Are you constantly receiving spam emails from a certain company and they can’t seem to stop? Does someone keep sending you a follow-up email to see whether you have seen their last email or not?

Or are you getting bombarded with newsletters that you never subscribed to?

How to Block Someone on Gmail

1. Log into Gmail Account from your Desktop

2. Look for their email address by searching

Search for the email address

You probably want to block them because they constantly send you annoying emails.

This means that you can scroll through your inbox and pull out their address without having to search for it.

3. Click the arrow on the far right of the name

4. Select ‘block’

5. Click on Click to confirm your decision

Click block to block the email address

You’ll see a message saying, “incoming emails from will be moved to spam”.

This means they can no longer send emails directly into your inbox, they’ll be sent to your spam account. If you feel like viewing these emails you can, but you’ll have to view them in the spam folder.

You can also no longer send them emails as you’ve told Google that you want no affiliation with this email.

How to Block Loads of Emails Quickly with a Chrome Extension

If you’re planning on blocking a lot of people on Gmail quickly, then using a Chrome extension would be the quickest way to achieve this.

1. Install the Block Sender for Gmail Chrome extensions

2. Log into Gmail account

3. Click on the email address by searching for it

4. There will now be a block button next to the delete button

5. You’ll see a message saying that the address is blocked

This extension puts the Gmail address in a filter meaning that it’ll never reach your inbox.

You can use these steps and block emails on a mass scale because the block button is readily available.

How to Unblock Someone on Gmail

If you want to start sending the blocked address emails or you want to start receiving emails from them, you’ll have to remove them from the filter and unblock them.

1. Click on the settings icon at the top right of Gmail

2. Click on settings in the drop down

3. Click on filters and blocklistHow to unblock someone on Gmail

4. Click unblock next to the email addresses that you want to unblock