.

To access your messages, you would do the following:

1. First, you will select the chat bubble in the screen’s lower right corner.

2. From this point, you are able to see all of your previous and current chats with potential matches.

Typically, if someone has deleted their account on Bumble, the messages you have shared with that person will no longer be visible when you scroll through your chats.

3. You Never See Them When Swiping on the app

The next perspective to consider is when you open your app and are swiping. If you don’t see the user, you are looking for or the user that you were previously matched with, there is a possibility they may have deleted their account.

When you are swiping on a dating app, specifically Bumble, there are potential matches are generated. With potential matches being generated, there are some matches that you will commonly come across that will pop up while you are swiping.

So, if you know there is a profile you will see on the regular when you are swiping, and you no longer see the profile there, the person may have deleted their account.

4. Ask Them

If you really want to know if someone has deleted their Bumble account, one alternative step you can take to find out it’s to ask them simply.

Some people are wondering how they can ask someone if they have deleted their Bumble account.

Well, if you have been communicating with someone on Bumble for quite some time, it’s generally possible that you may have exchanged personal contact information.

That contact information can be a phone number, email address, social media, call or text app information or a different profile on another dating application.

If you have exchanged personal contact information with that user, you may want to consider reaching out to them on another platform of communication to ask them if they have deleted their Bumble account.

When proceeding with this method, you must go into this with an open mind. In other words, if someone has deleted their account, there’s always a reason behind it.

So, it is essential for you to hear the other person out based on why they had deleted their account. The reason they deleted their account may not be because of you; it may be because of something more personal.

Whatever the reason is, ensure to pace yourself with the conversation without getting overwhelmed and jumping to conclusions.

How to Tell If Someone Unmatched You on Bumble or Deleted Their Account

Usually, if someone has deleted their account, you will see the phrase deleted user or Bumble deleted account next to the profile name.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to know if someone has deleted their account but has unmatched you, there is a way for you to find out this information.

If you want to know if someone has unmatched you on Bumble, the best way to figure this out is to pay attention to your chats.

When you open your chat messages, navigate to your matches queue. Once you are in your matches queue, pay close attention and see if you notice any greyed-out chats.

If you noticed the chat messages had been greyed-out, this is an indication that the user has unmatched you on Bumble.

Although this can be overwhelming, you must understand that this is a part of the dating world. If someone doesn’t want to match with you for a particular reason, the reason has nothing to do with you; it’s more so of their preference.

There are various reasons why someone would unmatch someone. Although you may not know the reasons why, if you are unmatched by chance, the best thing for you to do is to continue communicating with other people you are currently matched with.

This will not only kill time, but it will keep you distracted from thinking about the unmatched occurrence that recently took place. 

Bumble Deleted Member vs. Deleted User

Creating an account on Bumble could be a great start to wonderful dating life. However, there are moments when someone would want to take a break from the online dating world. So, in that instance, there are users who would rather delete their accounts.

Based on the Battle Royale of being a deleted member versus a deleted user, one can definitely exist without the other.

You can still have an active subscription even if you delete your profile as the user. When you create an account, as mentioned earlier in this article, you will then have the opportunity to have access to all of the perks and pros that the app has to offer.

If you decide to delete your account, your membership perks will not be deleted. As it was stated, your subscription can proceed without the profile is active.

The longer you decide to keep your account, the longer your membership will remain in line. But, as soon as you step out of the line and delete your profile, you don’t have to worry about your subscription being canceled. 

If you decide to delete your profile, once you have the opportunity to set up a new profile, you can still use the same email address associated with that previous profile.

The email address will be connected to the membership or subscription for your account. So, your subscription will remain active after your new profile is up and ready.

So, you don’t have to fret about losing your spot with access to all of the amazing features of the Bumble app.

So, based on a deleted member versus a deleted user, if you have plans to return to your account after it is deleted and you still want to keep your membership, you may want to consider temporarily deleting it.

In that way, when you return, you will not only have a new profile but will still have granted access to your subscriptions. So, for all of my Bumble users who enjoy this application, it will be one point for deleted users and 0 points for deleted membership.

Final Thoughts

Creating an account on Bumble can be an exciting experience. But what if you encounter riveting questions about deleting your account? What if you want to know if someone has deleted their account?

And also, what if you want to know what happens to all of your awesome amenities connected to your membership if you decide to delete your account?

With all of this being stated, some people just simply want to know the difference between deleting their account and deleting their membership. Well, in this informative article, you have answers to all those questions and more!

Some people consider this information too much for the online dating world. Although it may seem like a ton of information to take in, this information is essential, especially for users who utilize Bumble.

Utilizing these methods and alternatives will allow you to keep your emotions in check when you are online dating.

It is essential to understand there are technical and personal factors that play an intricate part in someone deleting their account and their membership. So, to all of my fellow bumblebees, keep these tips in the back of your stingers.

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