Boyfriend Keeps Phone On Airplane Mode? (6 Reasons)

Boyfriend Keeps Phone On Airplane Mode

Who hasn’t ever been in a snooping mood? Your significant other leaves the room, and their phone remains unlocked on the counter.

You check his phone only to see if they are connected to the same wifi you are, but it turns out that their phone is on airplane mode. Thoughts rushed, and conclusions jumped. Take a breath, and let’s see the reasons why they may have their phone on airplane mode.

Why Does My Boyfriend or Girlfriend Keep Phone On Airplane Mode?

There are a vast amount of reasons why a person might not want to receive any type of notifications on their phone.

Maybe they want to spend quality time with friends and family without being disturbed, they may be busy with a project they are working on, or they may simply want to cut their phone usage, and avoiding notifications means that they spend less time on their phones.

Some of the reasons that your significant other may be keeping their phone on airplane mode are common reasons that some of us deal with at times.

Using Airplane mode will make your phone act the same way as if your phone was turned off, meaning that calls and messages made by others will not be received, and the phone will be unable to notify you of any attempt others have made to communicate with you.

Airplane mode is a way to stay away from any notification by turning off the communication options completely.

1. They Don’t Want to Be Disturbed

The simplest answer to the question is that they do not want to be disturbed. If you noticed that your significant other has placed their phone on airplane mode, this means that you are currently within close proximity of them.

If they are spending time with you, they might want to make the time be spent with you and no distractions from the outside world.

This might be the strongest reason why someone does not want to receive any unnecessary messages or notifications since the modern world is full of distractions.

By denying notifications to take place in the first place, they are actively making sure that the disturbances have been kept to a minimum.

If their job, for example, requires them to have constant contact with customers or peers, a break from the constant connection with their work-life might be just what they are looking for.

If it has become a common occurrence that their phone does not show any sort of notifications, this might mean that their life has become full of unwanted disturbances, and time off from it all is their way to refill their battery.

We all understand that in the modern world, there are so many things that are going on all of the time it makes most of the days feel draining.

Having to maintain a social life through the internet, make purchases from online retailers, search for a new restaurant for the next date, all of the things that require our total concentration in order to be done correctly, are activities that may be draining.

Not wanting to be disturbed is normal in today’s world since a moment alone with our thoughts is needed in order to process everything that may have happened that day.

Think of the time in which they turn Airplane mode on their phones as a reboot that they may need in order to keep on functioning properly.

2. They’re At Work or Busy

Now, you have called and texted, but your partner is simply not receiving any calls or messages. All your calls go to voicemail, and your texts show up as not received.

If they are at the moment at work, it may be possible that their job requires all of their attention, and phone use is prohibited.

If they are not currently at work, they could still be busy with other projects they are working on, and total concentration is needed in order to create a quality project.

More often than not, personal projects and work assignments take off much of our attention, and if we are constantly receiving distractions from our phones, the concentration breaks and the amount of work that has been placed upon the activity breaks the rhythm it had been following.

Letting ideas flow freely is important to ensure that you are putting your all into the activity you are focusing on, and the flow of said ideas may mean that reentering the same mental state you left will take much longer than the amount of time you are granted.

While working, it is also important not to be tempted into wasting time on activities that will only affect your productivity.

Say that you get a message from your friend telling you about a movie they are planning on seeing, indirectly that message may cause you to look up the movie they are talking about, see if there are any movie theaters in your area to see if they are showing the movie and make plans with your friend to see the movie.

With one simple innocent message, you may lose precious minutes that were meant to be spent on work. By placing their phone on Airplane mode, your partner is making sure that they will not get sidetracked from the activity they are meant to be working on.

3. Notifications Trigger Them to Use Their Phone, and They Don’t Want to Always Be on Their Phone

Because of the ease that comes with having a phone available to us 24/7, we are connected to the outside world all the time.

While this is important since it means that we will not miss important events or information that otherwise may be lost thanks to the time-sensitive nature of most information. But using your phone every day, all day long, can be just as harmful as it might help you.

Phone addiction might keep you away from enjoying the present and being there when you need to be there for others.

If your partner has noticed that there is a problem with the amount of time that they are spending on the phone, then turning off all of their notifications won’t tempt them into picking up their phone and wasting entire minutes while browsing on time-wasting apps.

Since we are virtually able to do anything we might need to do on our phones, it is easy to become addicted to them without ever noticing there is a problem with our phone usage.

If you have noticed that your significant other has opted to have his phone on airplane mode for long stretches of time, it might mean that they are trying to limit the amount of time they waste looking at their phone.

As stated before, getting a simple message might create an avalanche of actions that lead to you using your phone for things that you did not need to spend time on.

