Reading is arguably one of the best forms of learning. You can be taken to a fantasy in an instant or you may be reading the life of a notable hero. In any case, books are great and will forever remain to be part of learning and growing.

Even in the internet age when everything is becoming digital, books are also riding with the emergence of technology. You can buy books online or even read them online as e-books.

1. Amazon


The first on this list is Amazon because they are definitely one of the most popular names on the internet when it comes to books. They started out as a website that sells books online and come a few years later; they are one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world.

When you visit Amazon, you can browse the selections or simply type in the book title in the search bar. If the price is within your budget you can opt to buy it and have it delivered to your home.

Browse Books at Amazon

2. Alibris


Alibris is a marketplace for books, music, and movies and has been running since 1998. When you visit their site, you can see all the types of categories of books that they carry. On top of this, there’s a UK presence which means they serve a very big customer base.

On their search bar, you can enter the book title, the author’s name or an ISBN so they have a comprehensive listing for the books they’re selling. Consider buying your next book with Alibris.

Browse books at Alibris

3. Bookfinder


When you need to get the best price on a book that’s being offered online, it gets difficult because you have to switch through tabs and browsers only to do the right comparison.

Try accessing and you’ll get a good listing of the places where you can find the book and at the best price. Another unique feature is they’ll also tell you if you’re getting something new or used.

Browse books at Bookfinder

4. Goodreads


Goodreads is a good website to check out a book before buying it. They have digital previews that you can read in order for you to really know if you’re going to like the book you’re eyeing to buy.

You can check out ratings and even give a rating yourself. There are a lot of titles to choose from and an interesting thing I realized while browsing this site is that you can use it to discover new and old titles.

Browse books at Goodreads

5. Google Books

google books

Google, the number one search engine site in the world, also offers books. When you visit this link, you can input a title or an author’s name and it’ll bring up the most relevant results related to the search.

When you click on a book link, Google Books will either give you a full or partial preview of the book. This comes in handy when you’re doing research or want to peek inside a book before buying it.

Browse books at Google Books

6. Waterstones


If you’re in Europe, Waterstones is one of the best online book stores where you can great prices on popular titles. The site offers student discounts and lets you buy online and pick up at your nearest Waterstones book store.

The combination of having an online store and a physical store is really convenient because you can search the title before going to the actual store to buy it. Knowing a book’s availability can help you save time, money, and effort.

Browse books at Waterstones

7. Openlibrary


If you’re looking for free book options, I suggest you visit Openlibrary. They have thousands of free e-books you can access. This place is a book lover’s hidden gem.

Although, this isn’t like reading the real book that you can hold up and flip pages, the learning and imaginative adventure is similar. The site offers books in art, fantasy, science, and many more different categories.

Browse books at Openlibrary

8. Powell’s


Powell’s a large independent book store chain in the US. It holds several book titles from popular and rising new authors. You can search for book titles, authors, and ISBN via their site so you can check the availability of the books you’re going to be buying.

Browse books at Powell’s

9. Project Gutenberg

project gutenburg

Another amazing site for free e-books is Project Gutenberg. They offer more than 58,000 titles and are formatted in ePub and Kindle versions. The site is very straight forward because you don’t need to sign up or register to access these amazing materials.

Browse books at Project Gutenberg

10. Internet Archive

internet archive

Another repository of learning resources, books, and reading materials is the Internet Archive. It was started in 1996 as a means to document internet pages so now, it holds over 330 billion web pages and 20 million books and texts.

If you can really read fast and pick up a new title in less than a few days, consider visiting this massive library of resources.

Browse books at Internet Archive

Bottom Line

For a good handful of people, including myself, books are still the best sources of information for academic, fiction, and literature. Click on any of the websites that I’ve listed above and check out their selections. You can download a trial version or purchase the actual thing.

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