block messeages iphone

Text messages are one of the easiest ways to keep in touch with someone. Nowadays, text messaging has become an integral part of our lives. If you haven’t got too much time to talk, you can just send a text message. Free messaging services such as WhatsApp also make it a no-cost affair. All you need is a data connection and you can send messages for days.

However, the ease of sending messages has also caught the attention of spammers and stalkers. If you give your mobile number while making a purchase at a supermarket, you will be sure to receive hundreds of messages about offers and so on.

If someone you do not like gets hold of your number, they can end up harassing you by sending messages. Spam messages are very annoying and take up unwanted space on your Messages app.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to block text messages on iPhone. You can block a number, you can turn on Do Not Disturb, and more. If you have been wondering how to block text messages on iPhone, then this post will help you do just that.

Block messages from unknown contacts

It is very easy to block messages from unknown contacts on your iPhone. If you are receiving text messages from unknown numbers, then do the following:

1. Launch Settings app.

2. Scroll down to the Messages option.

3. Now turn on the ‘Filter Unknown Senders option.

You will now stop receiving notifications for messages from unknown numbers. These messages would be added to a separate spam list and you can go through them if you want.

This method works only for numbers that are not in your contacts. It will also filter iMessages sent from unknown numbers.

Block Messages from a Contact

Even after filtering senders, some unknown contacts will continue to send messages and fill up the filtered list. If this is annoying you even more, then you can do the following.

Also, if a contact is in your list and you want to stop receiving messages from them, then you can use this method to block messages from the contact.

1. Go to your Messages app.

2. Select the Message, select the number at the top.

3. Now tap on the Info option.

4. You will be greeted by the details page, select the contact number with the arrow next to it.

  1. You should now see more details on the contact. Scroll down to select the ‘ Block this contact’ option.

Once you have blocked the contact, they will not be able to send messages or even make calls to your number. This is probably the best way to make sure that you block text messages on iPhone. It doesn’t get easier and better than this method. You can simply block the number and forget about ever receiving a text or a call.

Contact Carrier to Block Text Messages

If you have followed the other two methods, there is no way that you will continue to receive messages from an unknown contact. However, if you still are facing that problem, and want to block a number, then you can also contact your carrier.

The carrier will ask you certain information from you such as your email address or contact number to verify that you’re the owner of the iPhone. Once all that is provided, the number would be blocked from the carrier side.

By now, you should have been able to block text messages on iPhone. As said earlier, the first two methods usually work, so you won’t have to contact your carrier. However, it is possible that the person could use other means to contact you, such as FaceTime or iMessage.

This can happen if the user has access to your Apple ID and you are using the ID as one of the ways to reach you. Therefore, make sure that you have selected only your number as the way to reach you on iMessage or FaceTime.

To check this:

1. Head over to the FaceTime option in the Settings app.

2. Scroll to the ‘You Can Be Reached By Facetime at’ option.

3. Select your phone number instead of email ID.

That’s about it! Hopefully, this helped you block text messages on iPhone from unknown senders and spammers.