Cutting off any possibility of getting triggered into using their phone is a way that they keep their phone usage within a range that they are comfortable with.

4. They Don’t Like Phone Calls

Another reason that your partner may be placing their phone on airplane mode is that they simply do not like to phone calls. Thanks to the universal implementation and use of text messaging, the need to call others has diminished in the past years.

Now it is much more common to receive a message from a friend, family member, work peer, or acquaintance rather than receiving a phone call from them.

This is due to the fact that messaging is quick and goes straight to the point without having to stay on the line for long periods of time as one of the parties tries to deliver the information they called for.

If you have previously noticed that when your partner receives calls, they reject them or mute them as soon as they receive them, it might mean that calls are something they can go without.

When turning on airplane mode, no call nor text may come through, meaning that there is no need to answer a call out of obligation.

Since all calls that you receive while in airplane mode will be received as if your phone was currently turned off, there will be no thoughts formed by the other party about the reason why they did not answer the call.

Their first thoughts will lead them to think that the recipient was unable to answer the call rather than them rejecting the call altogether.

5. They Only Want Phone Calls If The Person is Willing to Call Them Twice

Phone calls will not reach your phone if airplane mode is turned on. This means that if someone was to call you, it would be as if they were calling a phone that was turned off.

Since the phone is not able to receive any sort of cellular signal, there is no way for the phone to inform you if there have been calls currently made because no signal is being received.

If your significant other is only interested in only receiving calls if the caller is willing to call twice, then placing the phone under Do Not Disturb is the way to go.

Under Do Not Disturb, the phone will still receive messages and phone calls as normal, but you will not be notified of the calls or messages until after you have turned off Do Not Disturb.

As opposed to Airplane Mode, Do Not Disturb does not disconnect any connection but rather hides any type of notification that may be produced by others.

Do Not Disturb is mainly used by users when they are going to bed or if they really need to keep out all of the unwanted distractions that may keep them from having a peaceful and quiet time.

While it is important to be able to have time for yourself without any distractions from the outer world, life does not stop for anyone.

An emergency may arise while you are looking to find peace of mind, which is why while using Do Not Disturb, calls that are repeated in a time frame of 15 minutes override the actions blocked by Do Not Disturb and are able to connect to the person that is being reached.

This is why placing a phone on Do Not Disturb rather than turning on Airplane mode is a safer bet for you and those around you.

If, however, your partner has turned on Airplane mode, this means that nothing will be able to get through, and in the case of an emergency, there will be no way to contact them.

If your partner is often using Airplane mode as a way to keep away unwanted phone calls and messages for long periods of time, you might want to let them know that in the case of an emergency, they will not be able to be reached.

6. When They’re With You, They Don’t Want Certain Notifications Popping Up

Spending quality time with others may be overshadowed if a party involved keeps checking their phone and taking their intent out of those around them.

If while your partner is with you, they turn on Airplane mode, they may be looking for ways to keep certain notifications away from your eyes.

They may be hiding a present they bought from Amazon, a delivery that is going to be made, or any other type of notification that, in nature, is meant to be kept secret.

There are also pesky notifications that are made by mobile games, training apps, and even at times, streaming services.

The notifications are made to work as a trigger in the user’s mind to make them go to the app where the notification is coming from and spend time on the app.

While most of the cases are harmless, there is always the possibility that the notifications they are trying to hide from you are notifications from places where they should not be getting notifications from.

They may be hiding plans with others or an event they are going to go to, or many other reasons as to why there are certain notifications they are trying to keep you from noticing.

If while they are with you, they are hiding their phone often and covering the screen in order for you to be unable to see the type of notifications they are getting, they may be hiding a plethora of information that they do not want you to see.

If you see that this is a common occurrence and you feel uncomfortable by their actions, the only option you have is to ask them directly why they are always trying to hide their notifications from you.

Asking them in a manner that is not offensive or aggressive might lead you to why they may have certain notifications they are hiding.

There is also the possibility that they will not like to tell you why they are hiding their phone, and if this becomes a problem in your relationship, having a serious talk about it might fix the problem.

In this fast-paced world, we tend to deal with so much at the same time.

We are accustomed to getting messages from our workplace, notifications from our social media apps, a reminder of an event we have in the upcoming weeks, or a delivery that is going to be made throughout the day.

With all the amount of information that we are exposed to every single second of every day, the need to have time for yourself and get rid of all unwanted distractions is more important than ever.

If you have been noticing that your significant other has made a habit of placing their phone on airplane mode, it might mean that they need to take a break from the outside world.

But as they might want to take a break from everything that is going on in the world, there is also the possibility they may want to hide certain information from you.

Whatever might be the case, the only way to truly know why your partner keeps their phone on Airplane mode is to ask them directly the reason behind their actions.

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