I get it, you want to stop seeing certain types of videos that are showing up on YouTube. Protecting the content that your kids consume on the web is a necessity that’s in every parent’s interest because the web is filled with all sorts of things.

Knowing how to implement different methods of parental control on mobile devices and desktops is important if you want to block adult content and inappropriate videos from reaching children.

How to Block Certain Videos on YouTube Using Restricted Mode

Restricted mode on YouTube is a mode that allows you to filter out adult and objectionable content that you or your children may not want to see.

If you have control over your children’s YouTube account and you want to block the type of content their seeing, this would be the perfect mode to use.

Activate Restricted Mode to block videos YouTube

To block YouTube videos with Restricted mode:

1. Sign into YouTube

2. Click on your Google Account icon

3. Click on Restricted Mode below

4. Toggle on Activate Restricted Mode

5. Click Lock Restricted Mode on this browser

6. Enter the password for the Google account

7. Inappropriate content has now been filtered out

Locking restricted mode on means that restricted mode can’t be turned off without entering the password for the account – this feature is useful if you don’t want your kids to turn off restricted mode.

You’ve got to remember that no filter is 100% accurate, but restricted mode should help you filter out most of this content.

How to Block a Video with Certain Keywords and Phrases

If you want to have more control over which types of videos are being censored, you can use a very useful Chrome plugin called Video Blocker.

Video Blocker allows you to filter out videos that content-specific keywords and phrases in the title, channel name, and comments.

This allows you to have as much control over which sort of content you or your family consume and when combined with Restricted Mode, it’s pretty much impossible to come into contact with inappropriate content.

Block keywords YouTube with Video Blocker

To add a keyword, you just need to add one in the text field and chose the keyword option to block out all videos containing this keyword.

Block videos with Video Blocker

You can also block channels by right-clicking on the channel you want to block, e.g Worldstar HipHop, then you can click the block videos from this channel button.

How to Block Videos on YouTube Kids

If you have kids that are aged between 3-8, then you may want to use YouTube kids.

YouTube Kids is an app specifically designed for kids, which makes it easier for children and parents to find the content they are interested in.

If you don’t think filtering out keywords and blocking channels will do the job, YouTube kids would be a good option for kids because the filtering is super refined and it’s pretty hard for inappropriate content to slip through the filter.

Block videos on YouTube Kids

In the unlikely circumstance that you do find any inappropriate content, you can tap the 3 dots next to a video you find and click Block this video.

If you find a channel that you deem inappropriate, you can also click on the three dots at the top, then click on Block Chanel.

Sign out of Your YouTube Account

The last method for blocking videos on YouTube is done by signing out of your YouTube account. There’s a lot of content published on YouTube that’s age restricted, meaning, that you’ll need to have a Google account with a user that’s above 18.

When you’re signed out of YouTube, Google will prevent you from watching any age restricted videos because they have no way of proving that you’re over 18. This is great for your kids because it means that they can’t view content that’s age restricted – age restricted content is inappropriate 99% of the time.